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Macron: France To Respond With Immediate Strike To Any Use Of Chemical Weapons In Syria

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Macron: France To Respond With Immediate Strike To Any Use Of Chemical Weapons In Syria

Emmanuel Macron. Source: REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

France will respond with an immediate strike to any use of chemical weapons in Syria, French President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday, France 24 reported.

The French president made this statement following a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Earlier on Monday, Macron and his Russian counterpart met in Palace of Versailles to discuss bilateral relations.

“There are things on which we disagree, but we expressed them. And above all, we discussed ways to conduct our joint actions. We want to act together, because if we don’t create the conditions for that, if we have no open dialogue we will not be able to advance on the issues I mentioned. Sometimes disputes may arise in such a dialogue… but if we don’t reach it, we will not be able to move forward either on the issue of Syria nor of Ukraine,” Macron said following the meeting.

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Len Zegelink

he is a gaylord.

Kim Jong

best comment ever!

Miguel Redondo

Ok , fake gas attack is now imminent ……


All Macron has done now is send a message to his proxi terrorists to create yet another false flag chemical attack to blame on President Assad.

John Brown

That is the Idea, Israeli puppets ISIS and Al Qaeda are losing so Israel needs to send in French Goyim to die for a great Israel and Jewish power.


After 2020 there will be no Israel in the world map.


Don’t get our hopes up.


Don’t tease us.


So France is willing to bomb HTS and the white helmets in Idlib ?

Concrete Mike

Lol yeah right. Thats what France Said after the Bataclan attack…


He obviously has fantasies of surrendering his chickenshit self to Putin

Hershel "El Muerte" Ezestein

Cuck puppet.

paolo duchateau

Mr micron is a simply tool for globalist and american democrats like Killary. He is litterally psychanaliticly speaking married “with his mother”; and he is simply able to shake hands with the Donald to impress CNN and french TV for sheeps. The true power is in CAC 40 hands. A puppet.

Julius Meinel

Go fuck yourself moron and the same wish for the 66% of the brainwashed French who voted for you!!!


The end result of the “election” was 66% to 33%, can those numbers get any more Freemasonic? I don’t even believe they count the votes. They certainly didn’t count them in the US elections where Sanders clearly had several times more support than Clinton. You could see the crowd size differences in their respective rallies. Sanders always drew several times larger crowds than Clinton yet we’re to believe he lost the election.

John Whitehot

the real danger was Fillon – he would had won with Macron in the ballots. But he was taken out, just like Bernie Sanders in the US.

The masons dicksuckers must think they scored high in these french elections..


I don’t believe this information is of major importance compared to what has been achieved today. It is necessary to remain cautious of course, but it rather seems to be a way to mark his territory both toward Putin for that first meeting, and toward those who criticized this meeting in his side. Same thing for his words toward Suptnik and Russia Today.

Sure, words should be implemented now, but so far we have seen a talk between Russia and France which was nonexistent for 5 years. Macron talked about “terrorists” and not only ISIS as Hollande did (who mostly used “Daesh”not to name Islamic State), and he said he wants to preserve the state structures in Syria. No criminalization of Assad as we were used to. When a journalist asked him if it means France would deal now with the Syrian regime, he said it could include to talk with Assad’s government when it will be needed, and that it is not impossible to see the reopening of the French embassy in Syria in this perspective.

Macron did not talk about Crimea, and when it came to sanctions he said G7 did not exclude to take sanctions against Russia in case of escalation, but escalation was not what he wished.

All of this was unthinkable one month ago, especially in the late “russophobic” context. We have to see now if it was mere declarations and if such a “realpolitik” will work out or encounter resistance as it happened for Trump.

George King

The Syrian alliance (Russia) must respond that they agree the use of gas will not be permitted but no attack from any uninvited country over the pretext without verification of the alliance will be direct destruction of any aggression forces in the theater! Let the rosters crow once the debeaking begins.

Concrete Mike

A Well worded comment sir.


Looks we found the lost son of Trump. Welcome Trump Junior!

gfsdyughjgd .

Son is a insult a lost dog is the right word.

888mladen .

Just a small underdog. A french poodle.


comment image/revision/latest?cb=20110212211406

Concrete Mike

In other words, go ahead Al nusra, use your chems were ready to bomb Assad. We wont investigate we Will just blindly follow what our banker masters Say. We wont question pour media and how our policies are destroying each and every nation. We dont care about facts, about our people, our jobs our society.

All we care is for our rich buddies to keep Stealing from everyone until There is nothing left.


Barking poodle…


what a snail eater, I hope that you French will find your personal inferno like you did back in Algiers and in Indochina without nobody going to rescue you, zombie’s husband

Gary Sellars

Yes, he eats snails, but he prefers bankster cock…

Kim Jong

he wanna throw smelly cheese at syrian soil?

Huisje tuintje boontje beesje

French army is busy in Afrika , how could they bomb syria knowing the Russian have a substantial air defence !
Assad told in 2010 or 2011 to Sarkozy to play with himself , as syria was not anymore the protectorate of france , i guess Macron has a lot to learn ,and syria is probably not very impressed , they survived the onslaught of various proxies , US tomahauk Rockets , economic sanctions !
A few french bombs won’t make such a difference


I would he Syrian airspace is now closed to all French aircraft!


It’s about time a S-400 operator “makes a honest mistake” or slips on a banana peel an “accidentally” presses big red button with funny cyrillic letters written on it. And I think a French plane would be just the right “UFO” to get shot eeehme, I mean mistaken for a flying jihadi carpet – the frogs would surrender immediately. Either that or someone should place a severed horses head in his and his grandmas bed – just to show this smug little prick he’s playing with grownups now…

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Accidents happen all the time!

gfsdyughjgd .

Another British and American Dog on the rise just same as Erdogan chameleone element.Bomb by terrorist dayly in own countries and just fail to coil but sees chance to attack sovereign Arab countries.France girls are sold to black soccer players and all Nato country girls are about to give birth to rapefugee kids.



Strike before investigation or after investigation. This man looks like a serious headache, more violent and dangerous than its predecessors. LOL


One of the most idiotic political statements I have ever heard. So he is saying: “I don’t care about the fact that civilians are being bombed every day in Syria and Iraq BUT if someone somewhere is going to use chemical weapons to kill people we are going to hit SOMEBODY. Immediately. That’s how angry we are.” I knew Macron was going to be a disaster.

888mladen .

Surely he doesn’t. He has no children.


And he sleeps with his Mom. Yuck


I would bet good money he didn’t have the balls to say that directly to Putin .
Putin would have told Macron , if Macron has his agents create a chemical attack , there will be hell to pay .

Solomon Krupacek

ou, you know, what would putin say? :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

Macron is trying hard to be a such a good little boy for the globalists.

Gary Sellars

He’s just a small-dicked cuck owned by the Banksters…


Except for some serious comments, most comments on this report are a not only of a disrespectful nature, but downright personnally abusive and insulting of the new french president.

A lot of those commenters were yesterday very abusive to me personnaqlly for calling Assad a “butcher”, something with wich most of the western world would agree.

These same morally offended persons are now, as I said, highly abusive towards the french president, showing themselves to be both hypocrites and gossipers as they are spouting fully unsubstantiated and irrelevant personal comments.

Guys, I do not know how many other guys take you daily in a dark place, I do not care really. I just find you offensive hypocrites and fakers.

Solomon Krupacek

you are the same category


I bet it’s nice to live in your own autistic little world where you ask yourself all the questions and then give yourself all the right answers. Only problem is when you interact with other people and they disagree with you – and yesterday a whole lot of them did – you throw a little temper tantrum and start calling them names. You think Assad is “butcher” and responsible for “500K deaths”, you also think that “most of the western world would agree” – well most of the rest of the world disagree with you. And what’s more important – most of the Syrian people disagree. Now you can start calling people names, or maybe start presenting some arguments – and no, your feelings don’t count as viable arguments. Try facts…


You know what, you can never convince a closed mind, so just say whatever you want to say and don’t let it bother you. That’s what I do. Serious people will take the time to read what you have to say and the closed minds will not bother and just fling shit at you. Being obnoxious internet trolls is not something that is exclusive to the left.


I will take your advice to heart.

Closed minds will indeed not listen and are unable to respond in a relevant way.

Pity though for the level of discussion. Well, what can one expect from hardened Assadophiles.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

You are just another US ass-licker, aren’t you (Lick! Lick!! Lick!!!) Then I am sure Holland will become a fine colony for the ISIS and Al-Queda head-choppers. These people will be coming your way disguised as refugees your ilk has created in its futile attempts as removing Assad. Sadly, the ISIS/Al-Queda ilk will be giving the Dutch a few lessons on Wahabist head-chopping.

Concrete Mike


All we are saying is thé west created this mess with lies. Ask yourself Who benefits from this mess, certainly not thé people of Syria, certainly not européens and certainly not Russians.

Understand this and maybe you Will understand our point of view

Good day


Read the following article and think. This is what the destruction of the Arab world is all about, The Oded Yinon Plan:



@ Dutch national,

If you consider President Assad to be a butcher, how do you consider the US, Saudi’s and NATO forces in Syria ? Would a fair description be that they are ‘ The owners of an illegal slaughter house in Syria ? ‘

888mladen .

Dutch people like him are sad cases true followers of prince Barnard.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Respect has to be earned and not demanded, dear boy! Macron has continued with the LIES that has resulted in the deaths of French people at the hands of ISIS. This is very very shameful. The man is a US stooge, a perfect US ass-licker, only beaten by the UK leaders who are number 1 US ass-lickers.
Let me make it clear to IGNORANUSES like you. In Syria, the US is supporting the very ilk that murdered 3000 on 9/11, just to remove Assad. This policy is also supported by the leaders of UK and France, despite the fact that the same ilk murdered scores in London, Manchester, Paris and Nice.
And you demand respect for such corrupt poodles and ass-lickers such as May and Macron?


“showing themselves to be both hypocrites and gossipers as they are spouting fully unsubstantiated and irrelevant personal comments.” Says the guy calling Assad a butcher. Surely you accidentally came to this website.

John Brown

Macron just proved beyond any doubt he is the Rothchild, Zionist, Israeli, racist, supremacist stooge candidate / President for Jewish, racism and supremacism and genocide of goyims, a traitor to France, far worse then even Holland.


Guys! Macron, Erdogan and Badanyahu all are dectators.


Oh do stick your antisemitic ignoramus head up your arse, assuming that you can fit it in, what with all the bacofoil wrapped round it.

Concrete Mike

Hé can criticize Israël without being called and antisemite. Im getting really tired of the antisemite card being played. Dont you understand all these labels we put on ourselves is just to divide us, to continue tthis practice of tribal warfare weve been doing forever.

Thé saker published an article on this topic, i think he called éléphant in the Room. Read it, its Well written .



Criticising the zionist antisemite occupation of Palestine is normal, blaming Jews for it is perverse. Zionism is a secular, fascist antisemite ideology and only fools and frauds use the crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes against peace of those revolting mountebanks to smear Jews.

Do stick your antisemitic ignoramus head up your arse, assuming that you
can fit it in, what with all the bacofoil wrapped round it.


Great care has to be taken with the use of J word, Z word, etc as it gets a response of anti something, so personally rarely use them.

However its OK to say Neoconservative, European, Turk Slav, Khazar, African, Indians as no actual faith, religion, etc., is being referred.

Surprisingly Christians never get into a tizz when referred to as Christians, LoL:))


You can’t be a Jew and a zionist. Zionism is apostasy, you ignorant berk, because it is a secular, fascist antisemite ideology. A person can’t be any of those things and be Jewish at the same time. Blaming the zionist antisemite occupation on Jews adds insult to injury.


That struck a nerve, huh? Calling a spade a spade is forbidden, right? When you pull your head out of your arse, you might actually see the light.

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