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Macron: Any French Strikes Will Target Assad’s Chemical Weapons Stocks

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Macron: Any French Strikes Will Target Assad's Chemical Weapons Stocks

French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech during his inauguration at the handover ceremony at the Elysee Palace in Paris, May 14, 2017.

French President Emmanuel Macron says any French strikes on Syria would target “target chemical weapons” stocks allegedly belonging to the Syrian government.

On April 10, Macron said he supports a “strong and joint response” to the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian town of Douma on April 7, which the US and its allies blamed on the Assad government.

The French president added that the final decision on possible Syria strikes will be made in the coming days in coordination with the US and the UK.

“Our decision will not target allies of the regime or attack anyone but rather attack the regime’s chemical capabilities,” he said, insisting he did “not want an escalation”.

Macron also claimed that that the use of chemical weapons is a “red line” for France. Unfortunately, he forgot to show at least some proofs that the Assad government had been behind the alleged incident. Maybe because no investigation was conducted by the US and its allies….

Four Seconds Until World War 3

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If France is foolish enough to attack locations where imaginary stocks are ,will the French losses be worth acting in a Pantomime with the US and UK ?

OR does Macron realise the US and UK have created a fake in the hope it will become real :)


He’ll help further the illusion as they’ll claim anything they bombed was a weapons facility; justifying more escalation for the “good war.”

Elmarie Muller

Listen to this imperialist son of a bitch.The best education he ever reaceved was sodomising men and women.

Wolfgang Wolf

somebody please beat this stupid french frog eater to death? you have NO RIGHT to bomb anybody outside your fucking shithole country


Russia will simply limit itself to provide necessary protection to the military installations under their control in Syria in the event of a US/NATO strike (specifically Tartus Naval facility and Khmeimim Airbase); however, these Russian installations are not the targets nor will American cruise missiles or coalition fighter jets fly over those areas. Moreover, the Russian military won’t provide any tangible assistance to Assad forces, Russian mercenaries, IRGC or Hezbollah since that was not part of the Kremlin strategy for such scenario (in a few words, they are on their own).

Information coming from Syria confirms the evacuation of all Russian personnel from a number of military installations and airports controlled by the Assad regime, additionally of relocating military aircraft and mobile air defence systems to safer areas: these forces are preparing themselves without too much hope for an overwhelming and devastating military strike that will be carried out by the US, France and the United Kingdom.


I am affraid u could be right


The latest language from the Russian defense stated a response to attacks on the SYRIAN government, no longer mentioning just Russian forces. Russia will follow through on it’s promise to target the missiles and launchers of any attacker intent on military action in support of terrorists fighting against the Russian, Syrian, Turkish and Iranian defenders. There will be no holding off on a response. This is why the missing-link-knuckle-dragging-psychopaths in Washington are looking for their vassal states to do the dying with them, as they somehow feel security in numbers. It won’t spare them in any case. I’ve watched the diplomatic language from Russia grow stronger and stronger in content, the same with the Russian defense establishment. This latest false statement about CW use in Douma, where the Russians have already verified that no CWs were used at the alleged site, is the final straw. It looks like the US is about to learn what war is really about, no more to be protected by their geographical location if they begin this last great war of annihilation of the planet’s peoples under false pretenses. Like all great wars, stupid and started by the dumbest of the dumb i.e., the missing-link-knuckle-draggers masquerading as leaders of democratic countries.


Words are cheap- especially when they lack specifics, as all the words coming from Russian leaders lack. They are but the weasel words of all politicians. The empty promises that any election witnesses.

I’ve told you the words Putin COULD say that would have meaning- that would change everything- but he never utters these words.

IF Putin was prepared to shoot down American assets, it is ESSENTIAL he says so in public in the clearest way possible- for only then would there be a chance for the threat to make a psoitive difference. But Team Saker always jewsplains why Putin can ‘never’ do this.

Every crappy nation next to Russia the West can manipulate has been brought into NATO- and each becomes untouchable by Russia as a result. Yet Syria, an IMPORTANT nation in its region, is not offered a place in the Russian Federation- how VERY curious.

The Saker has jewsplained, using every fake excuse under the Sun, why obviously Putin cannot do what the West/NATO does every day. Yet the very second Syria is in the RF, all NATO threats against it VANISH- INSTANTLY. That’s how NATO and the RF operate.

So if zionist appeaser Putin won’t fight, why doesn’t he take the path of peace, and move Syria into the RF. Cos the jews do not want this. THE JEWS FORBID IT. And zionist appeaser Putin will never go against world jewry (like how we are watching world jewry tell the British Labour party who may and may not be a member).

jerry hamilton

And your words are cheaper than most.
I always read the first line. Only the first line.


You are already magnanimous.
For me just to read the name is enough to feel to block it !


Starlight’s words may be … undiplomatic, but is he wrong or is he just saying that which people don’t want to hear? There is much in the Empire’s posture indicating that they are about to embark on a major war. There is much in Russia’s posture indicating that they do NOT anticipate such a development. Accordingly, one expects that there will be war, but as one-way traffic: the Empire whacks Syria and maybe a couple Iranians in the bargain. Russia has been told to stay out of this and is learning its proper place.


The worst possible scenario in my opinion and I hope your wrong but it is a very real possibility, and personally I cannot see Russia be able to do anything about it. Would be good see China step up to the plate.


Well yes, whatever Russia’s failings in Syria (which seem to be mostly political, the people on the ground have been stellar), at least they are there and visible. China was just happy to see Russia weakened a bit at the time of their gas negotiations. Now *finally* it seems to dawn on Moscow and Beijing “shouldn’t we have gotten serious two years ago?”

roger temple

You are brave to read even the first line. When I see the nickname I just move on.


your words are anti-Russian like those coming from the West establishment and you are faking being anti-Zionist, this mounting aggression will be interesting (although tragic and unlawful) and it may finally tip Russia over from being co-operative and constructive in international afairs


“..it is ESSENTIAL he says so in public..”

He did, at his state address to the Russian nation televised for all of the world to see and hear.

Jews, Jews, Jews….. get a life! You obviously don’t understand the difference between Jews and Zionists. This is about the US Empire seeking to rule the world. Today already, an ambassador of Russia in Lebanon has reiterated that a strike on Syria will be responded to by the Russian state by shooting down the missiles and destroying their launchers. Putin doesn’t lie. Russians don’t want war, but if the US insists on it, it is ready to end the aggressor’s role permanently. What that means for all of us sane folks, is the end of humanity on planet Earth. Putin and Russians realized this, so they try, seemingly in vain, to get their message across to the US in non-threatening ways. If you notice the language today, it has changed with the Russian government finally realizing that the only language missing-link-knuckle-dragging-psychopaths understand is force. It sincerely hopes there’s intelligent life somewhere deep in the bowels of the Deep State running the US government, but I have my doubts.


Finally – the Caps Lock has been turned off – yet you still couldn’t help yourself and had to go bold. Behaviorally, this would suggest narcissistic tendencies – a compulsion and self delusion that your posts must stand out.

jerry hamilton

Gosh… Talking to Twatlord like that…..
You can’t upset him. He is paid to post shlt on the forums to try and confuse people.
As long as he gets paid he couldn’t give a ****

Ariel Cohen

Couldn’t give an extra wank you mean …?

jerry hamilton

Oh I think he would if you paid him.
He is after all only here because he is paid to be.
That’s why he takes all the abuse.


The Israel and Saudi Kingdom spend money to massacre Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian and Yamani nations.
US, UK and France not only selling weapons but they also takes money for killing civilians in the world.


Always thought how CIA/MOSAD work, thanks


Hehe..a few missiles on some installations is like when a mosquito bites you :D


France has a long and terrible history helping the worst forces Humanity has thrown into power. In reality, France was a willing ally of Nazi Germany during WW2, but in the 20th century France also gave active assistance to the slaving powers in Africa and the Middle East- building their slave fortresses, arming the slavers, and assisting the movement of slaves from East Africa to the arab states (for use as rape slaves in the ‘harems’). This didn’t even end in 1962, when Saudi Arabia (under American pressure) finally ended the LEGALITY of rape slaves in the kingdom. No- France then built secure compounds across france where the oil sheiks could safely take their personel collections of rape slaves- and these compounds are in use in France to this day.

France was directly complicit in the most recent genocide- that of the Tutsi by the Hutus. Rwanda was proof France will never change its spots. Recent trials highlighting that child rape is LEGAL in France also tell us all we need to know about french morality. No teacher in France is ever imprisoned for having sex with his pupils.

But the usual frog reticence in joining the yanks in their butchery is based on the french not wanting to burn bridges. So this time you KNOW the frogs know Assad is going down for good. This ain’t a little action. This is an Iraq/Libya style assault that doesn’t end til Assad is dead, and all remnants of the syrian government made ashes.

As zionist appeaser Putin gibbers and whimpers in a corner, even the Saudis have now asked to be part of the strike force. You think they’d do that if there was a one-in-a-million chance of Russia defending Syria?

Ariel Cohen

France was a willing ally of Nazi Germany during WW2 ? – What Starlight? Which history book did you did that out of? The Vichy government became an ally of Germany, but the vast majority of French were never willing allies . .

jerry hamilton

Just ignore the jew troll.
She gets paid to come on forums and try and induce confusion.
Probably a single mother desperate for the money.

Ariel Cohen

A single settler mom on welfare ..?

jerry hamilton

That’s what I was thinking.
In all fairness, if that’s what it takes…. You got to do it.
She is a pest but you can live with it.
I don’t think she enjoys it.


aren’t kibbutz meals free?


Ducon, souvez vous ou un peut court de memoire?Vél’ d’Hiv : comment a été organisée la rafle – Article – Francetv …
https://education.francetv.fr › Époque contemporaine › Première
12 janv. 2015 – Le 16 juin 1942, en accord avec les forces d’occupation, les autorités de Vichy acceptent de livrer 22 000 juifs de la région parisienne….

Ariel Cohen

Ducon, 10 million Russians were arrested by the Bolshevik authorities and massacred between 1917 – 1924. So exactly what is your point? The Vichy government and some of the French people collaborated
with Germany. This does not mean that all French agreed with the alignment, as was very obvious from the aftermath of WW2 and the new French government they installed led by Charles de Gaulle . .




Ducon du Crif, these Bolsheviks were jews, this is a wellknown fact in your Zion community !

Ariel Cohen

Ducon du Crif, le nom que j’utilise, c’est juste un nom de plume. Comprenez vous Monsieur? Pourquoi supposez-vous je suis Sioniste?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The French Vichy like many governments were willing to ally with Germany during that time as Germany did have a just cause to correct a vindictive and unjust peace treaty.

Tarciso Ribeiro

Go fuck yourself Macron,Crayon,Wake up Syria is not a French colony.

jim crowland



No- but the french ALWAYS join in with the circle of bullying thugs kicking the helpless victim on the ground IF they are certain the victim is to be kicked to DEATH, and not allowed to live.

You see the frogs are SMART. If the victim is to be given a kicking but allowed to live, one day the victim may become powerful and seek revenge. The basis of most famous frog novels.

And this implies, of course, that the frogs have been told by the yanks and brits that Assad is to be “kicked to death” this time. So you know just how bad this coming war on Syria (WAR, not attack) is going to be.


Acting tough in front of his “mother” , freak.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

What the hell is this boy faggot (he /is/ a notorious homosexual) talking about? There are no Syrian “chemical capabilities.” (And what the hell does that ambiguity mean?) France has been neck deep in Syria since the US first invaded it with their terrorist mercenaries. I think they have one aircraft carrier too many…


French politicians have no honor, morality etc. etc. Look at what Sarkozy did after getting money from Gadafi to win his election…. turned around and stabbed him in the back. Such is the honor and morality of those that supposedly lead the French people into murdering peaceful peoples of other countries while subjecting it’s own citizens to ‘no-go zones’ and terrorist revenge attacks.

jerry hamilton

Lol. Tony Blair did so much better.


And Tony Blair is at it again wanting the UK to take on Russia. Some people are not only psychopathic throw backs, but complete and utter imbeciles as well!


He is saying “prove a negative” (which is logically impossible) and then we stop bombing you. So HE isn’t stupid- you are for not even getting the purpose of the trick used.


He backed himself into a rhetorical ditch with the “prove a negative” though. He said he would only bomb the stockpiles. If the stockpiles don’t exist or he doesn’t know where they are then no bombing.


Thats correct, in 2011 already french Special forces 13e RDP have being arrested in Syria and are still deployed following Turkish media who published the bases !


Macaroni thinks he’s Napoleon.

He’s just a Bankster former Goldman Sachs.

Wolfgang Wolf

Macaroni is still thinking, his shithole country is still colonist of Syria…


I like that– Macaroni . . .


Till this time the US, UK and France butchers cannot justify that why they have invaded Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and so many countries and have butchered millions of innocents and have destroyed these countries beyand recovery and now these butchers ordering to Assad that don’t eliminate ISIS and Al-Qaeda terrorists viruses because they doing great job for them without their intervention.


The Syrian terrorist linked White Helmets civil defense group have reported to US that the Syrian forces have dropped chlorine-filled munitions on civilians. They have made some staged footages in Syria that people trust on it. For these stage shows they can murder civilians also to assure that the insidence is true. These fake chemical attacks propaganda will also become headlines in MSM when SAA and allies will liberating other pockets from terrorists but these would not effect SAA advance against terrorists.


He knows how many millions of Humans France has helped exterminate across two centuries, and wants his chance to add to the number. This and the fact that the jews have made it clear Assad is finally going down this time, so France’s hatred of bridge burning doesn’t apply with Syria any more.

The blitz on Syria is not going to stop til Assad is gone- this isn’t an action for a day or even a week- this action will be worse than the first Gulf War, and more like cross between that war and the second, cos the end goal is the final total NATO invasion of Syria, already begun when zionist appeaser Putin allowed NATO to invade from the East in the form of Turkey.


US should have to provide the evidence to attack Syrian nation. UN security council have rejected US resolution because Russia have vetoed the resolution So now Trump, May and Macron would unilaterally invade Syrian nation without investigation and proof, just on fake allegations and obviously Israel will also invade Syria because they don’t want a strong country close to Israel because then they cannot slaughter Palestinians. It is so easy to take out a single Muslim country one by one instead of all Muslim countries together.

jim crowland

President Macron: what is taking you so long to send a message to gas addicted Assad


That’s ridiculous because Syria got rid of all its chemical weapons a few years ago. Syria “de-fanged” itself on that front – probably because the west/Israel wanted to prevent future complications for their eventual bombing of Syria. So they made Syria easier to bomb by removing those, yet will still use false accusations of chemical weapons as an excuse for bombing.
This shows that cooperation with the west/UN only buys time but at the same time paves the road for the west’s possible future attacks.


True. Perfect example was Gaddafi.


Assad keeps them deep in your rectum!


Any Russian strike will target French launch capabilities.


hahahahhahahahahaha!!! Russians love the frogs almost as much as they love the jews. So no, the frogs have nothing to fear from Putin.

jerry hamilton

I know you have a job to do but do it quieter.


Putin should establish no fly zone over Syria for illegal intruders. Without wasting time, from now Russia should choose the targets in Israel, in UK, in US and in the sea. This war could be nuclear.
Putin should be up otherwise the consequences for Russia would be worst than Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. If Russia win then US, UK and France may break which Israel don’t want.


If it comes to that (and all the signs are pointing to it being the case) as hinted by Nyahoo and responded by Putin way back in 200? this war will be nuclear and regional.


More than ever I like the idea of a cruise missile on the French La Farge Cement Plant, today.


The butchers Trump, May, Macron are the mouthpieces of Netanyahu. They want that Assad should not fight these terrorists because they are working as Washington have told them.
Now they want to wash whole land of Middle East with blood but Russia does not like this. As an honour Russia will defend whole Middle East.


Those chemical stocks must be stored together with Saddams weapons of mass destruction.


Probably safely stored either in Israel or Porton Downs.


Sigh- non-idiots KNOW why the bad guys always say you have to ‘prove a negative’ (which is impossible). Did your ‘funny’ (not) comment do ANYTHING to help the situation. God, the quality of comments in this forum are so very poor.


comment image




I was thinking the same thing. He obviously has “Intel” about where these CW stocks are. I bet if he asked politely he could just ring up Assad and schedule an appointment to have a look.


I am afraid that, for Mac-ron, the chemical stock is in Assad house, and he must have wide and enough evidence about this. The western media will take care about convince the stupid people about this.

You can call me Al

Perhaps they are trying to cover their own arses and bomb their own stockpiles.?

We already have proof that equipment and stockpiles have already been supplied by US, Israel and UK.


And some excellent video footage of Germany’s Chemical Arsenal in Ghouta


Those WMD are so secret that no one has ever seen them. What is the level above TOP SECRET? Non-existing?




He means that he wants the Russians to do the Judas; I hope that they blow the Vichy Air Force out the sky.


Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May are apparently in very fierce competition to prove who is the most compliant and obedient US lap-dog.


So true!


Come on Macronii, your missiles aren’t going to do much…you’re only doing this to cover your guilty faces and boost morale of your defeated militants….just get it done and over with so Assad can finish this war…Zzzzzzzzzzz

Pablo Rivera

wouldn’t an attack of this kind spread all the chemicals over a wide area?


The messaging never holds up to rationality; it keeps people emotional. It’s purpose here is clever, now every French airstrike is some horrible “facility.” Thereby adding to the pile of nonsense evidence for propaganda use.

jerry hamilton

What chemicals?
There will no doubt be a shitload once America gets there.


OOO what a brave declaration!….We will attack something that doesnt exist….translation=we will do nothing like usual….


French President Emmanuelle Macroni says any French strikes on Syria would target “Chemical weapons” stocks allegedly belonging to the Syrian government…

Actually Mister Jupiter is saying:

I am NOT going to attack Syria, because I know that they don’t have Chemical Weapons… Wise decision Mister Macroni Fuck Off out of Syria…He Trump..how many Allies you got left?


I see the French are having a hard time just like USA in electing a decent intelligent human being.to office It wears a nice suit but unfortunately there is nothing of manhood in it. So many narcissistic maggots in power these days . . . , , ,

Gregory Casey

You Turd Macron ………… where precisely are these “Chemical Weapons” stocks? Are you talking of the stocks confiscated from the Jihadi Salafist Terrorists or those currently in their possession? Or …… maybe you can lift the telephone and simply ask the White Helmets where they are!

Robert Duran

How is this news. The West is renowned for bombing ghosts. Remember when they bombed ISIS for 2 years and it kept growing

Joe Dokes

Probably that France is getting in on the action and Putin doesn’t like it.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Somebody tell him to bomb MI6’s chemical weapons stocks piles inside of the UK-Empire.
MI6 and the SAS gas people all the time around the world, including the ex double spy was poisoned by SAS agents working for their MI6 masters who give them mad money for it.

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