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Macron Cancels Trip To Munich Security Conference. Rift Over Nord Stream 2 Is Growing

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Macron Cancels Trip To Munich Security Conference. Rift Over Nord Stream 2 Is Growing

IMAGE: Arif Hudaverdi Yaman / Reuters

French President Emmanuel Macron has canceled a trip to the Munich Security Conference, which begins next week. Therefore, Macron will not partake in a planned joint appearance with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the conference.

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, the Elysée Palace said that the country’s president will focus on domestic issues in France and that his next trip abroad will not be until a visit to Africa in mid-March.

Commenting on this situation, the Süddeutsche Zeitung said that the Nord Stream 2 is one of the key reasons of the growing firft between French and German leaders.

The cancellation comes as the French president was reportedly attempting to torpedo the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, which is funded by Russian energy giant Gazprom and supported by Germany, Belgium, Austria, Greece and Cyprus, and the Netherlands. France wants the EU’s Third Energy Package rules to be applied to the Nord Stream deal. These rules forbid the same company from generating, transmitting and selling energy at the same time. If this decision is made, it could derail the deal.

Germany is the biggest economy, industrial power and political power in the EU. It also spends a lot of money on financing the European bureaucracy. It is Germany and China, which are being considered by Trump’s United States as the main economic competitors. At the  same time, Berlin faces the increasing competition in its traditional markets and has to find new ways to keep its leading industrial capabilities in the new environment. One of these ways is to reduce costs for the German industry is cheaper energy resources, which could be provided by the Nord Stream 2. Therefore, Berlin in fact plays a role of supporter of the project while the US and its European “partners” are opposing it.

France is another key EU state with a powerful economy. However, it’s now led by the creature of the global elites and the Washington establishment. Macron’s hands are tied and he cannot provide an independent foreign policy crouse, which would promote and defend solely French interests. So, Marcon’s France is working against its own interests. At the same time, there are little doubts that Marine Le Pen’s or Charles de Gaulle’s France would act in another way.


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Brother Thomas

Interesting article.
(A spellcheck would be good in editing process)


Yes, Macaroni is kissing corporate zionist ass, as is usual. But…following the completion of the pipeline and subsequent delivery of gas, who would bet that France would really reject buying of Russian gas and opt for much higher priced and likely subsidized US gas? Those that support the pipeline are also stooges of the Zionist cabal, but their people freezing or suffering outrageous economic deprivation over the price of heating their homes, especially considering the depletion of domestic product supply, is a threat to their remaining in power. This pipeline will be finished, more Russian gas will be imported and France will shut it’s mouth and that will include Poland and their LNG ports. Those proposed EU rules pertaining to the pipeline ownership, control of, transhipping of and distribution of said product shows who is proposing this. I wonder if Total, BP and their ilk have anything to do with it? Those that believe that in the end the Europeans will opt for slowly delivered, very expensive and likely undependable US shale gas are likely to be disappointed.

Jens Holm

To me its in middle. Europe should go faster and better into wind, solar power and spending the produced one much better. There is a pan for it.

That gas is not popular at all but only acceptable if we have to(Denmark, Sweden).

Makrons themselves has to invest in the own part too., the artcle by that make sense.

I dont get the USA connection. The needed changes for France is an EU thing into a less protective economy. They are not like USA at all. France fx have a strong centralized state which actually is running to much and the opposite of, what USA do. France also have “a nicer social face” taken much more care of its inhabitants(apart from manuy of the freebee incommings).

Stavros Hadjiyiannis

Wind and solar are not real solutions. They are only made partially possible by tremendously costly state subsidies.

Jens Holm

Thats not correct at all any more. More then 200 days a year Denmark produce all electricity for ourselves and export as well. When we have no wind or not much of it, we can pay for import by that.

The prices for electricity are on a market, where all kinds of making electricity compte in prices. Its true some money are given for establishing wind power systems, but from day one it give plus.

If other power plant systems are build, almost all are given money from states, EU and others as well.

Its also no supllement, when You today with no problems can cover much more and are building more mills. The days are gooing up too, because they store by batteries.

Furthermore a lot of transportation has to be covered by electricity. It also is ignored we pay for cleaning for pollution and becomes more clean by that.

You might look more to fx smog in china and india and see how busy their docters are in health.

People are not stupid. So many things corrode. When I lived in Copenhagen we could get 2 kinds of TV antennas as long time and short time. The difference in the City was made by sulphur in coal and a lot of things could not grow because of lead in the fuel for cars as well as heating.

So You WAS CORRECT. You can find maps, where windpower is a good and a bad idea, but the good regions are growing because of devellopment.




Stavros Hadjiyiannis

I suspect that many in the German deep state want to derail Nord Stream II. They may use the “European Unity” angle in order to stop Nord Stream II.


macron, the dirty gerontophil, has lost the grip and is now flailing like the ugly duckling and nowhere to go . italy laughs at him and soon merkel will do the same. there is no comeback from the dark and inhospitable cellar he presently is occupying. but I suppose, being an outright gerontophil he will find solace at home in the elysee place.


France has a serious internal political crisis, even if the newspapers speak only of Venezuela, there is a ban on demonstrations that do not exist in Venezuela and have complained to Italy because it supports the Yellow gillet while they, without shame, support Guaidò.

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