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Making Sense Of The Ukraine Standoff

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Making Sense Of The Ukraine Standoff

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Written by Eric Zuesse

Can one make sense of the current Ukraine situation/stand-off? What is Putin’s plan? What’s the actual reason for Russia’s military build-up near to Ukraine?

Putin intends to assure that if Ukraine invades Donbass, the residents in Donbass will win. He has armed and trained them how to use the weapons, but if Russian soldiers would need to enter Donbass and fight there against Ukraine, he also will need to defeat the Ukrainian soldiers there — and he’ll need to do it fast, because Ukraine’s invasion will then already have invaded. He is waiting for Ukraine to invade Donbass.

Biden wants Zelensky to order the invasion; Zelensky doesn’t want to do it, because then the EU almost certainly will never allow Ukraine into the EU. Ukraine needs the EU because it lost its main trading-partner, Russia, on account of Obama’s 2014 anti-Russian coup in Ukraine.

The EU won’t support Ukraine if Ukraine starts the invasion to occupy Donbass, except if it is responding to a prior Russian entrance into Donbass, in which case Ukraine wouldn’t be blamed for the carnage there. That is the reason why Biden wants Ukraine to set up a false-flag event, so as to make a Ukrainian invasion SEEM to be a defense against Russian aggression.

For a long time, there have been allegations that nazis in Ukraine were preparing a false-flag event and were threatening Zelensky with a coup to overthrow him if he refused to do it, to give the go-ahead. He’s walking a tightrope.

But recently, American media have been reporting that U.S. intelligence shows that Putin has planned a false-flag event in order to ‘justify’ a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The EU’s position is to demand Ukraine to fulfill its promise under the February 2015 Minsk II accord to negotiate with the Donbass government so as to accept Donbass back into Ukraine without hostility and with independence like Crimea had inside Ukraine during 1954-2014 which was when Crimea had been part of Ukraine instead of part of Russia (of which it was a part during 1783-2014). But if Zelensky were to go forward with the Minsk II deal (to which Hollande, Merkel, and Putin had forced both Ukraine and Donbass to sign), then the nazis would almost certainly overthrow him.

I believe that Zelensky is doing all he can to comply with EU and not with U.S. (and Ukraine’s own nazis — whom the U.S. had, essentially, hired and trained, along with others from other countries, in order to carry out the 2014 coup) but still stay alive. However, Ukraine’s and America’s billionaires both are demanding that Ukraine invade Donbass and are the biggest lobbying group in Washington right now; so, almost all members of Congress are backing Biden on this.

As regards whether or not the U.S. Government’s desire to go to war against Russia will be allowed by the rest of the world to succeed, a (typically) masterful analysis has already been posted by the great geostrategic analyst Alexander Mercouris on February 13th, titled “NATO military build up in Slovakia as US takes over airbase”, and it is especially understandable in light of the neoconservative Victoria Nuland (Obama’s organizer of the ultimate 2014 Ukrainian coup) famous “F—k the EU” phone-call that was leaked online on 4 February 2014, in which she selected the leader of Ukraine’s soon-to-be-imposed coup-government, who did become officially appointed only a few weeks thereafter, which led to the new Ukrainian government, which then quickly started their ethniccleansing campaign in Ukraine’s former (now-breakaway) Donbass region, which region had voted 90% for the Ukrainian President (“Janukovych”) whom Obama’s coup had overthrown, this ethnic-cleansing being imposed there in order to get rid of those voters, so that no such (anti-NATO, pro-Russia) voters would be voting in future Ukrainian elections, and thereby America’s control over Ukraine would become virtually permanent. This ethnic-cleansing was succeeding, but the Minsk II accord, that was arranged between Hollande, Merkel, and Putin, and which they forced both Donbass and Ukraine to sign, greatly reduced the carnage, though Ukraine still refuses to go forward with its main commitments under it — which has led to the present predicament. If Zelensky would try to get Ukraine’s government to comply with it, he might end up not only overthrown by another U.S.-backed coup, but dead. And that is HIS predicament. So: nobody knows what the result will be.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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peter mcloughlin

There is true one flag event that needs to be avoided: WW III. That’s where the world is heading, ignoring history. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/

S Balu

These are dramas by two goons called USA and Russia Reality is these two THIVES are fighting for patch called EU to supply gas to USA wants to rob gas from Qatar and sell it to EU Rest is for Fools

jens holm

We are no patch. We are 10 times Russia in GDP.

USA dont sell gas. Gas and other stuff in the world is sold by private companies where many of us are owners and stockholders too.

You can be stockholder and owner. Just buy and take the profit. Remember to pay tax as well.

As I read it You can buy up to 34% of the Qatar gas shares if they are for sale and you have money. Two invenstmentcompanies has the majority. Sometimes they are partly driven by smaller private investment fonds(smaller fx can be my pension fund. We are about 200.000 small ones adding and helping each other).

Our investments are spread out to many companies to reduce the risk. I also am private small investor. So when I soon retire i get state pension(shich partly is in the stockmarket). I get pension fond and my own saved money in shareholding.

S Balu

Jens Holm So what if your GDP is ten times of Russia And western society might be open in theory but in reality it a closed ONE VERY FEW ALLOWED TO OPERATE BANKING,NEWS ,TV ETC UNIVERSITIES ARE CONTROLLED BY FEW BIG COMPANIES FOR THEIR BENEFIT ONLY WHAT THE HELL YOU TALKING ABOUT

jens holm

So what abolut living age?

I could take many. Is it better to become 70 years old instead of 80. Is it for saving pension or what.

The rest i total propaganda crap. If You lived here for a year or two, You would learn how Your know how is highly incorrect or worse.

If it was like that we had uprised and removed it many times. And no. The dolar as well as Our kroner did not colapse three times last week too.

Its typical for Your verion, You never tell how the big middleclass is doing here. You only get the rich and the poor. You even descriebe Our poor as if they are not helped.

Right now is a good temporary example. They are reduced to almost nothing in gas and electricity.

Our universities all are Govermntal owned. The private ones are users of parts of it, but they pay for it and what they need.

Our hospitals are Govermental owned and controlled. Medicine too.But we outsource.

Im typical low middle class. The state pension mainly is in the stockmarket. My private pensionfond is in the stockmarket. My private savings are in the stockmarket and by that not even in the bank.

I do has my/our own house as well as a small summerhouse. I could afford any relative cheep car but only need my scooter. I do have internet and 40 TV channel and even a few extra bottles of wine in my basement.

In the summertime I take cheep vacation by a small tent. I live in a town and prefare nature for that. But I could go to the many cheep places in Turkey, Greece. Morroco, Itala, Spain, France. I dont like hot.

By that I have visited sweden and norway. They are warm and not hot. But they has moskitos. I have done fishing there and canoing too. Its as the fish dont like me. Maybee they are Russian spyes.

jens holm

Thats only a small corner of it.

Its hard for us in west to steel from people, which almost has nothing and raised by Marx and Engels.

By that we try to help them by education to understand how we do or to find their own versions. It easy to understand. If they produce nothing they cant buy Our stuf and vice versa.

They can not be plundred as You assume. Jesus also didnt give away both shirts. They have winters in Palestine too:)


The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It’s About Germany

by Mike Whitney |


jens holm

Yes, its an energy lack. EU has a plan for replacing fossils, but its kept too slow. By that the main problems are in Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Seeker is a fakers site but this is true.

jens holm

Muslims reading the God forsaken is as their behinds are towards Mecca 5 times every day.


Its not about democracy, ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

jens holm

Democrasy and sober parlamentarisme makes the money.

We are able to improve ourself by education and optimisation and are rewarded for that by Our paychecks. We have the flexibility and by that replace people if they are not the best for the jobs.

We also mainly has the highest taxes, which are given back to us as equalizer for a lot of things.

People makes money. In many parts of the world we see people making more people but also see the result of no money. Maybee they should find another kind of amusement then making children, they hardly can feed.



Last edited 1 year ago by kiev

This article didn’t make sense to me. The Ukrainians haven’t been able to retake the Donbas for how many years now? What has changed that the Ukrainians feel they can recapture the Donbas now? Also my understanding is Russian deployments are not strictly in support of Donbas but positioned to overrun the Ukraine along the entire Ukr-Rus border including from Belarus. I suspect with a weak US president and regime, now may be the time for Russia to end a festering problem and ensure Ukraine never becomes a member of NATO. A humanitarian disaster and unknown consequences but Putin may be willing to accept the costs and risks in exchange for long term Russian security.

jens holm

I can assure You that not even the most normal retarded here in Nato as well as EU want or wish them as members.

jens holm

The Russians are one big expansion and its terrifying they can blame us for being like them.

Peter the Great only had a foot in the water at the non existing Rostov. Now they say the Black Sea stillis theirs. In west its same thing. And all the new states south of Sibiria. Whats that. They even sold Alaska evemn they were no owners.

So the fear is from the little ones named Finland, The Baltics, Poland, Thekkoslovakia, Hungary, Roumania and USSR themselves moved west by moving away all Germans, expelled or emmigrated Jews, Ukraine moved wesy and about ukraine moved into old Polish Pilsutsky Poland.

I forgot Caucasus. It was take by force and fortesses partly from the Osman Empire.

So Our cating is defending their rights again to decide themself no matter how they are. We do offer thtme help for own purpose. We or not Unicef or donations as for some zoo, where the anamils gets free meals.

By that we try to make them produce to sell stuff, so they can but Ours. Most people will agree the ukrainians are not doing very well in that only by themselves.

Most people also will say, that repairing on the collpased USSR leftovers seemes to be very unsuccesfll. But we are not far away and they can be better taking in Our systems in their own or needed versions.

john mason

It doesn’t matter what the EU wants they will do what the US tells them, that is the role of a vassal.

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