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Man Dies After Fight With Masked Individuals During Belarus Protests

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Man Dies After Fight With Masked Individuals During Belarus Protests

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On November 13th, a Belarusian man – Roman Bondarenko, 31 years old reportedly died after being beaten into a coma by unknown individuals.

Doctors operated the man for several hours, all this time he was unconscious.

“Our mother went to the hospital to see Roman in the morning. The doctors said that his chance to survive is one in a thousand. One more operation is need, but the brother is in no condition to survive it and we must wait until he recovers. Mom was allowed to see Roman in intensive care unit, he is in a coma. He is all connected to different devices, in bandages and bruises,” said Roman’s sister Olga.

“According to the latest information, Roman’s condition worsened, his temperature rose to 40. Someone came to the emergency hospital and confiscated my brother’s personal belongings. They say this is usually done, but we do not know who did it,” added Olga.

Roman Bondarenko died as a result of a fight with unknown persons in masks on the “Changes Square” in one of the residential areas of Minsk. The Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a check on this fact.

The men were cutting red-white ribbons placed on a fence. The red and white flag is the unofficial “Belarusian flag” that protesters use.

According to activists, the man went out into the courtyard when, presumably, the security forces of the Republic of Belarus tried to remove the prohibited symbols. A fight ensued, after which the men who arrived in the area were quickly taken away by a minibus.

Local residents tried to block its movement, and the driver pressed on the gas.

In Minsk thousands of people went to the place of Roman’s death, which has already turned into a memorial.


There’s a video showing the fight:

Witnesses give the following recollection:

“There was a heated verbal exchange between a man in a mask and an unknown guy, Roma did not interfer, he stood nearby and listened,” said Yulia, an eyewitness to the events.

“Then he said something, and the man in the mask said ‘I see you are a sassy one’. Pushed Roma closer to the mural, he tried to dodge, but the unknown grabbed him and threw him with all his might to a [children’s] slide. He hit his head hard.”

It is possible that this death could be used as some sort of “sacred sacrifice” to provide an impetus for the protests and riots against President Alexander Lukashenko.

It will likely somehow be connected to him through claims of the opposition, since, for a while now, they’ve been losing steam and running in circles.


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Jens Holm

Its very impressing, that few are being killed.

I hope they will replace old Lukashenko and his old ideas.

1 killed is too many.


Talking out your ass again. Is that why you never make any sense?

Jens Holm

You are full of shit, because You dont have an ass.

Robert Ferrin

Yep we lost more then that at Kent Unv. and they weren’t even trying.!!!

johnny rotten

They found that they fail, now they try with false flags, it is called the strategy of tension in version 2.0, that of color revolutions.

Lone Ranger

Bodarenko is an ukrop name…

Dick Von Dast'Ard

A flag with the Polish colours.


Yes that says it all.

Jens Holm

No, its its not at Your low knowledge level. Soemebody has erased that out of Your historybook.

Its a 1919 Pilsutski polish flag, because Belarus was a part of the regained Poland taken by defeding the Russians.

Jens Holm

Its a 1919 Pilsutski polish flag, because Belarus was a part of the regained Poland taken by defeding the Russians.


Well they have their blood soaked shirt to wave in the air,they always need martys even if they have to kill them themselves like in Ukraine

Robert Ferrin

No matter if its 5 or 10 its always thousands of people what they must be counting is the number that lives in the city.and when stupid people do stupid things then there is always some sort of blow back.!!!!

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