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Maduro Launches Largest and “Most Important” Military Drills in Venezuela’s History (Photos, Videos)

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Maduro Launches Largest and "Most Important" Military Drills in Venezuela's History (Photos, Videos)

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On February 10th, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro kicked off the country’s “most important military drills in history.”

The drills are set to run until February 15th and are expected to become the biggest ones the country has held in its 200-year history, Maduro claimed.

“We must prepare to defend [Venezuela’s] sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence,” Maduro said.

“Proud of the capacity, logistics and deployment of our worthy national Bolivarian militia. Nearing 2 million militiamen and women!”

“We make steps toward consolidation of our new military doctrine, the “War of all the people”, based on the ideals of our liberators and retaken, for the Integral defense of the Fatherland, by our commander Chávez.”

“From the Guaicaipuro Fort in the company of the Superior General Staff, we began the Civic-Military Operation “Bicentenario de Angostura 2019”, a demonstration of the operational deployment capacity of our #FANB for the defense of the Sovereignty and National Peace.”

“Here are the soldiers of Bolívar who would make the American empire pay dearly for any daring to touch the sacred soil of the Venezuelan homeland,” the head of state emphasized.

The drills and all the proclamations from Maduro are possibly a result from Guaido’s statement that he may “authorize” a US military intervention in Venezuela.

Also on February 10th, Guaido warned the military not to block the delivery of humanitarian aid, and that doing so would be a “crime against humanity.”

On the same day, US-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido gave an interview to RT Spanish. In it he said that “corrupt regime” in Venezuela is solely to  blame for its dire humanitarian situation, and promised that democracy will be embraced, with free elections, once Maduro is gone.

“It is not true that there is an economic blockade. There are sanctions against corrupt officials and thieves,” Guaido said. “We have to take care of the humanitarian situation, that is why we are gathering aid, in order to mitigate the disaster created by Maduro.”

“It has absolutely nothing to do with the blockade, it has to do with the fact that the money was stolen!” Guaido claimed. “They robbed Russia, they robbed the people of Venezuela, and now we are starving.”

Meanwhile, the United Nations, as well as the Maduro government blame the US for deliberately exacerbating the situation in Venezuela.

“The economic sanctions are aggravating the already acute crisis affecting the Venezuelan economy, which adds to the damage caused by hyperinflation and the fall in oil prices,” UN Special Rapporteur Idriss Jazairy said. “The use of sanctions by outside powers to overthrow an elected government is in violation of all the norms of international law.”

In the UN, the US and Russia reportedly presented rival UN draft resolutions on Venezuela.

The US draft resolution calls for international aid deliveries and presidential elections in Venezuela while stressing “deep concern with the violence and excessive use of force by Venezuelan security forces against unarmed, peaceful protesters”.

The US expresses “full support for the National Assembly as the only democratically elected institution in Venezuela.”

While the Russian draft resolution criticises any “attempts to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of Venezuela.”

Separately, in an interview in Spanish, the US Latin America Policy Adviser Mauricio Claver-Carone said that Maduro’s “demise is a foregone conclusion.”

“The path we are going down is irreversible … The question is no longer if Maduro accepts this or not, it’s how long it will take him to accept it,” the Cuba hardliner said.

“Claver-Carone, a conservative Cuban-American lawyer, renewed US calls for Venezuela’s military top brass to ditch Maduro, claiming the White House would not “persecute” those who backed “a peaceful and democratic transition”. ‘We are not in the business of revenge, nor are we seeking to settle scores,’ the Guardian reported.

Colombia’s foreign minister, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, also claimed Maduro’s government is “an unburied corpse”.


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Guido’s army is in Washington DC and Tell Aviv.

Parisa Zoorgoo

slaughter oil thieves as they are 911 perpetrators !

Albert Pike

They don’t look like troops ready for a parade, more like some hastely organised peasant troops. A bit more formal troop education, of how to goose step in marching order, might be what’s needed. Otherwise their later victory march throught Caracas -after they have beaten up the Yanks- will not be so nice to look at…

Joe Kerr

“A foregone conclusion”, “an unburied corpse”… yeah sure, exactly what they said about Assad 8 years ago.


And if Iran and Hezbollah, Assad regional allies, had not intervened with troops and economic and material support Assad would have been gone 7 years ago. And without Russia 3 years ago. Nobody is going to intervene for Maduro. Not his neighbors, who have all spoken out against him, and neither Russia or China, on the account that it is too far geographically from them. Russia is already hard pressed in Syria, which is only around the corner for them. Venezuela is an ocean too far for them.

Maduro may hold pretty parades and exercise, doesn’t mean his troops can or will put up much of a fight. Saddam thought his army would fight, and it got steamrollered in days. In both Gulf Wars. Only a real invasion will tell us the true readiness and willingness of the Venezuelan army. There is a chance they will fight, may even put up some resistance, but I wouldn’t have much hopes if I were you. I learned my lesson with the Iraq invasion of 2003, when the Iraqi army crumbled even faster then I expected. And it is to be expected. Dictators don’t want competent generals leading their armies. They want loyal generals. Competent generals might get dangerous ideas that they could do a better job. Loyal generals on the other hand are more concerned with lining their own pockets instead. On the flip side loyal generals tend to suck at fighting wars, as they are anything but competent.

US-Navy Revert Shia

Is is sad we have a RapO scumbags draft dodger and coward as [US]-President, You will never see trump with his suit jacket off, Why I-ask-? I will tell you why, the rolls of a fat Ugly Obese Animal is what he hides, the scumbag.comment image comment image comment image comment image


Americans are trembling

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