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JULY 2022

“Many Were Children”: Gunmen Kill 23 Coptic Christians In Egypt Attack

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The attacks on Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority continued Friday as gunmen opened fire on a convoy of vehicles carrying worshippers to a desert monastery, leaving 23 dead and another 25 injured, the New York Times reports.

"Many Were Children": Gunmen Kill 23 Coptic Christians In Egypt Attack

Here’s NYT:

“A Christian official in Minya Province, south of Cairo, said the attackers opened fire on a pickup truck carrying workmen and a bus carrying worshippers as they traveled in convoy to St. Samuel’s monastery. Many of the worshippers were children.
"Many Were Children": Gunmen Kill 23 Coptic Christians In Egypt Attack

‘We are having a very hard time reaching the monastery because it is in the desert. It’s very confusing. But we know that children were killed,’ said the official, Ibram Samir.”

Minya is about 140 miles south of Cairo, NBC News reports. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack as of yet.

"Many Were Children": Gunmen Kill 23 Coptic Christians In Egypt Attack

Coptic Christians, who account for about 10% of Egypt’s population of 80 million, have become the victims of an intensifying campaign of bombings and shootings masterminded by ISIS, which is trying to expand its footprint in Egypt.

"Many Were Children": Gunmen Kill 23 Coptic Christians In Egypt Attack

In April, at least 37 people were killed and more than 100 injured in two separate bombings at Christian Coptic churches packed with worshippers in northern Egypt one week before Coptic Easter.

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Walther White

Next time dear copts …dont say mean things to muslims or they will bomb you.Other than that they are really peacefull and loving.

Sakale Maini

Muslims you are turning this peaceful world to a place of terror when doing the will of your Master Muhuamed,,..a Adultress…a war lover,,,,and killer of innocents for pleasure..Y not change your hearts and Serve the TRUE LIVING GOD, the one CHRISTIANS WORSHIP.


In Europe they are the minority and still are killing christians. How can you expect better in muslim countries …


There are christians in Europe? OMGZ!!! Where? I thought that particular species of European hominids was all but extinct.


In central and eastern Europe Christianity is far stronger than in western Europe, not least because it was suppressed by Soviet system for decades, and whilst many people in centre and east may not be active Church going weekly practitioners, they still strongly identify with Christianity, and its place in their regional histories, and it remains strong part of the culture and politics – Poland, Serbia etc.


The copts need to be armed and trained to defend themselves.

Sakale Maini

Donald Trump is right in Banning all Muslims..

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