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JUNE 2023

Mad Max In Venezuela. Bikers Attack Truck With Molotov Cocktails To Steal Its Payload

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In Venezuela, a group of bikers has attacked a truck with molotov cocktails to steal its sugar payload.

The security situation in the country does not look good…

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Julius Meinel

Socialism at its best with a population that has been accustomed to strong sense of entitlement. The price of oil barrel is $ 45 USD folks, not $ 120 anymore and it well never go above $ 50-60 ever again. Now get back to work if you are familiar with this concept, long forgotten in certain countries in the Middle east. What we see now in Venezuela pales in comparison with what we will witness in the Middle east in the next 12-15 years. Growing population, unparalleled sense of entitlement ( multi generational), no modern job skills, no work ethics (it never existed among Arabs) religious fanaticism, elite that will steal all the renaming money and leave the countries to fend for themselves. It will likely be hell on earth in that part of the Globe, including in countries that do not have oil but rely heavily on either financial support from the Gulf State (Egypt, Palestinians, Jordan) and countries that have historically sent a large number of expats doing the slave labor (Bangladesh, Pakistan, India) whose workers will probably be the first to see the effect of permanently oil prices and gradual transition to electric vehicles. Enjoy permanent oil at $ 45-50, numerous countries need oil at $ 100 or more to have balance budget.


Yes indeed places like Saudi would be interesting to see,. I doubt they would stick around but move to some hapless Western country or Israel in with their cousins and leave the wreckage to the Bedouines.


It’s not socialism; it’s not communism. It’s nationalism. It’s an attempt to take back the nation from bankers and becoming an independently run sovereign nation, using protectionist policies and government control of the currency to do so. There have been teething problems because of the bankers’ war on the state, involving currency manipulation and severe sanctions, and also because of quislings’ treasonous currency and food hoarding. Going from a country where most of the GDP was from oil sales to the USA to a country that is self-reliant in food, energy and can operate in an environment where many harsh sanctions are imposed on it, is not an easy task.


USA and world Zionists have declared war on Venezuela. It is a country where the people became reliant on oil for its income and where it did not develop many indigenous industries. At the moment, there is a glut in oil and oil prices are down.

This is an opportunity, a wake-up call for Venezuela. Either Venezuelans can give up and become a protectorate of the USA and a haven for corruption and sell-out of the country’s resources to foreigners or it can try and re-organize itself so that it improves its situation.


it can treat the economic malaise as a blessing in disguise. I recommend the nation go down the path of juche. Juche is a philosophy of self-sufficiency. If North Korea, a country that is very low in energy and isn’t good for agriculture can manage it, I don’t see why Venezuela cannot. Venezuela is abundant in all natural resources. There is nothing Venezuela needs to import.

The international economy is re-tooling at the moment. This is a good opportunity for Venezuela to break away completely, create its own currency, own manufacturing industries, start refining its own oil, and become completely self-sufficient in oil. Additionally, it’s never too late to beef up its national defenses. The US military has a habit of coming around and knocking on doors of countries that have broken from the private central banking fold.


I would advise Maduro to do it now. He must buy all manner of missiles from Iran and North Korea. He must close all borders and throw any anti-government groups out now.

He must come down hard. He has the military on his side. He must have zero-tolerance for violence in demonstrations. He must give long sentences for anyone using violence. No more nice-guy, take the attacks on the head, and ignoring the provocations. He should not worry about the overseas media. The western mainstream media is controlled by Jews. No matter what he does, he will always get bad press. The alternative media supports Venezuela anyway.


He must make it safe for citizens to walk down the streets in the capital and not be afraid of demonstrators throwing a Molotov cocktail and being hit on the head by a bottle.

Antifa must not be allowed to win.

Michael Drysdale

north korea does have food aide from the usa… it is not in the media


There are some NGOs who send food aid.

Michael Drysdale

thanks for that, you are well informed.. its nice to know whats really going on


> Mush sosaleesm

An average IQ of 84 hs nothing to do with it, right?


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North Korea and China have average IQs above 100. It doesn’t have much to do with IQ.


I am not so sure the analogy for the Middle East hold true. Perhaps Qatar, Kuwait, UAE and a few more places, but Saudi Arabia is a poor country ! The oil wealth is not shared but horded by the Royal family. Think of the Billions they have wasted. Arabia should be one of the most prosperous countries in the world in terms of education, literacy, medicine, science…. but they have built NOTHING. If you oil prices do not rise they are finished. Already they are burning through their foreign reserves and having to privatize state companies. I do not think too many people will weep over their demise. In Yemen, they are so hated, the collapse when it comes and the resulting retribution will be a terrible thing to behold. Iran need send a single warship, plane or solider. It can all be done by proxy.

Michael Drysdale

you have made some very interesting points . cheers


Wild stuff.


Do notice the Wankikkes in here drooling something about Socialism. ugh…… Only truly and permanently brain dead and damaged beyond repair is capable to drool stupidity’s at this level simply because they know nothing, to then analyze their nonsense is no more relevant and meaningful, than pissing against the wind Aka forget it, their perceptions of reality, definitions of terms, definitions of political “sides” is damaged by their own propaganda that it makes me laugh.

This, little wanker, is what happens when the Imperial banana republic have attacked another sovereign country for years, embargoes, and so on, but dont expect the shit for-brain wankees to even admit that, because they simply dont know or dont care, but likes to drool sound bytes witch to any other equally stupid European is, since its coming from the land of the meek and the lame, as somehow “credible”.

Venezuela is under attack and that because of uISISa, and beside, Venezuela have approx. the largest, oil/gas field known to man as we speak, the bullshit about peak oil is just that, bull. No, this is an situation equally to the Palestinians, whom have been under embargo and have not been able to build an single house, for years, because of the friends of Peskov and Putin whom is guarding the scums of this earth, the Jooos, and somehow, the Palestinians gets all the blame. Yeah look at the rotten Arabs, huh, getting billions in support, but the truth is the oposit, Israel steels everything, incl Aid. And the western Nazi press, aka the one controlled by the National Zionism, aka Nazis, is also printing the same bullshit, about both country’s. They lie about everything, all the time.

In the year of the lord 2017, this kind of perversion of realty is still the norm, incl Russians sites (RT/Sputnik as the worst ones), whom is crawling in front of their masters, as the bonkers Trump is, despicable creeps.


Real Anti-Racist Action

The modern globalist-left-wing-USSA is responsible for many bad things including waging Two world wars against the indigenous tribal peoples of central Europe. However on this one you are wrong. The people of Venezuela want free stuff without working for it. This is why Marxist-Socialism never works for very long before people start to starve. It is their own fault. http://ihr.org/

Real Anti-Racist Action

Major IQ difference between Venezuelan’s and Iranians or Russians. Iranians and Russians have high enough IQ to be productive and never rely on government to babysit you for eternity. Venezuelans only know how to thieve and beg to be baby-sitted cause they cannot manage their own affairs or households. They need to grow food on their properties, and they will be just fine if they become a nation of micro-farmers. All of there problems will be solved. http://ihr.org/

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