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Manbij Military Council Spokesman Survives Assassination Attempt


Manbij Military Council Spokesman Survives Assassination Attempt

MMC spokesman, Sherfan Darwish. Source: facebook.com/manbijmc

On June 10, a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Manbij Military Council (MMC) survived an assassination attempt.

According to the North Press Agency (NPA), the spokesman, Sherfan Darwish, was driving his pickup between Manbij town and Tishreen Dam when it was struck with an improvised explosive device (IED).

“The assassination attempt took place today’s morning when the MMC spokesman was on his way back from an administrative mission accompanied by leaders of the Military Council,” a source in the MMC told NPA.

While some activists accused ISIS cells of this assassination attempt, others suggested that the Turkish intelligence was behind it. This was the second attempt to kill Darwish. Last year, he was shot by gunmen, who were linked to Turkish-backed militants.

Despite being a part of the U.S.-backed SDF coalition, the MMC has working relations with the Syrian Arab Army and Russian forces. Army units were deployed in many positions around Manbij city in the last two years to deter Turkish forces.




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  • nyomarek

    SAA and its policy-determinators are waiting for a signal to attack, which must be given, when somehow circumstances emerge that will enable the SAA to throw out Turkey from its territory OR.. and you won’t believe this.. create a Grand Strategic Economic Alliance in the Middle-East with Turkey and all Russia-allied countries joining. No more need for war:

    Sanctions? What sanctions? A Russian pipeline fable for our times

    So this is what is happening in Syria Idlib. ..the lack of progress in Idlib, why the SAA doesn’t throw out the Turkish Invaders from Idlib. Well, this article gives the perfect answer: Russia is making World Peace via Economic Expansion, rendering wars and CIA-interventions via ISIS around the world completely obsolete. Only economic prosperity will exist in the Middle-East, after Presidents Putin and Trump are done with the Democratic-CIA infestation of the US, which is directly responsible for – making the lives of billions of people miserable – creating chaos in the world. Israel, its future, – with regular US money aid-drips stopping will probably shrivel into a dry, black raisin.