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Mainstream Media Found Out ‘Kissinger’s Plan’ for Trump’s Reconciliation with Russia

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According to the Bild newspaper, a plan of normalizing relations with Russia will be devised by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for US president-elect Donald Trump.

Mainstream Media Found Out ‘Kissinger's Plan’ for Trump's Reconciliation with Russia

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (Photo: Globallookpress.com / Xinhua / Wang Ying)

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will devise a plan of normalizing relations with Russia for US president-elect Donald Trump, the German Bild newspaper reported on Monday.

As the newspaper noted, the 93-year-old diplomat, who repeatedly met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, believes that reconciliation with Russia is a right step against the background of the China’s gain. According to him, the balance between the US and Russia would contribute to the strengthening of global stability.

Bild claims, citing an analysis of Western intelligence agencies, based on information received from Trump’s team, that the US president-elect intends to lift the sanctions against Russia on an advice of Kissinger. In addition, the former Secretary of State is allegedly going to recommend that Trump recognizes Moscow’s right for a sphere of influence in Ukraine, as well as in Belarus, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

It is supposed that a plan of political and economic development of Ukraine, according to which Russia should guarantee security of the eastern part of the country, will be devised. In response, the West should informally recognize the right of Moscow for Crimea, while formally continuing to consider the peninsula as a part of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, a member of the Trump’s transition team, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich told the Fox News TV-channel that after the inauguration, Trump will cancel about 70 percent of decrees, enacted by current head of the state, Barack Obama. The Republican noted that this would require the work of a skilled team of lawyers.

Gingrich described the policy of the outgoing president as a ‘desperate frenzy’ and compared his heritage with an inflatable doll, which becomes more and more clenched as the air goes out from it.

Separately, he mentioned the reform in the health sector, which was initiated by Obama and caused sharp criticism by the Republicans. According to Gingrich, if Obama gathered support from both major parties of the country, his heritage in this aspect could be longer and more durable.

However, it is not clear how the Republicans, dissatisfied with this reform, will be able to abolish this law.

Meanwhile, the Russian authorities are ready to cooperate with the Trump administration, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with the RIA Novosti news agency.

“We are open to dialogue in various formats at any time, but we do not force events. Especially, because we understand how tight Donald Trump is busy in these days, forming his administration. It is obviously that today it is the most important task for him,” Lavrov said, noting that Moscow is ready to cooperate in the fight against terrorism, and not only in Syria.

The minister also said that Russia reacted positively to the Trump’s position on the establishment of normal interaction with Moscow.

“During a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, held on November 14, a need to rectify the very poor current state of Russian-American relations was stressed,” Lavrov said.

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The kike Jew rodent scum who run the US plan to trick Russia into separating itself from its alliance with China and Iran so they can work on destroying each country individually. They want to appease one part of the alliance while attacking the other parts. Once they deal with the other enemies they will renew their hostilities against Russia who will be in a weaker position without the alliance. This is what they’re planning but I doubt Putin will fall for the trap.

Rodney Loder

Your righ but Trump is jungle bunny and Kissinger is used by Xi as an authority on rationalism China wouldn’t have accepted Kissinger’s authority on US, FP (about 2 months ago) if it weren’t leading Trump up the garden path, I feel sorry for the US blue collar workers who believe Trump has a capability to reverse Free Trade he doesn’t know history that’s why I call him the jungle bunny. Only I can sort out this mess and I will offer hoping to be refused. Best wishes for all who support Yemen, damnation to them that don’t.


I’m afraid that Putin WILL fall for the trap. At the end of 2015, when the Syrian army with the help of the Russian airstrikes was making huge progress daily against the U.S. proxy jihadis in Syria, Kissinger paid a visit to Putin in Russia. A few weeks later, just as the Syrian army was nearing victory, Putin declared a “ceasefire” and withdrew most of the Russian air assets. If not for the idiotic ceasfire in February 2016, the war (at least in the Western half of the country) could have ended with a smashing and definitive Syrian-Russian victory within a few months.

Vido Dasler

It is a empty basket, Russia already has a sphere of influence over its neighbours, with or without US consent, Russia has influence in eastern Ukraine, and informal recognition ? what is this ? Or you do or you dont, If this is what the Jew proposes, one is better of with sanctions that protect the domestic economy.


Okay, here we go. Folks, I don’t really care too much about what Bild says on this. President Putin is not going to roll over and wait for a belly rub because Mr. Kissenger wants it that way. Nothing that is happening now lends credence to that.

Second, go take a look around the neighborhood and note how many 93 year olds have it all together, all the time. Mr. Kissenger gets rolled out in public just like Warren Buffett. They are out there, in the mix but, need help getting in and out of the car or even the chair at times. Give it a rest folks.

Former Secretary has his crew and sphere of influence. However, he is not conducting much of anything, anymore in my view. With time, even a puppet master becomes just another puppet. I wish a good evening to all.


To quote Kissenger “Just another useless eater” how time has caught up on this twisted evil person.


Hello IH8lies. I did some more thinking about this today. I also think time has caught up indeed. Something is telling me that the Neocons are on scared bunch right now. They seem way to willing to do anything to survive. It is not just Sec. Kissinger that is not comfortable. It is the whole bunch of them that are looking into the abyss. His associates and advisers were comfortable for a long time. That whole game could be over. I wish a good day to you.

Marek Pejović

sanctions lifted, spheres of influence recognized….. these are actually good advices. Putin is clearly getting Russia recognized as a de facto equal class player needed to stem China’s growing influence (which is quite right and China will turn problematic in a decade or so unless Trumps manages to suck out the capital and return it to America, then it will take a bit longer but it IS coming). but, i wonder what made Kissinger himself ditch neocons, roll over and start churning out good advice to… Trump of all people. i mean, he’s one of the biggest neoconservatives out there. am i seeing a “i help you and your boys don’t touch me” deal? cause i think ol Kissinger got some skeletons in da closet.probably also connected to that harlot of babylon called the clinton foundation.

John Mason

All this garbage about reconciling with Russia maybe OK for the next 4 years but there are no guarantees after Trumps’ turn that he will be re-elected or that the new President, could even be Clinton, won’t go back to trying to destroy Russia.


The US is a profoundly perfidious and unsophisticated nation. This is the start of what is looking like a really crude attempt to break the relationship between Russia and China.

I think nature may conspire to thwart Clinton as she does look well.


The useless eater speaks!

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