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JULY 2020

Maduro: U.S. Is Instigating Crisis To Start War In South America


Maduro: U.S. Is Instigating Crisis To Start War In South America

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On February 26th, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the US government of fabricating a crisis to start a war in South America in an interview with ABC News.

“Everything that the United States government has done has been doomed to failure,” Maduro said “They are trying to fabricate a crisis to justify political escalation and a military intervention in Venezuela to bring a war to South America.”

Maduro also said that the meeting between US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido and US Vice President Mike Pence in Bogota on February 25th was “part of that politics to attempt to establish a parallel government in Venezuela.” He added that the U.S. “wants Venezuela’s oil” and is “willing to go to war for that oil.”

“The extremist Ku Klux Klan government that Donald Trump directs wants a war over oil, and more than just oil,” he said, describing Venezuela as a “pacifist, humble nation.”

Asked if he had a message for Trump, Maduro said he needs to “fix your policy over Venezuela.”

“Venezuela has the right to peace, Venezuela has legitimate institutions. I, as President of Venezuela, am prepared for a direct dialogue with your government and with you to look for, like the Americans that we are. We are South Americans, you are North Americans. To look for 21st century solutions not Cold War solutions. The Cold War should stay behind,” Maduro said.

“We cannot have this war of are you a communist, are you anti-communist, inter-communist, anti-communist – that is not of this century. We are Democrats that believe in a new type of socialism and we have the right to the diversity of criterion and ideology. And so President Trump should always be ready to see Venezuela’s truth – the other side of the coin and rectify and start a new path,” Maduro continued. “The path that got you here is the fractured path that Barack Obama left behind, President Trump. It’s a path of a coup d’etat, of an intervention – that is not of the 21st century – I say to you, rectify. You will always have in me someone that is prepared – with our differences between us – to extend my hand and talk about a peaceful dialogue,” he added.

Asked if he fears Trump, Maduro said he doesn’t fear him… but he does fear the men around him, including Pence (“man that does not know world politics, unaware of Latin American politics”), National Security Adviser John Bolton (“an extremist and expert of the Cold War”), Eliot Abrams (“a liar that trafficked arms and drugs in Central America and the world and brought war to the United States”), and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (“a CIA agent that has an antiquated scheme of old intelligence from the Cold War”). “I think these people surrounding President Trump are bad and advising him on Venezuelan policies are bad. And I think that at one point, President Trump will have to say stop, stop we have to see what happens with Venezuela, and change his politics,” Maduro said.

He also said that he thinks Guaido must face trial after returning to Venezuela, due to him leaving the country despite a prohibition by the country’s supreme court.

“He can leave and come back and will have to see the face of justice because justice had prohibited him from him leaving the country… He has to respect the laws,” Maduro said.

Meanwhile, Guaido said that he would begin exercising his “duties as president” as soon as he returns to Venezuela.

“We do not assume this commitment to fight from the outside, so I will soon be in Venezuela to perform my duties as President (E). I’ll circulate an audio with the next instructions. I ask you to spread our message massively nothing will stop us.”

Later on February 26th, Maduro showed video which he claimed prove the “crimes” committed by the Venezuelan opposition on February 23rd.

The third video shows the burnt-out remains of a humanitarian aid truck, something that Maduro argued was the work of “the criminals of [Colombian President] Ivan Duque”.

“We saw in the “humanitarian aid” containers something that confirms the claim that the “food and medicine” were accompanied by other things,” Telesur correspondent Madelein Garcia reads said in a tweet.

This was also repeated by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, who showed pictures and claimed that the humanitarian aid trucks contained provisions to construct barricades during a UNSC meeting on Venezuela.

[Jorge Arreaza starts speaking at 1 hour 44 minutes in the video]

Arreaza, said Ms. DiCarlo’s opening briefing to the Council “was biased” and disseminated information “from one source” only. He said the US had been attempting to mount “a coup” against his country.

Referring to the attempts to move US and opposition-backed aid shipments across the border with Colombia into Venezuela, Mr. Arreaza said: “That was the last chapter of the coup on Saturday, and I can tell you, read my lips, it failed.”

“Now is the time for us to return to sanity and to respect international law”, he said adding that the Government was prepared to sit down and negotiate with the opposition, led by Juan Guaidó: “Among Venezuelans, we can build our own solution without intervention, interference from anyone, much less the United States,” he said.

During that same meeting, Elliot Abrams, the U.S. Special Representative for Venezuela, called on the members of the Security Council to meet the growing needs of Venezuela and the region, to contribute to Venezuelan democracy and “pressure the illegitimate regime to peacefully step down.” He also questioned the value of dialogue with President Nicolás Maduro who, he said, would “rather block and burn donated medicine and bread than see it in the hands of Venezuelan children.”

The Permanent Representative for Russia, Vassily Nebenzia, described the attempt to get US aid into Venezuela as “an attempted illegal state border crossing for the delivery of unknown cargo,” adding that an illegitimate attempt had been made to transfer “unverified” supplies, that was not requested by Venezuela. Mr. Nebenzia said that if the US genuinely wanted to help the Venezuelan people, they would have operated through UN agencies. He added that Russian has successfully delivered 7.5 tonnes of medical goods through the World Health Organization (WHO), without any obstacles.

Also on February 26th, Jorge Ramos, a US television host and his entire crew were reportedly deported from Venezuela, after after his interview with President Nicolas Maduro “turned sour.”

“We’re leaving, expelled from Venezuela, for asking questions – simply for that,” Ramos said. “Our cameras and video memory cards have been stolen by the government. But we’re going to keep asking questions,” he added.

He also thanked the US State Department and the US Embassy in Caracas for protecting him and his crew.




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  • RichardD

    Barack Obama talked about a Washington playbook thst transcends administrations. That presidents are expected by an entrenched bureaucracy and legislative incumbency to follow. That is largely written and enforced by Jews and their partners in crime.

    This playbook is the essence of the Jew world order, and is fundamentally Israel first and anti American. This is the deep state that Trump and America firsters are up against.

    The way to correct this problem is by outlawing Judaism and dejudifying the US so that it’s Jew free and American Jews go extinct.

    • Sinbad2

      If you start believing Americun Presidents you will go mad, they are the Olympic athletes of BS.

      • RichardD

        That doesn’t mean that everything that they say is false.

  • Pave Way IV

    “…Everything that the United States government has done has been doomed to failure,” Maduro said…”

    If your fake ‘internationally recognized’ leader isn’t getting the job done for you and the rest of the government is still in the ‘enemy’ leader’s hands, then just make up your own new pieces. Yemen’s central bank and nearly all the rest of the government was still in the nation’s capital, Sana’a. So the US just made up a new central bank for Saudi pupped Hadi and transferred all money and authority to the new one. How easy is that?

    While you’re waiting for the big US invasion, Venezuela, your central bank and whatever gold the US hasn’t stolen yet is going to Guaido’s ‘new’ internationally recognized central bank. Besides, we don’t invade South American countries ourselves. Why do you think SOUTHCOM has been training all those right/left-wing terrorists and death squads down there? Time for those homicidal maniacs to earn their sheckels. Time to send those boys a few humanitarian mine-clearing kits.

  • FlorianGeyer

    It astounds me that the person responsible for the ‘ aid ‘ that was loaded onto the trucks thought that wire and nails were desperately needed with the toothbrushes and toothpaste :)
    Perhaps the DIY stores in Venezuela are low on wire and nails.

    The whole moronic saga reminds of a story during the ill-fated Operation Market Garden in 1944, when amid the acute shortage of ammunition a parachute container was dropped full of red berets :)

    It is of course a US Standard Operating Procedure as documented in the Elliot Abrams ‘Regime’ ‘Change Playbook.

    • Carne João Pasta

      Supplies for IEDs and other fireworks perhaps??

    • Sinbad2

      Well it was always a scam, so they would throw anything in the boxes.
      The US never gives aid, it sells reject products to desperate people.
      The moisture spoiled corn(pig food) that the US made a big deal of giving to NK some years back is just one example of American sleaze

  • Xoli Xoli

    Venezuela has it’s own journalist does not need regimes changes ,nation division and looting,stealing gold,oil resources, gas and freezing nation sovereign assets and money for USA NATO used democracy.Venezuela does not need sovereign airspace,illegal bases and violation of national integrity and ethnic division democracy USA NATO.

  • Sinbad2

    If we step back a bit you can see that part of the American motive is to put pressure on China, by threatening to steal the billions of dollars China has invested in Venezuela.
    If the US gains control over global oil it can effectively blockade China.

    However the Chinese are not backing down, in fact it’s the US that is backing down, backing off from the tariff increase that was supposed to occur at the beginning of March, if China failed to submit to the USA.

    Neither the Chinese or the Americuns will make it public, but the US is slowly getting used to the idea that its future is as China’s bitch.

    • BMWA1

      Hopefully VZ can get a good deal on its oil from China under these conditions, Maduro has enough support, he ‘just’ needs an economy outside us/uk grasp..

  • Xoli Xoli

    USA created illegal President want to destroy Venezuela. Go and ask Lula Da Silva.Brix fake partner sides with enemy.Just like uncontrol mafia state Colombia.Rest assure China ,Russia won’t allow USA to invade Venezuela.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Maduro President of Venezuela you are elected man steadfast.Fear no one.If the war starts J20 and Supersonic white swam of Russia will patrol Venezuela skies.Let useless Bolton dream.Soon he will be in panic mode.Russia visits were base on oncoming USA plans to destabilize South America and steal oil,gold and gas from Venezuela .Nicaragua, Brazil, Colombia will be destabilise by USA NATO special forces from with in.British will invade Argentina after Brexit to boost Britain economy. After trump wall to prevent refugee influx in USA.Mexico and Cuba will be invaded.The first candidate is Venezuela invasion for forfully.But for know Venezuela has put good mechanism in place and is cable to defend before surprise Assian and Russian join.Guiado will be arrested western journalists will mock him and treason charges will let him hang like innocent Saddam,Gaddafi,Sakasvilly Mubarak Jona Savimbi,Robert Mugabe who study in USA.

  • verner

    on another topic, you can assume that the morons from moronistan (aka usa) in one way or the other is involved in the pakistani indian brouhaha and has made certain if would come to blows. all part of the morons’ south china sea program to disrupt china’s control of the islands and secure japan’s dominant position in the area together with south korea’s. and china’s silk road project across hindukush represents billions of investments and the development of the gwadar port for transports to say africa and so on and so forth and then the gasline from iran to the southern part of pakistan, paid for by china – can the moron’s excite the pakstanis and the indians to a war or a near war, that will be a spaniard in the chinese spooks..

  • Sinbad2

    It seems the US has been printing counterfeit Bolivars and flooding Venezuela with the fake money to destroy the currency/economy. It seems the UK freighted 15 crates of fake notes from Malta.
    Another reason not to allow anything into Venezuela from the US/UK.