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Major Munition Depot On Fire In Ukraine, Sabotage Not Ruled Out (Videos, Photos)


Major Munition Depot On Fire In Ukraine, Sabotage Not Ruled Out (Videos, Photos)

A major munition depot near Kalinovka, Vinnytsia region caught fire on September 26 at 9PM. The exploding munitions and ensuing fire could not be contained. The power in Kalinovka is down, and the civilians are being evacuated.

The depot contained approximately 188 tonnes of munitions, amongst them BM-21 “Grad”, BM-27 “Uragan” and BM-30 “Smerch” missiles. The surface area of the depot is 600 hectares (~1482,63 acres). If the missiles were to fly off and disperse, the effective zone may envelop 500 thousand people, as the city of Vinnytsia is in 25 km (~16 miles) to the depot, though the State Emergency Service of Ukraine officials claim the city is safe.

According to the officials of Armed Forces of Ukraine, only 10% of the whole depot area is on fire. Half of the storage unit on fire are empty of munitions.

As of 6AM today 28,3 thousand people have evacuated from Kalinovka and its outskirts. One woman was injured. Four houses caught on fire as they were hit by missiles, but this fire has been contained.

The causes for the fire are yet unknown, though General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces does not rule out sabotage as a possible cause.

This is the fourth destroyed munition depot in Ukraine in the last two years. The previous munition depot fires occurred in Lugansk, Donetsk and Kharkiv.

Few photos of Ukrainian troops responsible for the depot’s security:

Major Munition Depot On Fire In Ukraine, Sabotage Not Ruled Out (Videos, Photos) Major Munition Depot On Fire In Ukraine, Sabotage Not Ruled Out (Videos, Photos)



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  • 55lanfag


  • chris chuba

    This is one way to ensure peace.

    I have a question, I keep hearing about how ‘Russia hacks into Ukraine’s power grid and other infrastructure in order to disable it’. Personally, I don’t buy it because I can’t see any strategic value in them doing so and Putin isn’t prone to wanton destruction. Is this just a case of Ukraine not being able to keep the lights on and looking for scapegoats or is their some hacking of unknown origin going on?

    • Mikronos

      If the power went out after this blast we’ll be hearing about the hackers, again. Say there’s a thought for next time – instead of a three hour power ‘hack’, attack – sabotage – a nuclear power station.

      • Justin

        dude, I read ur comments on the last few pages, its so hard to understand what points u are trying to make!
        I understand that English may not be ur first Language but dude, just find a better way to communicate what u are trying to say!
        I kind of get what u are trying to say but it still makes no sense!

        where are u from?

  • John

    Those pics are the best.

    • Barba_Papa

      I’m sure you can find those on any facebook page of any soldier guarding any installation anywhere. It’s after all boring work, and boring work breeds stupid behavior in order to let off steam. The pictures were unnecessary and fake news worthy. If SF wanted to give the impression that it was an accident all they had to do was say so. Never attribute to malice what can easily be explained to human incompetence. I’m sure that any military that is involved in a war, as Ukraine is, would rather cry sabotage then admit that the guards were stupid.

  • TheLulzWarrior

    Nice, glad someone does what Russian gov is unwilling to do!

    • Gary Sellars

      Probably an ethnic-Russian partisan team… good work lads!


    It’ a dam good thing the Ukraine is no longer responsible for any nuclear weapons on it’s soil !! :DDD

    • Solomon Krupacek

      the russian army is the same shit :) there are som good units like TF in syria nad thats all.

      sidorenko (!!!) rported, that during second fall of palmyra the russians were totally drunk. also left the equipment for isis.

      all slavic and nordic nations are heavy drunker.

      • FlorianGeyer

        ” Half of the storage unit on fire are empty of munitions. ” Sayeth the Ukranians :)

        mmmm A training area I went to many times was a large ammo storage facility in WW2 and I can say with personal knowledge that an EMPTY storage building built of brick steel and concrete ( roof included ) have nothing to catch fire. !

      • Justin

        Is there any other race of people ud like to slander!

        So the Russians are there helping the SAA against US hegemonic goals and u are here saying that all slavs, nordics and Russians are drunks and completely hopeless!

        “during second fall of palmyra the russians were totally drunk”
        “all slavic and nordic nations are heavy drunker.”

        If they are hopeless then how does it explain the Soviet empire which took up half the worlds land mass?

        How does it explain stopping the US goals in Syria?

        Why do u even need to say this!

        Tell me what country u are from Solomon!
        Go ahead, tell me….
        We will then put ur country under the microscope and see what shit we can dig up!

        there is a saying….. “who needs enemies when we have friends LIKE U”!

        U won’t say which country u are from but I know u are a Christian!
        So fuck ur dumb people for celebrating Christmas on a fucking pagan winter and summer solstice days!

        If are not Christian then ur parents are dumber than I thought!

        • Solomon Krupacek

          Is there any other race of people ud like to slander!

          i read only this first sentence. already here is big mistake: at the and should be question mark.

          so, little stupid hater! i dont slap any nation. i wrote about russian army. and i wrote the truth. i make only diagnosis. do you hate also the doctors??

          • Justin


            “so, little stupid hater!”
            “i dont slap any nation.”
            “do you hate also the doctors??”

            WATCH THIS LITTLE RAT HYPOCRITE FLAG ME because I exposed him as a total and complete hypocrite!


          • Solomon Krupacek

            death for kurds in syria. this is only 10% of kurds. NOT ALL NATION!!!

          • Justin

            yet u called me a “hater”!
            Is calling for the “Death” of all Kurds in Syria not hatred?

            Its nothing personal huh? just business?

            Wake up moron! When u call for the DEATH of an entire culture (within Syria yet for some reason the Iraqi Kurds are ok by you hahaha) then I’m pretty sure it means u hate them!

            yet u called me a hater?
            Thats fine, I do hate Jews and America! I admit it!


            This is what I hate most in people, they can’t admit when they’ve been caught out or made to be a fool! they won’t allow their pride to be hurt.

            Zero respect for u!


            Now I have snap shot the entire chat! The next time u say something stupid, I will post your hypocritical accusations and ur past comments for all to see!

            Pull ur head in!

    • BMWA1

      Deliberate, widespread opposition to ATO in Donbass. Munitions kill their own countrymen.

    • FlorianGeyer

      the Ukranian ‘nuclear stupidity ‘ is almost as dangerous :)

    • Justin

      What worries me is the Nuclear power plant in Zaporazya!
      its the biggest in Europe and currently its using American uranium rods instead of Russian which is not compatible!

      Nuclear power plants in poor European countries make me very nervous!
      Especially when their is a civil war, a revolution / coup, false flag attacks, leverage of certain political entities i.e USA leverage over the EU in regards to sanctions on Russia!

      Its just a really bad situation to be in especially when we all know what lengths some nations go to in order to reach their geopolitical goals!

      If having nuclear weapons gains a nation leverage (which is what N Korea is trying to do) then most certainly so does nuclear power plants! ESPECIALLY the biggest in Europe in the poorest European country split between Russia and the USA / NATO / EU!

  • Rodger

    Sell 150 tons of the 188 tons to terrorists in the ME and blow up the rest to cover your tracks most likely.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Thats quite possible, I agree.

    • Spectator


  • EmilyEnso

    Oh dear.
    Too bad.
    How sad.
    Shame it couldn’t wait until November the fifth.
    Think of all the kids and other inocent people of the Donbass who were going to be slaughtered with all these munitions.
    And if it was sabotage – a medal is in order.
    Well done
    Very very well done indeed.

    • George Evans

      another good news day…

  • Gary Sellars

    This faggot Ukropi “soldier” has teddy bears on his bed? WTF….. I knew the Ukropi were conscripting child-soldiers but c’mon….

  • Spectator

    HahHAHAHAH! Nice pictures.
    SF ! Please inform us about the fate of the two guys, thank you

  • Mikronos

    Egad! Another one?

    Maybe they shouldn’t have tried assassinating the leadership cadre in Donetsk yesterday.

    These things just don’t come out of the blue sky, eh?

    Canada might have to speed-up it’s weapons delivery.

  • Mikronos

    Most ‘real ‘ Ukrainians have no idea what happens in the ATO – now some do.