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M4 Highway Remains Blocked Less Than A Day Before First Planned Russian-Turkish Patrol (Video)


For the second day in a row, opposition supporters and activists in Greater Idlib continued their sit-in on the M4 highway in southern Idlib.

The sit-in began on March 13. The protesters are planning to prevent Russian and Turkish forces from conducting joint patrols on the highway in order to sabotage the recent Turkish-Russian agreement on Greater Idlib. Under the agreement, the first patrol should take place on March 15.

A unit of the Turkish military made an attempt to end the sit-in and open the highway on March 14 noon. However, the protesters refused to evacuate, forcing the unit to retreat.

The sit-in is by no mean peaceful, the protesters threatened to target any Russian unit that would approach the M4 highway. The threats were not limited to the protesters. A large unit of the Sham Corps, the biggest Turkish-backed group in Greater Idlib, released also a statement threatening Russian forces.

“Any Russian patrol that would enter our land will be a target for us,” the unit, known as the Ahl al-Sham Brigade, said in its statement.

Reopening the M4 highway, that links the coastal city of Lattakia with Aleppo city, is the keystone of the Russian-Turkish agreement on Greater Idlib.

Turkey is clearly making efforts to reopen the highway. However, this will not likely happen as radical militants are dominating in the area. Turkish forces appear to be unwilling to confront these militants.




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  • John

    The sticks coming fellas, I would move out of the way if I were you.

  • T0rkishMotherLover

    I will translate for you what those goes said in front of a camera : ” we invite RUAF to bomb the sh1t out of all of us , as they did it previously , thx and good bye”

    • John


    • Fair treatment

      They will…
      Time makes everything..
      And probably Erdogan he will be assassinated as well..
      I know that he has a bounty on his head.
      Dead or alive..
      Is at 30 milion dollars at the moment. You can find about it on dark web..

    • SnowCatzor

      Sounds correct to me.

  • Al Balog

    These are most likely radicalized internal migrants sent by the USA from their Al-Tanf camp. The USA is hell-bent on disrupting the Russia-Turkey deal, and are using these protests to fulfill their wet dream. An article in Russian, but very interesting if you translate it. A deserter caught by Syrian intelligence said that the United States is sending militants to Idlib. These so-called “moderate protests” are nothing more than a desperate American ploy:


    • Ronald

      Looking for that ‘photo moment’ of “Russia bombing Syrians” for the War- Press.
      The Patrol can simply drive around them, they are not obliged to remain on the road.

    • Thanks for posting the link. It’s a highly informative article.

    • BMWA1

      Exactly Pentagon pay roll

  • gustavo

    What it is totally clear and obvious is that sooner or later, Russia patrol will be bombed by terrorists supported by Turkey. Then, what ?

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      The same thing that happens every time the Turkish backed terrorists attack the Russian bases with grad rockets or drones, a massive retaliatory airstrike, it happens every time.

  • Fair treatment

    They will definitely be annihilated by Russia commandos..
    This people are scum of the world..

  • Fuckturkius Sraloukranius

    Just hit one Russian patrol and give Russia reason to eliminate you, freaks, to exterminate your families!!!

  • Fuckturkius Sraloukranius


  • Vitex

    Those Brave Turks were pretty quick to turn around, I thought. What are you so scared of, Mustafa?

    • goingbrokes

      Lol! They are experts at pretending to do the right thing, but actually accomplishing nothing. A life of gestures.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Erdogan does not want free Syria into to steal Syrian oil jointly with Israel and USA.

  • SnowCatzor

    So basically they’re ‘protesting’ a highway being reopened? Why? Are they that desperate to get even the slightest victory?

  • Boxman

    What a rediculous joke this has all become. Joint patrols? Separating out “moderates” and “jihadists”. Pfft. What a rediculous joke this has all become. I’m reminded of Stalin in the months leading up to Operation Barbarossa (the German invasion of the USSR in 1941). Stalin was in such a state of denial about the looming German attack that he ignored obvious, unambiguous warning signs that clearly showed what was coming. Stalin, arrogant and surrounded by yes-men, preferred to bury his head in the sand. We all know how that turned out.

    Erdogan, in his preparations to backstab Russia, is being about as subtle as Hitler in 1941. The Turks military preparations are as obvious as the German preparations to invade Russia in 1941, that is, obvious to anyone that isn’t a complete fool. Seriously WTF? Is Putin surrounded by yes-men, too?


      Stalin saved more lives than the incest spawners,he tried to avert wat but contary to what you think,the end result was a crushing victory to stalin,thus world peace more than not ok!
      Putin is smarter than you’ll ever be,in the end he already decimated the cia oil trade in europe!
      Fkn oath snap it!

  • Jaime Alberto GALARZA CASTANED

    These people are Turkish puppets. It is basically theatrics this “respect” that Turks have for the scum. During the day they protest. At night they are terrorists.


    Ah yes,the axis of resistance,Just after Putin fk ponzi cia/oil to europe,seeya liberal/nazi/usa/cia
    So no money so then they must protest and along with their stinktanks who thinkeths all smarter and stronger mentally than Putin,left in their wake,to mimmick only about impossible nazi valour?
    Isn’t this great no nwo/oil trade,sauds and russians to fill the void and trump will buy big discount for usa! Smart buisness is just that,sure beats the living hell like hitler/nwo wasting all that money
    fknover everything in sight,This is why god favoured stalin not incest loser bum hitler,history is there to teach valuable lesson,never underestimate what you don’t know,it may get you killed!

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    We were all told pigs could fly, LOL, can they.
    I kept pointing out they couldn’t, but everyone said shut up and trust the Russians, pigs really can fly, LOL, no they can’t, not unless you put a bomb underneath them and light the fuse, then they can fly but only for a little while.
    Some of the things we’ve been told over the last few days concerning the M4 highway have been incredulous to say the least, bias certainly suspends some people’s ability to reason and use logic, I seem to have been the only one questioning the validity if nearly all the claims being made on SF by the Russians, and also pointing out the reasons they were just nothing but nonsense, USING KNOWN FACTS.
    Bit by bit the truth is coming out now, but sadly it’s something we should’ve all known in the first place, we shouldn’t need them to explain why it was actually an impossibility in the first place, we all knew it deep down but didn’t want to admit it, we liked the sound of their story too much.
    They always knew they couldn’t reopen the highway for everyone’s use but didn’t want to tell you, they always knew the deal was we get the M5 and the Turks get the M4, but that’s not what the readers wanted to hear, so you got a load of confusing propaganda instead, that’s the biggest truth I can tell you and you won’t want to hear.

    “The Emperor has new clothes, come and see”,

    “Yes look at his magnificent new robes, they’re spectacular”

    Sadly it’s the people who were fooled this time, the Emperor is actually naked and he knows it, it’s the people who don’t.


      Problem is you lacketh truth,exposed as another enemy of peace,but thats ok!let the nwo stinkers think they have won,either way cia stinktanks have been outdone by russia,like it or not!
      Bottom line no more oil buisness in europe,britain begins drilling,kweer green lose,soros lose,eu-epp lose,deep state lose,bad news for lgbtq church of england condemn same sex marriage,Putin oblitirates evil with the fist of god in fury,but nonbinaries forget about his mercy!
      Want instant results feminist man,stick to pc games,leave it for the real men in the know to trade!

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        The problem is I’m the only one telling the truth, and I’m trying to show simpletons like you the truth too, but you ignore the truth and revel in lies instead.
        Go for a drive on the M4, and while you’re driving switch on the radio and listen to some news, and pay particular attention to what all the OPEC nations are doing to upset Russia now, and you say the NWO has been outdone, LOL, you simpleton, the Russians are producing oil at a loss atm, they can’t make a profit while prices are so low, things are actually getting bad for Russia, but you’re totally oblivious to it, so just keep singing and dancing while Rome catches fire.
        You’re right about the LGBTQI crew, they all live in a fantasy world, but so do you, so that must make you as gay as the people you’re criticizing.


    Pigs cant fly,but russians sure as hell may and no matter what soros bots say,that is the real truth ok!

  • cechas vodobenikov

    the cave dwelling amerikan HTS cretins threaten and then scurry away—the pitiful f-35 cannons cannot accurately target anything…like the amerikans, HTS can only target civilians…despite US sanctions…obviously count-productive, Russia, China, etc continue to thrive…Galtung predicts that the US empire will collapse in less than 10 years

    • Ivan Freely

      The sooner the collapse, the sooner the people can rebuild the nation; after purging that cesspit called DC.


    Us empire is on life support allready for a long time,they are like their teorrists wired to self destruct,
    can happen any day,moneys on after trumps next victory,nothing any nwos can do can save fake money,stocks and shares,here on in the best deal backed by solid foundations + works develops,as they the opposed synalouges of satans passover like the renmants of nocando ethics they represent!

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Don’t you read real news, the US economy is doing well under Trump, they’re exporting heaps of cheap oil for the market, and they’ve just conned all the OPEC nations to do the same as well, and they’re also all ramping up production levels too, so do you have any idea what that means for Russia’s export revenue, I do, the Russians aren’t making any money out of their oil now.
      You’re singing and dancing as Rome’s catching fire, what world do you live in, start reading some real news for a change.
      I’m upset with the US and OPEC for doing what they’ve done, I understand just how much this is going to hurt the Russian economy, but you haven’t got a clue what’s going on, Russia’s getting slapped silly atm and you’re saying Russia’s actually doing well, check Russia’s export revenue figures in a months time and tell me they’re doing well then.
      You’re claiming you’re actually pro Russian and anti NWO but you’re not, you just think you are.