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JUNE 2021

Manipulated Minorities Represent a Major Danger for Democratic States

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Manipulated Minorities Represent a Major Danger for Democratic States

Written by The Saker for The Unz Review

First, a quick disclaimer or, should I say, a clarification: When I speak of minorities, as I will below, I do that as a person who belongs to a long list of minorities. I was born in a family of Russian refugees. Right there, that makes me part of a (rather small) minority. Furthermore, I lived most of my life in the French speaking part of Switzerland, that again makes me part of a minority. Then, I am an Orthodox Christian. That is also a minority inside of the so-called “Christian” world (in reality a post-Christian world, of course). Moreover, I am a traditionalist Orthodox Christian, a small minority inside the much bigger “world Orthodoxy”. And inside that, I am a Russian inside a majority Greek Church. I also lived for 5 years in Washington, DC, which was something like 70% Black and, at the time, openly and often rudely hostile to Whites (I never thought of myself as a color before, but I sure felt like one during those 5 years). And now I am a “legal alien” living in the USA. Anyway, while I am “White” (what a nonsensical category!) I suppose, that hardly makes me a typical WASP. So I am quite used to “being a minority” (and I quite like that, would I add). Just thought this might a useful clarification before I engage in the following thoughtcrimes.


Question: why does the US foreign policies always support various minorities? Is it out of kindness? Or a sense of fairness? Could it be out of a deep sense of guilt of having committed the only “pan-genocide” in human history (the genocide of all the ethnic groups of an entire continent)? Or maybe a deep sense of guilt over slavery? Are the beautiful words of the Declaration of Independence “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” really inspiring US foreign policies?


I submit that the real truth is totally different. My thesis is very simple: the reason why the US always support foreign minorities to subvert states and use domestic minorities to suppress the majority US population is because minorities are very easy to manipulate and because minorities present no threat to the real rulers of the AngloZionist Empire. That’s all there is to it.

I think that minorities often, but not always, act and perceive things in a way very different from the way majority groups do. Here is what I have observed:

Let’s first look at minorities inside the USA:

  1. They are typically far more aware of their minority identity/status than the majority. That is to say that if the majority is of skin color A and the minority of skin color B, the minority will be much more acutely aware of its skin color.
  2. They are typically much more driven and active then the majority. This is probably due to their more acute perception of being a minority.
  3. They are only concerned with single-issue politics, that single-issue being, of course, their minority status.
  4. Since minorities are often unhappy with their minority-status, they are also often resentful of the majority.
  5. Since minorities are mostly preoccupied by their minority-status linked issue, they rarely pay attention to the ‘bigger picture’ and that, in turn, means that the political agenda of the minorities typically does not threaten the powers that be.
  6. Minorities often have a deep-seated inferiority complex towards the putatively more successful majority.
  7. Minorities often seek to identify other minorities with which they can ally themselves against the majority.

To this list of characteristics, I would add one which is unique to foreign minorities, minorities outside the USA: since they have no/very little prospects of prevailing against the majority, these minorities are very willing to ally themselves with the AngloZionist Empire and that, in turn, often makes them depended on the AngloZionist Empire, often even for their physical survival.

The above are, of course, very general characterizations. Not all minorities display all of these characteristics and many display only a few of them. But regardless of the degree to which any single minority fits this list of characteristics, what is obvious is that minorities are extremely easy to manipulate and that they present no credible (full-spectrum) threat to the Empire.

The US Democratic Party is the perfect example of a party which heavily relies on minority manipulation to maximize its power. While the Republican Party is by and large the party of the White, Anglo, Christian and wealthy voters, the Democrats try to cater to Blacks, women, Leftists, homosexuals, immigrants, retirees, and all others who feel like they are not getting their fair share of the proverbial pie. Needless to say, in reality there is only one party in the USA, you can call the the Uniparty, the Republicracts or the Demolicans, but in reality both wings of the Big Money party stand for exactly the same. What I am looking at here is not at some supposed real differences, but the way the parties present themselves. It is the combined action of these two fundamentally identical parties which guarantees the status quo in US politics which I like to sum up as “more of the same, only worse”.

I would like to mention an important corollary of my thesis that minorities typically more driven than the majority. If we accept that minorities are typically much more driven than most of the population, then we also immediately can see why their influence over society is often out of proportion with the numerical demographical “weight”. This has nothing to do with these minorities being more intelligent or more creative and everything to do with them willing to being spend much more time and efforts towards their objectives than most people.

So we have easy to manipulate, small groups, whose agenda does not threaten the 1% (really, much less!), who like to gang up with other similar minorities against the majority. Getting scared yet? It gets worse.

Western ‘democracies’ are mostly democracies only in name. In most of them instead of “one man one vote” we see “one dollar one vote” meaning that big money decides, not “the people”. Those in real power have immense financial resources which they cynically use to boost the already totally disproportional power of the various minorities. Now this is really scary:

Easy to manipulate, small groups, highly driven, whose agenda does not threaten the ruling plutocracy, who like to gang up with other similar minorities against the majority and whose influence is vastly increased by immense sums of money invested in them by the plutocracy. How is that for a threat to real people power, to the ideals of democracy?!

The frightening truth is that the combination of minorities and big money can easily hijack a supposedly ‘democratic’ country and subjugate the majority of its population to the “rule of the few over the many”.

Once we look this reality in the face we should also become aware of a very rarely mentioned fact: while we are taught that democracies should uphold the right of the minorities, the opposite is true: real democracies should strive to protect majorities against the abuse of power from minorities!

I know, I have just committed a long list of grievous thoughtcrimes!

At those who might be angry at me, I will reply with a single sentence: please name me a western country where the views of the majority of its people are truly represented in the policies of their governments? And if you fail to come up with a good example, then I need to ask you if the majority is clearly not in power, then who is?

I submit that the plutocratic elites which govern the West have played a very simple trick on us all: they managed to focus our attention on the many cases in history when minorities were oppressed by majorities but completely obfuscated the numerous cases where minorities oppressed majorities.

Speaking of oppression: minorities are far more likely to benefit and, therefore, use violence than the majority simply because their worldview often centers on deeply-held resentments. To put it differently, minorities are much more prone to settling scores for past wrongs (whether real or imagined) than a majority which typically does not even think in minority versus majority categories.

Not that majorities are always benign or kind towards minorities, not at all, humans being pretty much the same everywhere, but by the fact that they are less driven, less resentful and, I would argue, even less aware of their “majority status” they are less likely to act on such categories.

Foreign minorities play a crucial role in US foreign policy. Since time immemorial rulers have been acutely aware of the “divide et impera” rule, there is nothing new here. But the USA has become the uncontested leader in the art of using national minorities to create strife and overthrow a disobedient regime. The AngloZionist war against the Serbian nation is the perfect example of how this is done: the US supported any minority against the Serbs, even groups that the US classified as terrorists, as long as this was against the Serbs. And, besides being Orthodox Slavs and traditional allies of Russia, what was the real ‘crime’ of the Serbs? Being the majority of course! The Serbs had no need of the AngloZionists to prevail against the various ethnic (Croats) and religious (Muslims) minorities they lived with. That made the Serbs useless to the Empire. But now that the US has created a fiction of an independent Kosovo, the Kosovo Albanians put up a statue of Bill Clinton in Prishtina and, more relevantly, allowed the Empire to build the Camp Bondsteel mega-base in the middle of their nasty little statelet, right on the land of the Serbian population that was ethnically cleansed during the Kosovo war. US democracy building at its best indeed…

The same goes for Russia (and, the Soviet Union) were the USA went as far as to support the right of self-determination for non-existing “captive nations” such as “Idel-Ural” and “Cossakia. I would even argue that the Empire has created several nation ex nihilo (What in the world is a “Belarusian”?!).

I am fully aware that in the typical TV watching westerner any discussion of minorities focusing on their negative potential immediately elicits visions of hammers and sickles, smoking crematoria chimneys, chain gangs, lynchmobs, etc. This is basic and primitive conditioning. Carefully engineered events such as the recent riots in Charlottesville only further reinforce this type of mass conditioning. This is very deliberate and, I would add, very effective. As a result, any criticism, even just perceived criticism, of a minority immediately triggers outraged protests and frantic virtue-signaling (not me! look how good I am!!).

Of course, carefully using minorities is just one of the tactics used by the ruling plutocracy. Another of their favorite tricks is to created conflicts out of nothing or ridiculously bloat the visibility of an altogether minor topic (example: homo-marriages). The main rule remains the same though: create tensions, conflicts, chaos, subvert the current order (whatever that specific order might be), basically have the serfs fight each other while we rule.

In Switzerland an often used expression to describe “the people” is “the sovereign”. This is a very accurate description of the status of the people in a real democracy: they are “sovereign” in the sense that nobody rules over them. In that sense, the issue in the United States is one of sovereignty: as of today, the real sovereign of the USA are the corporations, the deep state, the Neocons, the plutocracy, the financiers, the Israel Lobby – you name it, anybody BUT the people.

In that system of oppression, minorities play a crucial role, even if they are totally unaware of this and even if, at the end of the day, they don’t benefit from it. Their perception or their lack of achievements in no way diminishes the role that they play in the western pseudo-democracies.

How do with deal with this threat?

I think that the solution lies with the minorities themselves: they need to be educated about the techniques which are used to manipulate them, and they need to be convinced that their minority status does not, in reality, oppose them to the majority and that both the majority and the minorities have a common interest in together standing against those who seek to rule over them all. Striving to remain faithful to my “Putin fanboy” reputation, I will say that I believe that Russia under Putin is doing exactly the right thing by giving the numerous Russian minorities a stake in the future of the Russian state and by convincing the minorities that their interests and the interest of the majority of the people are fundamentally the same: being a minority does not have to mean being in opposition to the majority. It is a truism that minorities need to be fully integrated into the fabric of society and yet this is rarely practiced in the real world. This is certainly not what I observe today in Europe or the USA.

The French author Alain Soral has proposed what I think is a brilliant motto to deal with this situation in France. He has called his movement “Equality and Reconciliation” and as of right now, this is the only political movement in France which does not want to favor one group at the expense of the other. Everybody else either wants to oppress the “français de souche” (the native, mostly White and Roman-Catholic majority) on behalf of the “français de branche” (immigrants, naturalized citizens, minorities), or oppress the “français de branche” on behalf of the “français de souche”. Needless to say, the only ones who benefit from this clash is the ruling Zionist elite (best represented by the infamous CRIF, which makes the US AIPAC look comparatively honorable and weak). As for Soral, he is vilified by the official French media with no less hate than Trump is vilified in the USA by the US Ziomedia.

Still, equality and reconciliation are the two things which the majorities absolutely must offer the minorities if they want to prevent the latter to fall prey to the manipulation techniques used by those forces who want to turn everybody into obedient and clueless serfs. Those majorities who delude themselves and believe that they can simply solve the “minority problem” by expelling or otherwise making these minorities disappear are only kidding themselves. To ‘simply’ solve the “minority problem’ by cracking down on these minorities inevitably pushes them directly into the warm embrace of the big manipulators, it turns these minorities into a powerful anti-majority weapon. This is the big danger of movements like Alt-Right or the National Front in France – their actions only serve to “weaponize” minorities. Mind you, this does not mean that the concerns and grievances voiced by these movements are without merits, not at all, it’s their (pseudo) “solutions” which are the real danger.

There is only effective way defuse the explosive potential of minorities:

  1. Educate minorities and explain to them that they are being manipulated
  2. Educate those joining anti-minority movements that they are also being manipulated
  3. Offer the minorities a future based on equality and reconciliation
  4. Put the spotlight on those who fan the flames of conflict and try to turn minorities and majorities against each other

At the end of the day, this is an identity issue. While we all typically several co-existing identities inside us (say, German, retired, college-educated, female, Buddhist, vegetarian, exile, resident of Brazil, etc. as opposed to just “White”) in manipulated minorities one such identity (skin color, religion, etc.) becomes over-bloated and trumps all the others. By restoring a healthy identity balance inside its various minorities and by fostering those identities which most residents have in common a society can counteract the toxic effects of those who strive on conflict, chaos and mayhem. Truly, the latter are our only real enemy and they ought to be treated as such.

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The attack on Serbia was an illegal outrage.
The worst war crime in Europe post 1945.
Added to that has been the complete suppression of the information that clears the Serbs of all the allegations of crimes, ethnic cleansing, mass graves and other lies.
They didn;t happen.
Just as the WMD in Iraq was a lie.
They didn’t happen.
What happened was that the Serbs were being attacked and murdered by the US created islamic terrorist organisation – the KLA – and the Serbs fought back.
They resisted islamic terror – the USA behind it – and the wrenching away and the illegal dismemberment of their national borders was their collective punishment..
Here is John Pilger on the Subject.
How many know Slobodan Milesevic has been declared an innocent man by the War Crimes Tribunal.?
He doesn’t.
He was almost certainly murdered by the Empire in a prison cell.


Yugoslavia was a powerful country and the ZioAmerican government along with their wretches in Western Europe decided enough was enough. They couldn’t wait to pillage and divide just like many places in the world. I have spoken to someone and he explained their military prowess which threatened no one. Another CIA trophy.


Guess who the owners of the Kosovo gold mines are.
I read one was Madeleine Albright.
She is apparently also a share holder in the company illegally drilling for oil in Syria’s occupied Golan.
They say its floating on it.

Charlie rad

The Clintons are the majority owners. The biggest producers of Gold in Europe.


Says it all
More sleaze, corruption and greed.

Red Tick Alert

I totally agree and now look how well the offshoots are doing – the only way they survive is through foreign aid with the exception of Serbia.

When Slobodan Milesevic was found innocent, there was 1 x short press release in the MSM and not a question asked.

PS The US and the EU puppets are working furiously to stop any reconciliation / recombination.


As far as I know – it was not reported in Britain other than Russia Today.
The writing was on the wall – that he would be found innocent – towards the end of his trial.
Thats why he was almost certainly murdered him through his medication in his cell.
That cell should have held Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and a couple of dozen others from both administrations.
Mike ‘Bloody Sunday’ Jackson.
Wesley ‘Waco’ Clark.
The two establishment butchers – chosen for the task.
I am pleased to see that apparently the Serbs are going after the Americans for use of depleted uranium and the shocking harm it has done the Serbian people.
I hope they do.

Red Tick Alert

Thanks – With you there girl (assuming I got your sex right from the name – hey !!; you can never tell nowadays).


I’m definitely female and thank you for the compliment of ‘girl’.
Sadly I don’t qualify fo that age group any more – but the thought was nice.

Red Tick Alert

If you think like a girl – your are a girl; I have been 17 for 34 years.

Solomon Krupacek

you are right, but you forgot to write about bosnia. kosovo and amrican hot was karmic justice for bestialities, what serbs made in bosnia.

Charlie rad

Bull. AL Qaeda trained ,fought, & is still in Bosnia. As are extreme terrorists. Those made up stories . TOTAL lies. You Ukraine Nazi are always spewing your Clinton Upside-down Bull. Save it cupcake.

Solomon Krupacek

you little shit :DDD


“Those majorities who delude themselves and believe that they can simply
solve the “minority problem” by expelling or otherwise making these
minorities disappear are only kidding themselves.”

After world war 2, the practically entire German minority (which caused extreme political problems to the country, as seen with the Münich treaty and similar) was forcefully deported from Czechoslovakia, and there haven’t been (logically) any problems with a German minority ever since, since there simply hasn’t been any German minority. The minority problem can indeed be solved this way, the only issue is having the power to push such a radical notion through and successfully execute it, which is of course impossible for any of the movements mentioned in this article.

Charlie rad

Very true. it can be a solution . Especially when the minorities are unable to be educated in enough numbers to matter. Like in Kosovo. Albanians were allowed to come in & Yugo communist state actually welcomed & paid them welfare to have 10-12 children per couple. Do the math. Now KLA the ISIS of Europe is in charge. $$billions in aid stolen & kicked back. etc,,

Red Tick Alert

Why the need to apologise; oh yes, this is the modern PC World !!.

Dod Grile

War Kriminal Killery Klinton wants to be President of the Corporate Fascist Oligarchical States of America bad! She wants it so bad her skin crawls… and George Soros is just the one to make it happen. Bring on the NON-ISSUES!

comment image comment image comment image


yup, this is what we face, every waking hour, in an massive barrage from every god dammed media outlet, constantly, no wounder people are confused when someone cuts thru their bullshit.
And this article lays the probllem out really good, should be read and memorized.

It is vital to know your history, to separate the issues because some are high jacked, like the Indigenous South Americans, where Save the Rain-forest scam is roiling on, while they cut down the jugle to make “green alternative petrol aka bio-fuel, muhahahaha, the scam is so f……. obvious that I am still slack-jawed by the scale of it and how many people actually think this is good for our planet, AGW is an scam, do you morons get it) while the lefties hailed the Lalalula creep as an socialist and fighter for human rights, something about Gays or whatever, they continued to shoot indigenous people from helicopters and death squads roaming the lands killing people, a lot of them.
Burning down the forests to make beef or oil, all in the name of AGW.
And we face the same problem, simply ignored, hidden in plain sight, strangers in my own land. Our history are stolen or rewritten to south another agendas (new created people, why do you think the leftis and ISIS have to and use to the same tools, to burn or tear down history, its an reason for that), like the Kurds and Israel, both total fake, period, but they live there, yes, but that dont make you an native, natives arent in the issue at all, thats why the Kurds is doing their ethnic cleansing, like the Israelis are, to wipe out the native people and replace it with bullshit storys they have invented to make their so called claims about suverenity.
This is why I have no problems and fully supports the Palestinians against the terror state Israel.

This scums destroys the fight people like I have, in the beginning I want that angry, now I am pissed, because I see it, have lived thru it, watched history been altered, and no matter what we tried and did, nobody cared, the MSM was preoccupied with their own and our scums in the Gov. created, Northern Sami, an 100% fake people.
And I can prove it, they cant.

I just wanted to you to know this, some fights are genuine, even about Gays, but to take it out and make people confused, is just whats their goal, divide and conquer.
And it works, and right now, the only think we can do is to explain it to the people, bit by bit.
Thats why they have snapped and warped into dictatorial thinking, of course, by their tools, they own the MSM.

Otherwise I agree with Saker, its not an race issue, nor that much an class one, but about some groups whom sets the premises and controls the road, that is the problem, when they are in sync, humanity always ends up in misery and wars.
Time and time again.
Even 2000 years ago, in an similar senate, they agreed, if we dont have an enemy, we create one.
Ges whom, an empire feeds it self on expansion, and monetary politics that have the same philosophy as an cancer cell, exponential growth to kingdom comes, hallelujah capitalism, that is the politics you need to know, the rest is just word games, blame game (their favorite, much ado, little anything else) to downright lies and propaganda aka history.

And my last one goes to those that wants to know.
ALL WARS are Bankers wars.
Cuo Bono, aka follow the money

Thats the ugly truth.

wake up and be pissed



Class is the motor of history, even in England were there isn’t any.


What democracies? Venezuela I suppose but certainly not Britain or the US.


We need more articles like this.

John Brown

This is nothing new, it is right out of “The Prince” by Machiavelli. Every empire does this. Egyptians did it, the Romans, Mongols, Chinese, the British etc. They often import minorities to the conquered country if there are not any there to exploit in this manner. It is always done and to the conquered countries by empires. As this is now being done in western countries it is clear they are conquered slave territories of the racist supremacist Jewish global empire.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Modern Case in point is Israel about creating and importing minorities into a region that took over 100 years to accomplish that and in 1948 they were given a state while the majority there were made second class citizens and little better than slaves.

John Brown

The case of Israel is more about open military conquest and the open extermination or expulsion of the local population, not so much as the example of the use of imported minorities in its slave vassal western states, where the goal needs to be hidden except maybe before world war 2 in Palestine. Think of Fiji as good example of what this is tactic is and how it is used.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They bring back the real Jewish people of the region and then start committing a genocide against them by forced birth control.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Minority, a term applied to the global majority.
The real minority are those incorrectly accused of being the majority.
Now there is some food for thought lol

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