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JUNE 2021

Magic Math: US Forces “Removed From The Battlefield” Over 2 Times More ISIS Members Than There Were In Afghanistan

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Magic Math: US Forces "Removed From The Battlefield" Over 2 Times More ISIS Members Than There Were In Afghanistan

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A user of  the Russian military forum Lostarmour.info has found an interesting example of the Pentagon’s magic math used in the coverage of the US war on ISIS in Afghanistan.

In March, 2017 the US military claimed that there were about 700 ISIS members in the country.

“We believe that there are approximately 700 members of ISIS, perhaps even less now based on the operations, that are still contained to less than three districts down in southern Nangarhar,” Breitbart quoted Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland, the Kabul-based spokesman for the US-NATO mission in Afghanistan.

In December, 2017 Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., the top American and NATO commander in the war-torn country, said that 1,400 operations and airstrikes had “removed from the battlefield” more than 1,600 members of ISIS since March.

Thus, since March, the US-NATO mission in Afghanistan had eliminated 2.28 times more members of ISIS than there were in the country.

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Maybe they did what they did in Vietnam, and probably every other COIN war as well. Count everyone they killed as ISIS. Including innocent bystanders.

On a side note, a reporter noticed that during counter Taliban operations in Afghanistan US and NATO forces were always keen to point out the number of Taliban that they killed, but never mentioned what happened to the Taliban they had captured. He wondered what happened to them. No story ever came from that, but I always wondered…..


Indeed magic math,,,,

chris chuba

The Pentagon’s book of fiction …
1. The number of civilian casualties being in the 2-300 range after 3yrs of bombing.
2. The number of ISIS fighters killed by the U.S. coalition being 60,000+ (mostly from the air campaign, Obama’s air campaign!)

Brad Isherwood

Shove off Russia…
You call US Partners. ..
US/CIA and the Trash Saudi did 2 Chechnya wars on you,….plus other terror events in Russia,
Add South Ossetia.
By the way,….did you punch a few Jews out over South Ossetia? .
Israel trained Georgia military to attack you.
Ya….All those Jewish Oligarchs around Putin…..they knew.

Lots of mindless minions who worship Russia,Lavrov… Putin
Truth is…..Russia got a pie in the face from US/Nato and Israel during South Ossetia.
Russia had to mobilize and surge in to rescue vs the Kree-minnals.

The Krimminal partners……hey…Putin Said it…not me. : )

Vietnam got mauled vs US/Empire,
At least Russia gives them Su 30…
Syria has nothing on par with that.
Vietnam has Kalibr missiles. ..
Syria has nothing. ..

Maybe the difference is Netanyahu. …he doesn’t demand nothing concerning Vietnam. .vs Syria.

Is there another US buy Russian LNG and ship that to dupes in Europe… .While sanctions occur,
Just wondering……it’s already happened.

Russia will not even call US/NASA out on the Faked Apollo Moon landings.

Thankfully. …some Russian scientists/engineers have blown the whistle on the False flag Moon event.

The Apollo Moon landings were Masonic media spin and take millions $$$ for no Man ever landed on the Moon.
Total Con…
Sheeple will surge to defend the Moon landings. …

Only some few %of people, actually realize …..and move away from the deceptions/control.

It’s kinda like 911 where the majority think a nobody in a cave in Afghanistan went 100 over 100 vs the USA military since WW 2…

By now. …after so many decades fake wars and F’ing Juice grinning with Putin/Trump..
You should be getting it….

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