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Man Shot After Protester Fires Handgun Into SUV During Utah BLM Protest

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

A 60-year-old man was put into the hospital after a protester fired a shot into his SUV at a Provo, Utah BLM rally on Monday.

Man Shot After Protester Fires Handgun Into SUV During Utah BLM Protest

Footage shows a white Ford Excursion pushing its way past a group of protesters blocking the intersection of Center Street and North University. As the driver is nearly free of the group, a masked man dressed in black-bloc attire can be seen firing a handgun into the cab.

According to Deseret, approximately 100 protesters filled Center Street on Monday to protest police brutality.

Via Desert News:

A video of the confrontation with the white Excursion was captured by a Daily Universe student journalist, Lisi Merkley. In the video, the vehicle can be seen pushing through protesters attempting to gather in front of it, picking up speed as it goes while protesters cry out. At least one person falls to the ground before the SUV speeds away.

Another video by KSL-TV shows what appears to be a man in a mask pointing a gun at the passenger side of the white Excursion as it pushes forward. A loud popping sound is heard and a flash is seen from the barrel of the gun.

Protester Betsy Croft, who witnessed the incident with the SUV, claimed that there were “three to four cars that have been trying to run into the groups of people that are congregating at the main intersections in Provo,” adding “This is a peaceful protest so that kind of action is unwarranted and clearly an attempt to be violent.”

Peaceful indeed, Betsy.

Man Shot After Protester Fires Handgun Into SUV During Utah BLM Protest

The driver of the SUV underwent surgery and has non-life threatening injuries, according to KUTV. Police have yet to locate a suspect.

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good american

Bunch of middle class, phonozombied useful idiot white kids for the most part that don’t know jack sh*t about who their own country is murdering at the moment, or the last 50 years. Ruining any chance they had for progress against police brutality against civilians with stupid gimmicks, violence and racial separatism.
Just so long as Trump loses, even if they have to put a senile, demented pedophile in to do it. Because Trump says hurtful things to political enemies and grabs women by the p**sy, not because he helps to further the evil empire instead of closing down Murder Inc. as he said he would.
But if they want to find who did it, ask 4-chan. Maybe it turns out to be FBI.

Icarus Tanović

Maybe even before Vietnam.


Unbelievable. These ‘protesters’ are roaming the streets like thugs, and nothing is being done by the Authorities. Call it far-fetched, but surely Trump would be able to enact some emergency powers to remove the Politicians that are encouraging this, install temporary Administrators, and bring back law and order through the Police?


I think I want to protest against protester brutality.


Apart from the illegality of the action and the hypocrisy of peaceful protesters, it is extremely irresponsible to fire in a crowded situation, you have no control of ricochets or through shots. Standing next to the SUV coming through he was clearly not in danger of his life. Low life scum.


Why is he not dead? he used a gun. It’s the basic rule of self defense, if someone is shooting at you then you shoot back to kill.

Ivan Freely

The occupants inside the vehicle likely was unarmed.

Guy Metdrapedes

In a just society he would be.


Blocking traffic is a crime. These people need to be arrested.

George King

It appears that it is the driver who feared for his life and the shooter from the side walk and the roadway were never endangered from the vehicle or the driver. A clear attempt at cold bloody murder or if intended black ops against the citizens which esculates into a crime of treason.


BLM and Antifa are subversive anarchist domestic terrorist organizations. BLM nationally and at the CHOP are a scam that don’t even call for changing the de facto immunity laws and prosecuting the killer cops killing Americans to stop all of the unnecessary police murders of citizens.


Not only do the police not arrest people blocking traffic. At the CHOP they’ve closed the police station. Monday morning CHOP shooters killed a 16 year old black youth at one of their roadblocks in front of the closed police station and shot a 14 year old black youth in the same vehicle who is in critical condition. This is a picture of the police station that I took this morning.
comment image


This is the vehicle that was shot up at the CHOP barricade at the end of the block to the left of the police station in this picture.



This is a video of the shooting as it occurred.



This is a picture that I took of the north side of the police station early Monday morning just before the shooting.
comment image


Wear helmet and vest


For the police, and more importantly, the state politicians and bureaucrats that control policing policy, to concede ground and act subservient in face of violent protests is a major policy error. It will merely prolong the situation and encourage further civil disobedience – but, if that is what certain state politicians and bureaucrats want to exacerbate in the lead up to 2020 federal US elections, then they will continue to act accordingly.


Sad but true.


In other news Krim RR 6ridge Cargo I ine opens… Should speed Krim economic development. UA must be looking at US masters wi Worry.

L Garou

They can’t help it, they were born (and raised and educated) that way..


That shooter, if identified, could be charged with an absolute raft of criminal charges – starting with discharging firearm in public place, onto attempted murder, and into domestic terrorism under aspects of US Patriot Act. At what point did it become acceptable to start firing handguns at passing motorists during ‘road block protests’?

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