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Manbij Is Fully Liberated from ISIS

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The Syrian city of Manbij has been fully liberated from the ISIS terrorist group. The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (predominantly Kurdish YPG units) are securing the city.

Manbij Is Fully Liberated from ISIS

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Real Anti-Racist Action

US-backed forces take Manbij away from another set of US-backed forces, and this is called “liberation” hardly. Are they handing it over to Syrian authorities? No way. Being exchanged from one US backed group to another is worthless news. Syria still has to go in and liberate the city from the US-globalist for real. Syria must be made whole again.

Jens Holm

Syria is no country – and certainly not with Assad. Dont You have eaes and ears.

ISIS has never been supported by USA. Assad made Syria to a hole. It was hard work, but big succes. Sime Sunnis do or did. Turks dont like them as much as they did.

Try tell Erdogan he is an american and can visit Gull without a visa.

Boris Kazlov

Syria was a peacefula and prosperous country under Asad, until USrahell started financing and “equiping” terrorist proxy armies there, Jens Stoltenberg, Nato clown and puppet of USrahell.

Jens Holm

No it was not a peacefull poserous country at all. You have taken everything away whish a majority didnt want using gas and artillery on whole towns around. People straved to death when 3 years of rain come.

The socalled devellopment was stopped many Years ago eccept for oilproduction.

All the time You have had Your own puppet Sovjet now KGB. A minor past of the opposition today want – or wanted Syria to grow by normal way, but Assads and Baad saying no-ni prsison, jail, kill, threats a.s.o.

You must be very blind only US from outside think so. Turks has supprted SIS from the very first day letting everything comming in as the most visible example.

Boris Kazlov

Have you not seen the pictures of Mc Cain playing chummy to Baghdadi? All those Toyota trucks were delivered wy USrahell, and the ROW missiles as well. There is no civil war in Syria, SYria is fighting the foregin mercenary proxy armies of USrahell, who is always thretening to bomb a sovereign country overtly, so far they have been doing it secretly..

Jens Holm

As I rember it “Syria” alomost posseded Lebanon for a longer periode helping Hesbollah which are merchenaries for Assads now as an control freek. You forget why the brave SAA is/was and are just like many parts of the regime in Syria. No well prestandard,korrupt and more like a private army. Ant the support today by so many dont want to be in it.

Not only because the systems are totally ineffective, but because they want something totally different from anything like Baads. Why dont the millions trown away by the civil war dont support the Regime instead.

The regime grow most of the radical muslims and they didnt come because of USA said so, They wanted something diffrent and got pusheds behind all over Asia, Afrika and Europe to give it a try.

So many comming here – and not only muslims but christians as well. Seems better for them to settle or being unimplyed in Europe than among muslims lead by Assads or other kinds of dicatators – religios or now -. warlords.


take your meds

Boris Kazlov

Right, USrahell wants to break Syria into statelets along confessional or ethninc lines, the same Israeli plan for Iraq.

Jens Holm

Well, dont put US and Israel in it as the same frases as propaganda as its worst.

The whole world by something called United Nations has for many, many Years old Syria, that they should see Syria as a nation and not a majorty of tribes driven by a kind of Politbureau owning the rest as some lowlives, they could do anything to.

Its about normal human civilian rights for everybody and same for all citicens . True US (and Israel) has the big military capasity.

But You totally forget that talking and trying to make obvius normalisations havent worked at all for many, many Years. So miltary messiors are because of not being listnt to NR 1 , 1a, 1b, 1c, 1 d.

Dont blame oil for that. Oil is a relavtive new thing and pipesline was made and Syria and Lebanon, Jordan and Israel was mad by the french & Britts artificial because of oil. Not a nwe thing fighting about it.

Dividing the Ottomans after its collapse inside and outside is not a new thing. There is many maps as proposals for it from 1914 and up. Many nations are smaller then the Syrian territory working very well.

The smart thing should be, that people could move-emmigrate to a country, where they are protected by their own kind as a political and religios majority. Choose is the magic word. Developmant is one too – Same direction.

First reaosing is denying changes so everybody can behave as normal citicens with equal rights to be incl. if You are not a member of the majory tribes.

Thats how I see it. You can make several very good small states by Turkisd, Syrian and Iraqien territory of today.

The violent Assad-Baad system is in its best only well for much smaller Tribe states and totally unfitt for a more modern complicated world.

A country had diveded the power out to anybody. Everybody has power by vote and everybody then control military, police, secret police, much bigger parts og the human rights, where woman and children by habit and seen as 100% nomal of course are equal citicens.

And it the Leaders are not good – President, Parlament, ministers – They just choose – CHOOSE – someone new resigning volunteriely with no killing, military intervension, shoes a.s.o.

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