Mainstream Media Is in Outrage as Government Forces Liberating Northeastern Aleppo and Freeing Civilians Held there As Hostages



The mainstream media is in outrage as Syrian government forces have liberated the northeastern part of Aleppo city and saved up to 10,000 civilians that had been used as a human shield by the so-called ‘moderate opposition’.

According to headlines in the mainstream media, the local population is running from “regime forces”.

Unfortunatelly, they just forgot to mention that locals are running to the “regime-held areas”.

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  • John

    The VOA is the one I like best; can the rebels hold on? They have their take. For myself they are in outter space. This is another example of why Donald Trump won and Breixt occurred. People in general have had enough, in sufficient numbers, of the nonsense and stupidity that is apportioned for them every day. It is a revolution of the common man and they better get used to it.

    • Jesus

      It is an attempt to damming down of society, diluting the cultural, traditional and religious values, whereby you are world citizen subjected to neocon narrative.

  • Ryan Law

    its not outrage its terror that it falls quickly and its fresh in peoples minds when only 50000 people are accounted for and when they go looking for other 200,000 they find all the al nusra isis and co execution pits

  • Barba_Papa

    Dutch news is also crying havoc, although they are saying that most refugees are fleeing towards government/Kurdish controlled areas, not ‘rebel’ held areas. Why that is the case however they don’t report. Which would be a good question to raise if you believed the narrative of Assad evil, rebels good. The cognitive dissonance is strong yet in the media.

  • Random guy

    I am far from argumentum ad hominem. However I noticed that the Mail Online screenshot shows an advertisement based on IP address.

    • Mahmoud Larfi

      and… ?

      • Random guy

        interested in source of the articles

        • VGA

          Where? I don’t see an ad in that screenshot?

          • Random guy

            wow, now I don’t see it either. and that screenshot’s date changed to monday. This is even more interesting.

          • VGA

            What was the original country of origin?

            Southfront is pro-russian if you didn’t know, it’s not a secret.

          • Random guy

            I knew that it is pro Russian, but I didn’t expect ads in Russian. Not an internet genious, but I think it means that the screenshot was taken from Russian IP addres computer, therefore the author might be based in Russia. I am not saying that it makes him less credible, just was an interesting discovery for me.

          • trid2bnrml

            I don’t see any ads in Russia – where you see that?

          • Random guy

            its not there anymore

          • VGA

            You can do a whois on and find out it’s based on Moscow, this is public site registration information, not a secret.

            Anyway, the ad was removed because it is stupid to have a random ad on a screenshot, I guess.

          • Random guy

            never checked it before, but the admin responded with explanation, why.
            true, ads are always irrelevant:)

    • Dear readers,
      After the start of a recent campaign against independent media, SouthFront Team has been a target to a fresh wave of media attacks aimed at “explaining” that SouthFront is some kind of Moscow-based Russian propaganda outlet. Today, these allegations look more cunning.
      We want to remind you about another campaign with the same goal which failed miserably about 8 months ago because pro-establishment “investigators” found that our servers were located near Brussels, and key team members were EU and US citizens.
      For two years, SouthFront has been using the Russian domain registrator ‘’ because we don’t believe that they are linked to any major international corporations. For the same reason, we use some Russian accounts in our work.
      We are proud and grateful to all members of the SouthFront Team, including people from Russia. We are also glad to see that some of our “friends” attempt to describe us as a Russian mouthpiece.
      This is the proof that we are making a difference. The establishment has officially acknowledged the threat that we pose in telling the truth.
      Sincerely yours,
      SouthFront Team

      • Random guy

        oh, ok. that explains everything. Thank you for the clarification and keep up the good work.

      • trid2bnrml

        I happen to like this site, and no amount of MSM BS will change that. Wear your badge of Honor along with the other great sites on their hit list. I have a Russian email account and I’m learning to speak and read Russian. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

      • Shue

        I’m more than sure nothing the MSM says about SF is taken serious by your readers. Thank you Team South Front, your efforts are appriciated.

  • Byzantines

    Do not care what say the “Conchita Wurst“travestit’ news.No more humanitarian cease fire.Syrian not listen Lavrov ,stick to the plan and liberate Syria from monkeys-terrorists.

  • Bobby

    The kikes are depressed their Greater ISIS-RA-HELL project is falling apart. Don’t forget ISISRAHELL was established from the beginning with the goal of taking over all Middle Eastern land. You can even see this in the original logo of the first Zionist terrorist groups who invaded Palestine.

    • John Whitehot

      that’s why I’m expecting some sort of reaction, specifically from them.

  • Mahmoud Larfi

    ‘Absolute chaos’ … yeah the harmony under “opposition” rule will be much missed :(

    • hhabana

      Lol. The head choppings will be sorely missed!

      • trid2bnrml

        They can always work for the clinton foundation…

  • Igor Ochocinszk

    Sounds like propaganda websites and tabloids are operating in PANIC!! mode. Yeah, invested billions in slandering syrians and now their much beloved terrorists getting defeated.

    • Marek Pejović

      yep, panic mode triggered! they behave like a fox caught in a cage.

  • Wideyed

    …the last desperate screams of the western media… before being drown in its own hypocrisy…

  • Loveyou

    Those who support these evil terrorist are just as guilty as these terrorists themselves.

  • Bart

    I wonder how they Will cover the celebrations after all of Aleppo is liberated.

  • John Whitehot

    I’ve just heard a msm newsreel that said that the civilians which have been evacuated with buses to safe areas are going to be subjected to “odiose interreogations”

  • Kire Stojanovski


  • Marek Pejović

    well would you look at that pile! who-weee it stinks!
    but too bad for them, there’s internet… boo hoo no more misinformation monopoly. life must suck MSM, huh?

  • PZIVJ1943

    The western press is still saying there may be 250K civilians left in E Allepo. This is an obvious lie given to the UN from jihadist groups and still published as fact by media groups. After 5 years of civil war the number may be closer to 60K. This does not make a good headline and people are being fed lies and propaganda! And yet these lies are being published!!

  • michaelj72a

    and Kerry is running around like a headless chicken trying to get a ‘cease fire’ – good luck with that, Johnny!…

    Why would the syrian gov’t and army accept that, while they are clearly now kicking butt, and settle for anything less than victory and taking over all of Aleppo… securing the whole area.

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