Map: Area Liberated by Syria’s Army in North Latakia


The map describes the situation at the frontline in North Latakia after the recent advances of the Syria’s forces.

Map: Area Liberated by Syria's Army in North Latakia

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  • pinecone

    Err..wouldn’t it be better to try to cut off their supply and support lines which are going through border with Turkey? These orange plots aren’t very impactful in the broader context in my opinion

    • Dagnir

      If you are trying to advance along the border, you are basically stretching your forces and they are very susceptible to flank attacks. This happened in East Ukraine: the army tried to take control of border with Russia and were controlling a stretch of land across all the border apart from a single point, but then separatists counter-attacked, cut off the advancing forces from their rears and supplies and basically destroyed them all.

      One picture is worth 1000 words: