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Maarat Al-Numan Is Liberated By Syrian Army (Map Update)

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Maarat Al-Numan Is Liberated By Syrian Army (Map Update)

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A few moments ago, the Syrian Army liberated the town of Maarat al-Numan in southeastern Idlib. The town had been the key militant stronghold in this part of Idlib proivnce.

The liberation of Maarat al-Numan opens a route for further operations against radicals in the sothern part of the Idlib de-escalation zone. The next likely target of the Syrian Army offensive is Kafr Nubl.

The situation is developing.


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After I get my financial house in order I will donate. If I could find enough people that wanted to overthrow the Plutocracy of the 1%, we would all have more money ha, ha.


Oh yeah! Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

Xoli Xoli

Eventually very good indeed.Know closed Turkey borders with Syria completely.


Once the town is made safe by the SAA, it will be revealing as to the opinions of the locals in the town with regard to their Liberation.

In Kahn Sheikhoun the locals were very happy to be liberated from the US/NATO backed terror and extortion gangs.


Based on information from intelligence in terrorist-occupied areas, almost all civilians under terrorist rule are unhappy with terrorist rulers, they want SAA to free them from these terrorists even though they keep their wishes secret, because if the terrorists know that they will be shot on the spot. What good is living under the rulers who will shoot you just because they don’t get enough sleep at night, or their food is not good so their mods are bad and make you the target of their anger? This is not propaganda, this is the reality that is happening on the ground.


Fear has always been the prime method of control because it is relatively cheap. We all fear the consequences of what we do if it ‘breaks the law’ BUT when sociopaths are used to control the general public by their masters, the sociopathic US/UK/Turkish elite in this case, the abuse of the general public greatly increases.

Sociopathic leaders also create laws that increase tax collections to the levels of serfdom, and it its extreme, slavery.


That’s right mate. A very good explanation.


Thank’s, Joe.

Toni Liu

Yes thats right because the terrorist lover one already in turk or in europe because they know there are no hope living under terrorist and hate living under assad rule because their terrorist ideology


There are still a few terrorist lovers in Idlib, but they also won’t last long, join the terrorists then die, or flee to Turkey.

Toni Liu

After this saa recent development, only terrorist combatant family will be remain there, but non combatant one already left to turk border, turk, or europe


Good news like this music to my ears!


Thanks to the effort, sacrifice and determination of SAA and all its brave allies, who fought day and night without much rest time, all for the return of a safe, prosperous and peaceful Syrian state. Never give up. Keep going, your land is yours, take it back!


Next stop: Jisr al Shoghur.


I hope some of the heroes of the 2015 hospital siege will be among the storming troops. Coming back with a promise.

Toni Liu

I remember little about that old tragedy, could you give some flashback about that


It was one of the most highly important event to SAA prestige back then. About 300 SAA soldiers were trapped in a besieged hospital along with all medical staff and wounded citizens. For weeks the army struggled to break the siege while the terrorists were getting more and more funding. The garrison fought valiantly against a superior enemy (back then) to protect the hospital staff. Suheil Al-Hassan himself famously made a desperate plea to Assad to send more ammunition. Ultimately, they managed to break the siege, and the garrison and all staff were evacuated.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s the entrance to hell you know, it will be the stop.

Pemba Sherpa

More bad news for the US. More bad news for the fake jews.


Well done them Syrians.


bravo SAA excellent work https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/33a66229e342c20105de03cdd64c4b356b003727bac2ad7d2775af20935dd4f6.jpg

Liberal guy

Allah ho akbar enemies left flank is broken destroyed out flanked now push to their centre will also attacking the cowards right flank kabani


Keep on going, none stopping at all, not cease fire any more.


What is happening to those isolated and surrounded Turkish outposts in areas re-occupied by Syrian Army in Idlib Province areas?


Nothing. And what is suppose to “happen”? It is probably not regulated by Asatna agreement the situation where the terrorist have retreated. So they have nothing to “observe” now. But also they have no obligation (by the agreement) to go back. Sot they just sit there and wait. Why “re-occupied” by SAA and not liberated instead?


Same thing….it was Syrian land to begin with then they lost it to those Islamic terrorist groups….now they have recaptured and re-occupied some of those same lands. I see it as similar meanings —-> ..liberated, re-occupied, recovered, freed etc etc

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That didn’t take long did it, and there’s still easy pickings down south, cleanup time.

That car bomb in Azaz 4 days ago must have done some real damage, the Turks are still bombing Russian held territory in retaliation 4 days later, the ALF certainly must have hit a Turkish soft spot with that one.

And as we’re all paying close attention to Idlib and Aleppo, Erdogan’s sneakily beefing up his forces in Al Hasakah, huge numbers of reinforcements and equipment are heading there now, and they can’t be a response to SDF/YPG attacks, there haven’t been any of that much importance, something’s afoot.

The UN is only going to provide humanitarian relief to Idlib for another 5 and a half months, that means the UN is expecting the problems/conflict to be sorted out by then, and yesterday the syrialiveuamaps reported a FSA statement,

“TFSA says Ankara operations room warned them in Khan Tuman that Syrian government will attack in the next 2 days based in agreements between Turkey and Syria. TFSA will have no support from Turkey to repel attacks. But there’s no one left to fight other than foreign Jihadists.”

This is a very revealing statement from the FSA, it confirms that a deal has been done to relinquish at least certain sections of Idlib back to the SAA, and the fact the UN is ending all aid to Idlib in less than 6 months, more or less confirms that Idlib is about to return to government control. The NFL, ALF, and the SNA must already be confirming to the new deal as they haven’t been doing any fighting near Idlib over the last few days, at least not anything they’ve taken credit for, but there have been a few grad rocket attacks in the area and the terrorists don’t have that sort of equipment, only the Turkish backed moderate opposition does, so they may still be active but keeping it quiet. The curious thing about the statement is this,

“TFSA says Ankara operations room warned them in Khan Tuman that Syrian government will attack in the next 2 days based in agreements between Turkey and Syria.”

They never ever say between Turkey and Syria, they always say between Moscow/Russia and Turkey, this is the first time I’ve seen a statement like this, totally unprecedented, so I wonder if it’s just an error on the journo’s part [I doubt it], or if it’s a striking new development that we just don’t know about, I’m betting on it being a striking new development, and also hoping.

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