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Macron Claims He Convinced Trump To Stay In Syria

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Macron Claims He Convinced Trump To Stay In Syria

US-led coalition troops and US-backed militants are at Syria’s At Tanf

On April 15, France’s President Emmanuel Macron revealed that he had convinced US President Donald Trump in telephone calls [ahead of the strike on Syria] that US troops should stay in the war torn country a long term.

“Ten days ago, President Trump was saying the United States of America had a duty to disengage from Syria … I assure you, we have convinced him that it is necessary to stay [in Syria] for the long-term,” the France Press Agency (AFP) quoted Macron as saying during his interview with BFM TV, RMC radio and Mediapart online news.

The French President also claimed that the military strike on Syria had been “legitimate” as three of the permanent members of the US Security Council [the US, the UK and France] had participated in it.

“We have complete international legitimacy to act in this framework … We have three members of the (United Nations) Security Council who have intervened.” Macron said, according to Reuters news agency.

Earlier, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley confirmed during an interview on Fox TV that the US is not going to withdraw troops from Syria until its goals are accomplished.

Trump announced on March 29 that the US will withdraw its troops from Syria “very soon” and let “other people” to handle the situation there. Trump’s announcement was met with a wave of criticism from senior officials in his administration as well as the US allies like France and Saudi Arabia.

Many Syrian experts claimed the Duma chemical attack crisis had been mainly aimed at convincing Trump to keep US troops in Syria and to develop the US negative stance toward the current Syrian government. Macron’s statement could be sescribed as a supporting this version.

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Tommy Jensen

Liberal Rothschild wimp Macron.

paul ( original )

Talk about being cucked ! This goes far beyond that.


So little wannabee bonapart the turd can change American foreign policy with a phone call and put millions of lives in danger.Another zionist lie.What does that say about the zionist controlled America if true?That the real power of zionism is in little France?


Look he convinced not commanded. He’s still the vassals and trump the bosses.


They all take their orders from Rothschild zionists no matter what country they are living in.Little bonapart the Turd is just passing on the orders and instructions.

Carmen Farmer

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Trump, May and Macron looking for excuses to prolong their stay in an independent Islamic country of Syria.

Concrete Mike

They are not an islamic country dude. Syrian arab republic accepts all faiths!!!

Dont not drag islam’s or syria’s name in the mud…come on man you should know better


If a country population is above 50% Muslims and lead by a Muslim. So tell me that is a Christian country or you trying to confuse me.

Concrete Mike

The way i see it islamic country =church and state together. In syria church and state separate. That is what im trying to say. I could be wrong but one must choose their words carefully


You have proved that you are a twister.

Concrete Mike

No not really, anyways just trying to make sure i inderstand what you said no malice here chill.

Im as confused as most of us here. Anyways i explained how islamic country was defined to me, as you did. Maybe im too politically correct…


Syrians and their allies bother them so much that they forced them to kick out from Syria.


If a country has no nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and short, medium and ICBM missiles then that country is a favorite country for them to enjoy their stay there. Examples are Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen etc.

Tudor Miron

Bonaparts have bad record with Russia. They seem to never learn anyway.


Macron makes up new international law out of thin air: UNSC doesn’t decide by majority. There is a veto system.

The UN veto system recognized the unique position of the few superpowers in the 50′ of las century. The world has moved on. But lacking an alternative this system still applies.

By the way if it would be by democratic majority, it would be up to Chinese to decide everything because its population exceeds that of all other 4 members together.

The veto system employed in the UN is dated, but not replaced. When it would be brought up to the current realities both the Brits and the French would be removed from the UNSC.

The Brits have been sinking into economic. military and political insignificance since WWII and have no real own nuclear capability anymore. Though less pronounced the demise of the French as a superpower is similar.

Ivan Freely

IMO, the EU should replace both Britain and France in the UNSC. The African Union, GCC, ASEAN, India and whatever organization representing Latin America should have a seat in the UNSC.

Daniel Castro

No because United Nations is made by NATIONS, it’s not an union of unelected bureaucratic superstructure with no national integrity.

You both can forget about, to change the current structure it would mean world war, current members will never accept another one with veto power… and the thing is, only those with veto matter.

Only way to be a part of UNSC is if a country becomes a MAJOR economic, nuclear and conventional military power, powerfull enough to compete with China, Russia and USA, there are few countries who would have the potential for that, like Brazil and India, but they are held hostage of internal affairs and foreign powers inteligence services meddling.

Promitheas Apollonious

Do they now? Never mattered really and the only countries their veto was mattered once, was soviet union and nato. Now UN as it was a joke then, is even worst joke today. The world is changing rapidly try keep up.


Ukrop want to reform the UN because they know that with the corruption they can pass several Western dirty trick against Russia.

Promitheas Apollonious

I know what they trying to do but do you truly believe what ever the UN vote matters in today’s realities? And UN is the most corrupt organization with the bigger atrocities especially against children and third countries, ever been.

What is needed now is to break the back of this NWO shit then base on that reality the world will need to re configure how international is established.

Daniel Castro

“I know what they trying to do but do you truly believe what ever the UN vote matters in today’s realities?”

If it didn’t matter we would already at global war, or every great power would be inavading and annexing territories of interest, like Russia annexing, Ukraine, China annexing countries in te South China Sea… Israel would be openly invading Syria instead of this complex plot they made with KSA, Iran invading Irak, so on and so forth.

And of course, every country would be pursuing nuclear weapons.

It matters, and in fact this failed structure is the only thing between us and the abyss.

Daniel Castro

France and UK don’t matter because they are lackeys of USA, they made themselves irrelevants, so what other members have veto power?

USA. China, Russia.

You say their Veto power is irrelevant? I disagree.

Of course whole UN is becoming irrelevant as we march towards WW3, but that’s another matter.

Now, Imagine if other non-aligned countries like India and Brazil had veto power? You could kiss goodbye on global empire, no iimperial intervention would ever pass.


Veto power is needed to prevent corruption/blackmail by Western Countries within the voting system in the council. For example US do often use of corruption/blackmail in order to get OAS (Organization of American States) on his side.

Concrete Mike

GCC really??? They only thing they should get is a boot to the face


Well, who is the bigger moron? Macron making up new international law out of thin air, or the interviewer not calling him out on that bullshit? It’s the business of politicians to speak bullshit. It’s the business of reporters however to expose that bullshit.


MSM journalists are not a real journalists as we all know they are propagandists…..


I believe the proper term is ‘presstitute’.


I don’t know, there used to be a few good journalists out there who were not afraid of asking tough questions, known for saving a zinger that would hit a politician like a sniper’s bullet. But politicians learn, or at least their public relations department did, so they only book the morons to do interviews instead.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well all are becoming the alt news sources today many great investigative reporters go independent now it’s called JGTOW : Journalists Going Their Own Way!


Journalist only ask tough questions to those than don’t pay they salaries., they are NOT journalist, they are PRESSTITUTE.

Tudor Miron

In this instance it doesn’t apply because both work for the same boss.

Albert Pike

The moron is who follows a moron, but let’s see if he will really…


I like that, beautifully said.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why does anyone become enamored with Macrayon always flouting international law for the Glory of their “Macrayonic French Empire” “je ne sais rien, se soumettre a Trump” is their motto!!

John Whitehot

wish I could give you a serious answer.

The best I could come up is this:

They are all morons at the maximum level.

Actually, morons are the best of them. Then there’s the serfs, the thieves, the loansharks, the murderers and so on.

Have a nice day.


Macron idiot, the “chemical attack” is your job ??

Ivan Freely

I see Macron publicly taking responsibility of influencing Trump’s decision to stay in Syria, a lame attempt at placating Trump’s supporter base. All this does is make the situation worse as former Trump supporters would see Trump as weak, putting France’s interests ahead of the US.

The Latin Mass

So the Trump zombies may say “Trumpstein is being influenced by the Deep State and Rothschild agents”. When in fact, Trump is the deep state, is the Rothschild agent.

Ivan Freely

I don’t believe Trump is in the Rothschild camp. I remember seeing a Tweet sent out by Lady de Rothschild critizing Trump’s handling of the recent US mass shooting. Trump belong to another group of oligarchs, maybe the Rockefellers.


macron lies!! the france is not influence totaly from usa macron is in shit because social trouble!! macron is the little roquet the france it;s ZEROOOO!!! from france!!


So they think it is their grandfathers’ lands to decide to stay .

Anyway … let’s see whose guns are bigger INSIDE SYRIA . SAA and allies or Coalition with ONLY Planes. Even Houthis can defeat them not to say SAA

If they think they are that powerful , why don’t they fight in Yemen and have to leave it to those poor UAE Sudanese to do the job. That’s because they would be similarly destroyed.


MIcron: “look at me, I’m so important. No really I am, trust me!” lol pathetic little barking poodle trying to impress his dirty old granny /*wife actually…

Netanyahu “convinced”/ordered Trump to stay in Syria, MIcron is irrelevant. https://media.npr.org/assets/img/2018/03/06/ap_18064663290185_wide-cacb783a162f13e4e33bcf48f32ff2cd5c4484ec-s900-c85.jpg

Martijn Van Grambeke

France and Britain already screwed things up in Syria long ago when they colonised half of the world. They should better shut up and take care of their own business.


>>“We have complete international legitimacy to act in this framework … We have three members of the (United Nations) Security Council who have intervened.” Macron said, according to Reuters news agency.<<

So, that basically means if some officials get together in an official capacity and say, we do this, we're officials, therefore its legal, they can now decide anything? If I were the Police and another black guy got shot on the streets this would be my get free out of jail card. This could be my get free out of jail card for everything. As long as you're an official and can get some fellow morons to agree with you.

Dan Pulju

Macron is a clown establishment puppet, the French version of Florida senator Marco Rubio.


Macron has not convinced anyone of anything. He does not make decisions, he is a bankster puppet. Also he does not know how UN security council works (or he is lying and assuming his listeners do not know how US SC works) France should be replaced in UN security council by India.


How to Change the United Nations ! Macron gives “a French mandate”, to the Exceptional tRump of america to stay in Syria. He also changes the UN charter which now allows a majority of the UNSC to wage war on whoever it wants. Welcome to the New World Organisation

Bobby Twoshoes

I think this guy might actually be retarded, I wouldn’t trust him to tie his own shoes let alone run a country.


Well, so says President Macron. Let’s see what happens next week.

Russie Unie

My “president” is a mythomaniac gerontophile gay Jew. Oops pleonasm !

Tudor Miron

Does Macron mean that if there is more than one permanent members of UNSC act than it is legitimate? What if it’s Russia and China acting somewhere in say Saudi Arabia. What’s going on in Yemen is much worse than anything that west is blaming Assad supposedly did.

Tudor Miron

“You see! I’m also exceptional!”(c)Macron


So, one wonders who is, in fact, a greater moron, “the blusterous moron” Trump, or “the French Hitler saluting (hailing) with both hands”, who can hardly count to 3 and evidently has no idea how large the number 15 is? Never mind the absence of mandatory voting, that must be far beyond his comprehension.


Macron – a globalist lackey. In a peer-to-peer military confrontation with real world consequences for France – Macron would buckle in under a minute.


I was in doubt the US had a ‘foreign’ policy. Now all doubts have been removed: A French Poodle is in charge!

Mario Ceva

Tump and Macron has the same patrons. Rothschild




“The French President also claimed that the military strike on Syria had been “legitimate” as three of the permanent members of the US Security Council [the US, the UK and France] had participated in it”…

Since the FUKUS(FRANCE, UK, US) attacked Syria based on a fabricated FALSE FLAG “chemical attack”…

Russia, China, Iran and the coalition of the willing, should mount a missile attack on the air fields, aircraft, chemical facilities that are poisoning the American people every day with the GEOENGINEERING PROGRAM, attack all the water treatment plans that are poisoning the American people with FLUORIDATED CONTAMINATED WATER AND OTHER HEAVY METALS and also attack all those manufacturers of VACCINES that are poisoning the American population and children WITH MANDATORY VACCINES, also attack the CDC that approved the POISONING of the population, and attack the EPA BUILDINGS that are complicit in the CHEMTRAIL PROGRAM, also attack all the G5 MICROWAVE TOWERS that are causing CANCER AND MENTAL DISORDER IN THE POPULATION, and all the HAARP STATIONS CONTROLLING AND MANIPULATING THE WEATHER destroying the global food supply and killing the wild live animals and forests.

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