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Maidan-Revolutionary Oligarchs Flee Ukraine

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Maidan-Revolutionary Oligarchs Flee Ukraine

More than 20 private and charter flights, carrying VIP passengers who were  involved in the 2014 Maidan and subsequent events in the country, left Ukraine.

Oligarchs Viktor Pinchuk, Vadim Novinsky, Alexander Yaroslavsky, Andrei Stavnitser, Vadim Nesterenko, Vadim Stolar and Vasily Khmelnitsky flee the country.

The 50-seat plane was ordered by a deputy of the “Opposition Platform – For Life party”, Igor Abramovich, in order to get his family and relatives of his business partners out of Ukraine. 37 deputies from the ruling party “Servant of the People” suddenly found their business activities of high priority in Europe.

“The problem is that Ukrainians are being pushed to panic. Airlines are canceling flights, investors are withdrawing their funds. Ukrainians feel abandoned,” Ukraine’s ambassador to Great Britain, Pristayko, told CNBC. – Many cannot leave Ukraine. My family can’t, my mother, my brother and many friends.”

The ambassador’s family and friends have also succumbed to the panic that they are being pushed into and now want to leave Ukrainians as well, the ambassador reports, bitter that it is not working out.

One of Israel’s largest high-tech companies, Wix, is evacuating nearly 1,000 of its employees and their families from Ukraine to Turkey for the next two weeks

At the same time, the Pentagon reports that U.S. troops in Poland will not be deployed to Ukraine, but are ready to help if evacuations are necessary.



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That’s a good news that Pinchuk is out, he’s the head of the massonic lodge of Ukraine. If all, it means that the CIA’s maidan construction has crumbled ; US are letting it down.


Problem is all this points to a false flag by the Americans and their Ukrainian puppets.


Remember the colonel in 2014 ?


Peppe il Sicario

Yes!!! I even had this bookmarked at one time but it got cancelled! Thanks!


Yes i remember that man,what happened to him did he manage to survive the Bandera Nazis?


Don’t think so. Russia has announced at some occasions in the past that it would go after the countries that want to set fire to Europe. This message was very well understood. Covid is mostly over now and they need another distraction. Nothing will happen. Is just one big hyped narrative but nothing else. Soon they will announce winning the standoff, because a war was avoided at the last minute, because Russia was too afraid of NATO and looming sanctions and BS like that.

Last edited 1 year ago by TopGum
Michel LeBlanc

Indeed, canada is in a state of emergency now, over some trucker protest my ass!

Hostage (Raptar) Driver

Rats leaving a sinking ship. All of these need to be found and eliminated wherever they go.

the end

Do not search far. Most of EU and member states parliament members are in cahoots with these bastards. Top 3 % all ROTTEN. No wonder french revolution happened… these Uki fucks know why they are ditching town, they are literally afraid of Ukrainian people turning against them. You really do not need to be a brain surgeon to understand why Nazis in Ukraine are pumping up local defense communities. It is all about dividing people even more and let the stupid people kill them selves off for free (in all societies there is always enough animosities between people, you just need to play right cards to set emotions free)… as it is not enough already.


Just shoot down that plane full of oligarchs and all problems in Ukraine solved.

Dennis Kovac

Hmmm…. Erdogan is taking care of “1000 workers”… Bullshit, they are Mossad agents and other parts of Zio spy agencies ” Erdogan seems to be the biggest Muslims traitor now

Dennis Kovac

Maybe Putin is hunting down “Mossadis” in Ukraine and Erdogan is saving their assholes:-)

George Kovachev

So, the rats are leaving the ship.

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