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JUNE 2023

Macron Tells NATO Russia Must Come in from the Cold War

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Written by Tom Luongo; Originally appeared on tomluongo.me

Last week I went through just some of the highlights as to why Russia is becoming a destination for global capital.

For years it’s been a little lonely out here banging on about how well the Russian state headed by Vladimir Putin has navigated an immense campaign by the West to marginalize and/or isolate Russia from the world economy.

Macron Tells NATO Russia Must Come in from the Cold War

But that is changing rapidly. And 2020 will likely be the year the New Cold War begins to end. And it starts with Europe. In recent weeks there have been a number of moves made on both sides to end the economic isolation of Russia by Europe.

As always, however, it begins politically. French President Emmanuel Macron speaking at a press conference before 70th Anniversary NATO Summit in London no less, made it clear that he no longer wants the EU positioning itself as an adversary of Russia or China.

Standing next to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg Macron put a further down payment that he is looking to replace German Chancellor Angela Merkel as the person setting the tone for European Foreign Policy.

“NATO is a collective defense organization, but against what or against who? Who is our common enemy? We need to clarify that. And it is a very strategic question,” he told reporters at a press conference in Paris on Nov. 28.

“Sometimes I hear some saying that it is Russia or China, our enemy. Is it the purpose of the Atlantic Alliance to identify one or the other as our enemies? I don’t think so. Our joint enemy, clearly within the Alliance, is terrorism that’s struck our countries.”

Macron said that NATO needs “a common definition of terrorism, of who the terrorist groups are and how to act in coordination against them.” He said that “the absence of dialogue with Russia” did not make the European continent safer and that he wants to “clarify our relationship with Russia.” “We want a lucid, robust, and demanding dialogue with Russia, with neither naivety nor complacency,” he said.

Macron’s full remarks can be found here.

The big shift here is Macron signaling out that NATO needs to shift its focus away from Russia and China and focus on threat of terrorism. There are at least two reasons for him doing this.

First, this aligns Macron with Putin on where the focus of security concerns should be. Putin has been banging this drum for years, certainly since his game-changing speech at the 2015 U.N. General Assembly two days before he sent Russian troops into Syria.

These words more than the others are music to Putin’s ears and a complete needle-scratch for the foreign policy orthodoxy on K Street and in Vauxhall. As they have been the architects of this new Cold War with Russia which has altered the landscape of EU economic progress for the past five years.

At some point the ‘frozen conflicts’ that Macron mentions in his remarks have to thaw because, as he rightly points out, it has been Europe that has been made less safe by U.S. foreign policy imperatives — ending the INF Treaty, freezing all diplomacy with Russia, etc.

So, Macron is prepping the table for his upcoming Normandy format talks with Germany, Russia and Ukraine on how to end the conflict in Ukraine.

Reality has seen in that Crimea is now off the table for NATO and so are the eastern breakaway provinces of the Donbass. I’ve maintained for years that Russia was always playing the game of attrition in Ukraine, winning by waiting for the EU and Ukrainians to tire of the war and eventually sue for peace.

Moreover, the economic defense of Russia that Putin mounted supported this policy. By doing the unthinkable in 2014, floating the ruble and allowing it to fall, he laid the foundation for today’s victory.

Make no mistake, this speech by Macron is a victory for Russia and, by extension, the world. Because Macron, Merkel and Putin have all the tools in their grasp to now push Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to fully implement Ukraine’s responsibilities under the Minsk agreements.

This would never happen under former President Petro Poroshenko, who is a long-standing U.S. asset and who openly bankrupted Ukraine during his tenure even more than his predecessor Viktor Yanukovich, no mean feat that.

Secondly, Macron’s comments underscore his desire to raise a transnational EU army and his comments are a direct statement that he wants the two security infrastructures to have separate mandates. It’s clear Macron doesn’t want Europe’s security to depend on the U.S. any longer.

And I’m sure that this idea gets a sympathetic ear from President Trump. The problem, of course, is that that idea isn’t popular with anyone else in the U.S. Deep State. Hence the push to create a chimeric impeachment process to remove him from power, or, at least, neuter him completely.

On the latter point they’ve nearly succeeded.

To Macron, NATO should deal with terrorism, downgrading its importance and paving the way for ending it in the future, while the EU army is under the control of the European Commission, which to a globalist like Macron is the epitome of ‘sovereignty.’

Macron, with these remarks as a prologue of what he will argue for at the NATO Summit, is telling the world Europe is done paying the price for the U.S.’s Cold War with Russia.

He’s also letting everyone know that 2020 will see the end of the sanctions in exchange for ending the conflict in Ukraine and re-opening the floodgates of European investment into Russia.

This puts paid everything I talked about in last week’s blog and which was also picked up by Alexander Mercouris at The Duran who is one of the very few analysts who understood Russia’s strategy and what the end-game would look like.

This is welcome news in Germany who absolutely want the sanctions lifted which will put Merkel under even more pressure to lift them. Putin has already made the moves necessary for Merkel to save face here — offering a new gas transit contract for Ukraine, handing back the ships seized in the Kerch Strait incident, prisoner exchange, etc.

A lot will ride on Putin’s upcoming meeting with Zelensky. There is so much coming together for the first half of December that by year-end we could be staring a very different geopolitical landscape in Europe.

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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

HATO should disband and join russia, iran, china, etc

Hasbara Hunter

Humanity better start shaking hands…there are some urgent global problems that need to be tackled….one of’m is a bunch of Elitist Parasites wrecking this planet…..


Hi, long time no hear, no see comments.

Regarding the elitist parasites, that’s why Nato needs to be disbanded.


the 1% is, I would think, playing with the idea to wipe out say 60 to 70 % of the world’s population to leave them some wriggle room, untarnished beaches, plenty of water and plenty of food and precious few of the great unwashed group of demanding middle class sycophants. the guess is that the idea will be floated in secret by some billionaire from the unhinged states of A and would find some willing co-conspirator from pentagon/cia etc. the idea would be to extend earth’s ability to feed its occupiers long into the future.

Jens Holm

God already has tryed that by Noah and Wife building and Ark. Of course that only was a local pilot projekt.

Jens Holm

Find with me. Build a wall ariund Yourself and digg deep.

Jens Holm

Very good joke.


there are two reasons why the unhinged states of A is such hard ass when it comes to Russia – the first is that Putin made the heist the american planned on russian commodities fail and that he allowed Snowden a safe heaven in Russia, something a russian never ever would go back on (bet a fortune that washington’s been trying to buy Snowden from Moscow at any price – but Putin doesn’t go back on something he’s said) and that’s why we have this situation in the world – a strong Russia and a bankrupt USA. hehehe

S Melanson

Putin did more than that. Putin declared war on the US by challenging US hegemony in a February 2007 Munich speech – believed to have ushered in the 2nd cold war – Putin saw it as a choice to either submit or oppose and Putin made it clear Russia would oppose. See the following links:

Transcript of speech and questions posed to Putin and his answers (read the questions, they are good): http://en.kremlin.ru/events/president/transcripts/24034

And here is good commentary: https://larouchepub.com/eiw/public/2007/eirv34n08-20070223/14-15_708_intl1.pdf

Hasbara Hunter

ZIONATO IS UNOFFICIALLY DEAD….but ssstt don’t tell anyone….


Dead or is it going to be Zio-run?

S Melanson

whoever runs it, the future NATO will only be a shadow of what it once was. The plan is to transform NATO into an EU military where US departs and I think Macaroni is trying to position France to replace the US in providing leadership as Merkel implodes. UK BREXIT also means no UK in EU army


Nato’s scrapping and replaced by an EU army would be fantastic. As for the UK post Brexit, I am not so sure the Uk would not be involved anymore, it has always indicated its willingness (read: eagerness) to a “protector’s” role, i.e. a mercenary role to be paid handsomely.

Hasbara Hunter

No European Army…when they send Polish troops to Holland to shoot at my Folks…I will consider Polish troops my Enemy…and this is exactly what Macaroni wants


I don’t understand: Polish troops sent to NL to shoot at your folks? Who would send them and why shoot the folks of 1 of the U.S.’s most loyal allies?

Hasbara Hunter

United States of Europe….see what happened in Catalonia: Them Peoples wanted to vote for independence…just vote…All they got were some boots in their faces


If there is a European Army they can use German troops to crush a potential rebellion in Holland in such an occasion….I say: you should leave it up to the Dutch…


Yes, but Polish troops in NL?

Hasbara Hunter

French Troops…German Troops…Spanish Troops…. British Troops…Portuguese Troops…Scandinavian Troops…In History we fought them all…Let’s keep it like it is…Train together…shake hands…be Allies, can do whatever they want but that’s it…Things should be arranged on National level…not in Brussels…I simply do not trust the Brussels Globalist Elites & their Plans…


Defense in a lot of European Countries is in a poor miserable state anyway …

That includes NL, I suppose.

Hasbara Hunter

A lot of Soldiers buy their equipment, Shoes & Clothing Out of their Own pocket…because they think Standard issued equipment by the Ministry of Defense sucks…And we had a couple of accidents & deaths thanks to the use of inferior material…

Jens Holm

You arepartly correct, but Holland is kind of unike in those matters. They have defined themselves as a kind of only selfdefenders or something.

Therefore its not strange they in many matters mainly look like a Militia.

Even so they send out soldiers of that kind where that kind of soldiers in low level between soldier and police is needed. Here they are doing fine ven You have words for expecting something else.


Didn’t they buy the Spike missile from Israel? I hear that went well.


Oh wow, I had not picked that info up. I think most people are not interested in the army, but NL lets itself be coerced by the empire-in-decline to buy its equipment and join in that disastrous white elephant JSF project. Braafste jongetje van de klas ;-)

Hasbara Hunter

Pim Fortuyn is voor zijn kop geschoten voor dat hele dure stuk schroot…omdat ie het contract zou verscheuren als hij Minister-President zou worden.. Wie o Wie zou daar nu achter zitten? ???

Dušan Mirić

Wow! I got impression NATO countries have all imaginable equipment for war.

Jens Holm

Nato has and much more then blind enemies see.

And Nato in Europe do have many many other jets of different kinds as well as missiles and helicopters.

We see it in the debates here. F16 are named as airplanes, that hardly can fly even they do it every day. The same goes for the F35. Everything according to them is bad. Its not a bad airplane, but too too expensive for being just a little bit better then the F16, F18 and F22.

Potently anemies has the same problems. They can produce very good weapons but hardly can effort to produce thjem for themselves.

Russia only has succes with good and cheep missiiles as well as they sell good old stuff and try to upgrade their forces to the world of today and tomorrow. Syria for them seemes to be some kind of recycling and maybee Libya as well.

That kind of re-use(recycling is done all over by may palyers.

So Europe do have a lot of stuff, which actually works well as long as it meets fx Russians having the same kind of level.


Nato is a defence organisation with nothing to defend anymore, so it starts wars all over the place and buys fancy equipment to keep the U.S. military-industrial complex oiled.

All that fancy equipment is useless against Russia’s latest weapons – not that Russia is interested in conquering Europe, but the fear is what keeps justifying wasting $ billions on useless weaponry.

Jens Holm

Overrating of the worst kind.

The fancy weapons of Russia is so expensive, so they hardly can effort to use them themselves.

Much like many times F35s. Here at leat USA has too rich buyers and we do buy.

Jens Holm

Thats right. Holland is very low in military capabilities because of how they are organozed as country from the old days.

We by the way saw it very well in Bosnia, where it was not even possible to act better agaist the massacres. Anyway, They were not allowed as well.

My small danes has upgraded a little and will upgrade a little more. Until a few Years ago our defence was a few strong units commanded by Germans for defence of the Elbe and maby Oder.

Now we have again has our own Danish small but hard command defending own danish soil from Denmark.

After the plans we now can give reinforcements for the Germans by a good brigade or be second (thin) defence line for the Danish parts of Nato.

We also have ordered 20 F35, missiles for scuds as well as other smaller missiles and infantery armed vehicles. Those are replacemenets for outdated stuff. Prts of the outdated will be sold to the Baltics for almost nothing, because they have almost nothing and are poor.


Your small Viking patch may have upgraded 1 or 2 things here and there, it remains an insignificant country that has an absurd obsession about Russia. Your 20 F-35’s will make absolutely no difference in a war with Russia. But rest assured, Russia has no interest in taking over your crummy little Viking nest, nor the rest of Europe, Russia has enough territory of its own.

Jens Holm

We have no intensions taking over Russia apart from they cant drink the vodka they produce themselves.

Your describtion of the Russian forces as well as the Dutch and the rest is far out. It makes no sense to blaime Holland. They have been like that since the end of WW2.

In these pages I even see morons blaming Holland not to defend them against the Germans in WW2 and some Berhard being a Nazi.

They seemes to have forgotten, that “Plan Gelb” took Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg and France at the same time. The French even was assisted by Britts (and De Gaulle).

So You write too much biased propagandalf.


Like I said, I don’t understand Chinese.

Jens Holm

I dont write for You.

Chinese is not difficult. Even very small chinese children understand most of it.


You don’t need to keep reconfirming you only speak Chinese, not English. Honestly, I don’t understand Chinese.

Jens Holm

ell, not much defence is needed, if we have no threat against us.

We have a good word for it: PEACE DIVIDEND.

But true it also has made us being not updated as well as upgraded. The next many years we silently will improve ourselves, so USA has to pay less to Europe.

I take it again. Whats the threats for us???? China, India, Turkey Russia. I see none.

And the Europens actually are well organozed among each other having a lot of military potential for fights right away.

Jens Holm

Maybee its about NL jas rented yanks from Germany:)

Jens Holm

Well compared to, what happens in Iran and Syria right now France is very calm and civilized.

The last estimate number for dead in Iraq seen from heree in TV was 208 dead ones.

How many in France.

Hasbara Hunter

Do you have any Clue how much Blood was shed before we got our so called “Western Democracy”…

Jens Holm

Yes I do. I am very well informed about it. Even small danes also had colonies and was big slavetranporters making a lot of sugar and rum.

I also know why we had only small uprises as well as less emmigration to fx USA. I am proud of that part.

Thats why I think I understand,whats wrong, when so many muslims prefare to live among Christians and Infidels.

I also understand emmigrates because 4 of the siblings of my Grandfater emmigrted to USA and Argentina. They did it because they were as poor as any could be still being alive.

And 3 of them did well in methods learned here. Number 4 died as white in the Chicago negro slum, but I dont know why.

Jens Holm

Try again. I am sure You looked up in Wikipedia for marcaroni. Marcaroni is somewhere in Italy:)

Hasbara Hunter

what I found was:

Empereur de Jupitèr et tout le Monde Emmanuelle Macaroni du Rothschilde XVI…

Well he ain’t my Emperor and I don’t need His Royal European Army….

Jens Holm

I take pople for, what they actially do and dont say women are lower because of a smaller or none ding-dong.

Those brains are as good as men, and i think they are very important making children of both gender.

Jens Holm

Almost none i EU want any kind of EU forces. Some more wish for it, but we dont agree among each other.

I support the European Nato forces should be paid and driven more by ourselves. Why should USA pat so much. We also are rather big and could have a more hard structure.

To me its about a few more % then now and no escalation because USA should contribute less.

Its much like Nato and EU should protect Eastern Europe instead of USA. We also should be more mobile and by that upfated to send smaller hard groups of troops anywhere else.

Hasbara Hunter

A European Army is the worst thing that can happen: Macron wants to deploy French troops in Holland whenever the Dutch are revolting…The French will have less problems with Killing Dutch people than a Dutch Army will have…

S Melanson

Well there are plans and reality. Macron is to Europe what Erdogan is to ME. Will the Ottoman Caliphate rise again? Probably about as likely as Macron reestablishing Charlemagne’s Golden Age of French leadership in Europe.

Jens Holm

Macron is like Erdogan not on speed.

The planes for the Governess by Macron is given for EU demands and France not doing as EU making minus for themselves.

None other dared to take that very unpopular job telling people, that a lot of money was given out free for people doing hardly anything as well as those maney in stead as a minimum should be given to reform the French produtuion.

One of the major French problems has been and are protection. Old productions has not been replaced by new ones of same kind or something else.

Macron is not elected to arise like Your Charlesmagne joke. They have to be be more semilar to the best in EU and by that also dont make minus in debt.

Thats also very important for Europe, because GB leaves and Germany in those matters are too big. So its a matter of balance and good even they dont agree much with us in Denmark.

If Makron learns he will be the first in many years from France having that kind of pondus.

I also dont expect Makron can solve everything. I expect he and his supporters can clean some here and there and make base for more sober reforms for may things.

Every country and organisations need people for that. We are the same but in a much higher level. We now again has a Goverment, which use oil in stead of making hard contrast. Thats needed for our country right now. Democrasy is ups and downs too.

Jens Holm

An Europeans military force would be the best and most practical things, which could happen. The we didnt need own forces and Nato as now.

But as we see by EU, its completly unrealistic. Using revolting about it is far out.

And You are completly wrong. The job is to keep all alive and avoid killing any. You must be blind for, whats going one in France even Yellow west are in the streets a little too much.

I think up to 5 are killed and that it. Sending in French police and miliatry units to Holland and kill is bakring madness.

Maybee its an option, which Yiu are raised for. Durch are not.

They mainly are like Danes. We pay a lot to keep all opposition outside jails and violence. Instead we pay less for killings and jail. Jailing people only help, i people has a consionce feeling bad.

Jens Holm

As usual only hostile predictions. Your assumptions about EU having a military force is based on small minorities speaking for it. The rest dont.

But whats wrong in it, if we agree in it? But we dont. I think we have a Brigade or something.

Its more like Nato in some matters is outdated because of the USSR collapse and fx China has raised themselves from ash, killing each other, dirty communisme and starving millions of their own.

Here Nato has to change role and update – or – be chnaged to something diffrent or semilar.

Hasbara Hunter

Well for the moment both Europe & Murica are Zio-Run…not much change to be expected…though it will weaken the effectiveness & strength of the Organisation itself (which is already in a bad shape)…Without their European Lapdogs the Muricans probably won’t jump into a next War that easy…Muricans like to attack small & weakened countries in Large Numbers to Carpetbomb it back to the Stone-Age…


Agreed, though the European lapdogs, except for France perhaps, still jump when the trans-Atlantic master tells them to. They don’t jump so enthusiastically anymore, but they still don’t dare to stand up to the master and show him the middle finger.

Hasbara Hunter

In Holland Mark Rutte Lied his way out of another cover-up besides supporting Headchoppers in Syria with Toyota Hiluxes..Again he did not inform parliament…this time about 70 civilians being bombed in Iraq




I am surprised Rutte has held out for so long. Somehow he must have done something right that appealed to the electorate.

Hasbara Hunter

People obviously get the leader they desrve

Jens Holm

There we go again: The dutch might fake elections too as we do. None like You should be accepted in Holland or somewhere else.

Hasbara Hunter

You Fucking little Danish Paedophile want a little War Motherfucker?

Jens Holm

You represent a closed man forum having only Your hairy asses to see the rest of the world.

The only thing we see and smell is the brownies comming out.

You have nothing to offer the whole world as You are now and insist in remaining like You are.

I hope the Chinese soon will take over, and You will blame those for harming You, because You never ´harm Yourself and make no mistakes Yourself drinking tea a day a part from bobling the waterpipes and making more unneeded children.

Hasbara Hunter

Go Fuck yourself Paedophile ZioNazi Rat…My patience with Inbred Cocksucking Faggots like you is very low…

Jens Holm

I feel fine, when You name me like that and other things. It confirms I am right about a lot and is well informed and fight the darkzone.

So go on: I am a curly hair gay sandnigger too:)

Hasbara Hunter

If you did not send so much bullshit you would be alright…but it seems you only come in here to push aside every relevant information that others write… JENS “THE PAGEPAINTER”..and in Exchange we get a Shitload of Bullshit…think before you write things…instead of vomiting a lot of complete Bullshit…

Jens Holm

True. I comment every shitload I read, and I do use a lot of time for it. A few comment below I have just commented about the wars in Yoguslavia, where France is blamed for startin it.

France did not.

Jens Holm

Be aware. If You have wings You have to come fast. We just have ordered a lot of smaller missiles and a few skuds as well:)


Thanks for the links.

Jens Holm

More bla bla bla … You are a twin?

Hasbara Hunter

Jens I’m getting tired of your Bullshit Fucking Cunt…There must be some Valuable information on this page & you are trying to hide it motherfucker…Fuck off with your Bullshit…

Jens Holm

Mine oppinions are quite open. The world of mine and the western one is not driven by Jes/Zionist but school, education, skills, hard work and weour incitaments are being paid for that instead of being nice to Grandfather and Mother and their ideas about things are best for them.

Jens Holm

We dont jump but move some and moderate some. We manily prefare the economicly ways is better for our world.

There is not reasons to stand up as long as its You behaving bad against us as well.

I have descriebed my point of view many times before: I dont support we are being vilonet all the way from Afghanistan by Iraq, Syria and Libya.

That doeasnt say Í prefare Your kind at all. Its says we only should be in those areas as buyers of oil and gas for only food and certainly not as much as a bowand and arrow.

So I would prefare a wall around You for that and only give You sober information about us by Radio, TV and Internet.

You not even have a vocabulary to communicate about vital things, we have created here, so why try and loose life and waste money for that.

And let me remind You, that not many emmigrate to Your countries. I see not even the slightest intensions for any change about that.


1. I don’t know who you mean by “You” and “your kind”. 2. You may have described your point of view before, but what you don’t seem to realise is that others may not have seen it or may not even e interested in it, so there’s no need to refer to what you wrote before, it is irrelevant here. 3. I could not care less about what you prefer in terms of walls or other useless toys. 4. Before you criticise others’ communication and vocabulary, you should make sure that yours are (near) perfect, instead of polluting this thread with the kind of gibberish you are spewing here. English is clearly not your mother tongue, and it shows, so I suggest you take some lessons first before you return to this forum.

On that note I shall bow out here because the nonsense coming from you does not contribute to anything as far as I am concerned. By all means have the last word, it makes your kind feel better.

Jens Holm

You dont decide what I write here, and I am sure I represent and know more about Europe and its history, then You ever has written and understand.

You seemes to prefare oneliners created below You bed blanket having no links apart from Your hand.

I dont. I try to tell reasons, who has said what and when as well as I often gives link as dokumentations for it.

People like You anytime is my enemy, because You biase things and lies with no hesitations as well.

An excuse for You might be You dont understand common english and how advanced it is compared to many other languages.

True I dont spell well. But when You dont understand its because You translate and think from a different and less advanced language. So Your level is Google or Bing translate as if we all are lawyers and doctors.

When I use those machines, I often gets crap too, but I know that and try to understand harder, ask for esplauning better or ignore and dont comment.

Maybee some oxygene might would help You.

I once learned that “Paer-defekt” english in shool, but since then I have develloped a lot and has no intensions of going back to I was 19 years old apart from less smoking.


Sorry, I don’t understand Chinese.

Jens Holm

We are western economies. Onl very small corners are zion runned. We are not You and certainly has no intensions of being.

It we are runned by Jews, I feel fine about it, they are treating us nice – so to speak.

Where are Your good alternatives ? I see none.

Hasbara Hunter

Them Jews made Holland Rich…When Queen Isabella kicked all the Sephardic Jews out in 1492 a lot of’m were warmly welcomed in Holland… They had the Finances, knowledge & Maps…Sail the Seven Seas…where to get Spices, Porcelain, Tulips…that kinda stuff…Holland Traded everywhere thanks to them Jews…We also had a Major role in the Slavetrade together with’m Jews… You can say Holland owes a lot to them…That is why they still Control Major positions in our society

Jens Holm

Thats what I say. Most Jews are learned to learn and gets a high knowledge level. Thats why they are little extra represented among the rich people in the rich countries.

I feel fine about itm because we have an income tax systeme, which Communists as well as Muhammed Economies not even understand.

I have met the opposite so many times among our muslim emmigrants. They dont want to learn how thigs are, where they are and when they arrive they only can parrot some Choran talk and say “Its written”, but many cant read, they cant read old and even new arabic dialects and are not learned to undersand complicated structures and behaving as we have here.

Abiur 50% by that after 10 years still has no jobs. Even it normal women works here too an makes a good income, the men demand women should stay home and the family is as poor as anyone can be in Denmark on wellfare.

Jews only has become kind of extra big in countries, where no middle class has been possoble by religion and feudalisme like in Russia.

We see the same for states in South America. Feudals run things very bad or some non productive Maduros sell cows or dont feed them, so they can give milk and cheese.

Jens Holm

True we work and get welfare and some military dominance as well. But its not zio at all.

Strange You have so many minority raqpports about. They are not special but one of many versions just like car models.


Your Viking gibberish is unintelligible. Learn some decent English first, then learn to express yourself clearly, then come back and discuss.

Jens Holm

I read and write common english as the english does. You dont.

You have learned a very limited one and cant use big parts of the english langage. A very good reason is the language You translate from dont have those vital parts at all.

I also – according to Your nick name – can say, You have a lot of things, which are like permanent closed doors in Tabu.

maybee You are like the ISIS women in Al Houl. They are ignited by intercourse and making babies, because there is nothing else in their misserable lives.


I told you, I don’t understand Chinese. Learn English, then come back and try to have a sensible discussion.

Jens Holm

Its not dead at all and western economics. Zionists is in it too. Fine with me looking at the alternatives.

Nice with some links from You for something better.

Rhodium 10

NATO have been made by Anglo Saxon brothership ( US&GB) to take control of all Europe!

Jens Holm

The alternatives was Nazisme and Communisme. I think it was a very good choise. The same goes for EU even it has big problems.

Rhodium 10

There are no Nazism and comunism in EU..therefore the purpose is to take control of Europe..above all East Europe!

Jens Holm

There was. When the Nais was defeated, we had Communisme by Stalin all the world to Berlin.

And communisme as well as nazisme is allowed in most countries here – as long as they dloow the sekular laws of ours according to our constituions abot it, which more or less is written i “HumanRights” as well as “European Humans rights”.

Those rights are the base for several of the regained countries in Eastern Europe.

An correct. Eastrn Europe are independant Coutrie will be defended as such.

They are not parts of Tzar Russia, USSR as well as Russia of today. We dont control those countries, but defend their rights hard to decide themselves.

Ukrainia for good reasons fighted against the Bolsjevics from day one tobe no part of that system. Wharever they were, they were no part of that. No wonder so many even today are anticommunists and worse.

Its seemes You have learned Communist History books only. My sister was a communist and I have been reading pamplets about it. Those are constructed as nationalisme of the worst kind. A lot about others is not there at all. Other things are like our history books being more then 100 years old rellingabout our countries and kings being heroic kings for us living there. Those were very untrue at that time as well as now.

My sister also has a book telling Russians has invented almost everything of importance in the whole world.

The knowledge to west was a deeper whole then the ground zero and kept most things about us as propaganda made by USA and CIA. When the few of us came in as tourist our modern things were confiscated, so USSRs could not see, what was for he none poor here, where I live.

And once again. Those Eastern Europeans has the right to decide themselves about themselves. Fx the Baltic states always has has the Baltic sea and the nations there as cinter for their lives – in peace and war.

Rhodium 10

Eastern EU countries are poor!..therefore they need to magnify the Russian threat to obtain economic help!

Jens Holm

I dont see they has ro magnify anything. They do have very big problems and EU itself contribute a lot by the budget.

the main problems are, they dont know how to spend those money well as well as too much is used for corrupteion as well as so many criminels take the rest of EU as workspace.

You can see DDR. Iys still only integrated and not assimilated as most germans(espeocally in West) expected.

So things takes more time. I only can see the Russian threat is not unreal but I see the other way makes some mistakes too.

Ukraine already no should not be poor at all, but everything is delayed there and the Oligarks has bought a lot of land for nothing.

The same goes for the famous military complex even producing spacecomponets for USSR and later on. The investments there all are gone, so instead of devellopment according to time, it more likes stripped old cars.

Coal and Iron is same thing. Ukraine easy can export at lot, but too many works there, so the product is too expensive. It also make sense, that Ukrine themselves should use those 2 products as base for own production.

But I will remind You that Russia unfortunatly seemes to have learned nothing by the great collapse. Apart from a few sectors they hardly devellop anything compard to others.

I am sure Eastern Europe has to learn most things from west but unfortunatly they dont have traditions of our kind and many dont understand – no totalitarisme.

So I expect we has to put money in there but more important has to change how the countries think. I am not sure more money solve things. I see corrupters has too good days as well as here and there overwhelming crime.

Rhodium 10

East Europe included Ukraine, Moldava, Baltic countries and Georgia es a cancer!..it was for Russia Economy during Soviet Union and it is for western european countries nowdays!


The biggest mistake France made was to rejoin Nato, a “brilliant” move by “brilliant” numskull Sarkozy. It is good to see Macron challenging the OUTLAW, psychopath-run, blackmailing, sanctioning, belligerent, rogue empire-in-decline and telling it that we have had enough of your filth and garbage.

Jens Holm

Rejoining Nato is a relative.



Peter Bozich

France was a cheer leader in bombing Yugoslavia as part of the NATO alliance, which helped Albanian terrorists destroy Kosovo. Then it helped destroy Libya and tried doing the same to Syria. Well both Slobodan Milosevic and Gaddafi warned what would be unleashed in the form of terrorism. Well France suck it up enjoy it , because it’s coming back to you in droves.

Jens Holm

France bombarded Serbia and the Serbian possestions and not Yugoslavia.

Some Serb seemes to have invented memorylack for You. I hope the next patent will be a calander and using it.

The destroyers of the country was Tudjman and Milosovich. Thats where the uncivilised killing each other for no purpose started. France was not in Vukovar.

Peter Bozich

If you think Tudjman and Milosevic destroyed Yugoslavia, you’ve been sold a nice story. I will leave it at that.

Jens Holm

I have bought nothing. The main reason was the economical collapse and next those 2 fellows.

Jens Holm

USSR collapsed themselves very much assisted by Marx and Engels.

Most of that export and production was made giving minus. and minus and minus. It was not controlled by market mechanisms at all.

The unimpyoemt already was there but hidden, because the Russians had no intasiments to produce better for less money as well as advanced production were not able to be innovated.

Its true some plunderings was made, but its like that here i west – fx Denmark – too, when companies collapse. The collapsed owners dot get much and even are in depth the rest of theior lives.

That can be named as mismanegment, but often its because, there is no use for those products. By that the death of a company like that makes bread for a new one.

Russia dont have that mechanisme and here fx a good version of incitaments incl. income tax, so we even see – as fx in Syria – that the state need moey for its own upper existance.

As long as You dont learn to start productions up well and the next about market is not ok, You seemes not even able to produce grain.

To me it has been a great mistake ever since Trotskej left, that You produce like USSR in KOvkose, Sovkoses and Kombinates.

Yopu also have made so many restrictions as well as low pay for educated people.

And yes, as long as Russia are not even able to produce its own food and a lot of other things, then import by fx Erdogan seemes to be a good idea. Another classic way is borderstrictions by borders and tx.

A very important matter is the balance in trade. EU and others are producing a little too much food., but that also was why EU started. People in Western Europe should never starve anymore. Thats why its highly effective by very big investments.

So Our main problem might be, that we dont sell our corn and grain for nothing. Today we lower help to the food industry more and more, because its very economi and its own base for wellfare.

Thats the difference to Ukraine and also Russia, Ukraine and White Russia. Those productions are not effective and making new jobs for the many unneded is not made.

Blaming fx West for so many hardly doing anything and low producribity is far out. The responsibles are the Leaders of Russia chosen by Oligarks, Putings and corruption. There are no free lection in that country, so They can find the best Leaders for it. The business structure is same thing. You as producer is a plunderer of the rest or a no go. Thats it.

Assads were not stolen. They were bought for almost nothing, becuse they showed, they produced NOTHING. Thats normal here.

Maybee You think USSR was like and old car onbly needing some fuel. It wasnt. It was rusty junk and garbage, so only spareparts could be used.

Any changes like that was denied decades before Gorbatjov and Jeltzin.

Hasbara Hunter


Jens Holm

Yes, that very much too. The econimic devellopments were too small and many completly wrong making the production slow and ineffective.

There was no relation between price and product. In the late days of that kind of economy my uncle was Leader of a factory making large pumps.

Thats heavy insustry, which someone would say, russians and DRR should be good at acoeding to their productions in steel.

But the price for their products were lower then my uncle could produce and buy them for.

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