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JUNE 2021

Major Advance Of Syrian Army And Hezbollah in Jorud Arsal and Flitah

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On Friday, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah began their advance on Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and ISIS positions at the Syrian-Lebanese border from two directions.

The first was from the Syrian town of Flitah towards HTS positions at Jorud Flitah in Western Qalamoun, and the second was from the Joruds of Eastern Lebanon Mountain Range south of Jorud Arsal towards HTS heights and fortifications north and east of Jorud Arsal inside the  Lebanese territory.

Within a few hours, Hezbollah and the Syrian Republican Guard managed to capture Al-Borkan Hill in Jorud Flitah in Western Qalamoun. Hezbollah fighters also managed to capture Al-Rahwa plain in Jorud Arsal and continued their advance and captured Dahrat al-Hwa position, one the most important positions in Jorud Arsal.

Then Hezbollah fighters captured Wadi Dakeek and Wadi Zarour which includes three HTS positions: “Ra’d 1.2.3” southeast of Arsal. Hezbollah also captured Taftnaz position in Al-Qunzah mountain south of Jorud Arsal, and the highest of Khorah 1 , Daliel Al-Haj ,and Harf Sabah.

Moreover, Hezbollah and SAA artillery pieces and rocket launchers targeted HTS positions in Jorud Flitah in Western Qalamoun and in Jorud Arsal since early morning. The Syrian Arab Air Force warplanes also targeted HTS positions in Jorud Flitah, only inside Syrian territory.

According to the Hezbollah media wing in Syria, Hezbollah destroyed two HTS vehicles in the south of Wadi Hamid in Jorud Arsal with ATGMs , Hezbollah fighters also targeted an HTS operating room in Dahrat al-Hwa in Jorud Arsal with an ATGM killing and wounding everyone inside17 HTS fighters has been killed so far, including the commander of Dahrat al-Hwa position and two of his bodyguards.

The Operations Room of Hezbollah and the SAA announced that “there is no specific time for the operation and it will speak for itself and will follow the planned stages”.

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You have got to love Hezbollah.


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Real Anti-Racist Action

Christians around the world have woken up that Hezbollah has never been a terrorist group anymore then George Washington was.
Hezbollah is in fact simply a civilian militia like the Minute-Men and seeks to defend the interest of different Monotheist communities against ISIS and their enabler Zionist aggressors.
The day Zionism is defeated is the day Hezbollah self dissolves into the pages of history.
Until then Hezbollah is needed, or atheist-Jews will genocide all the Christians of Lebanon and others as well!


Long Live Hezbollah
Long Live Syria
Death to zionist entity

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