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Lukashenko Says He Will Meet Putin Shortly, Proclaims End Of “Cold” In Belarus-US Relations

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Lukashenko Says He Will Meet Putin Shortly, Proclaims End Of "Cold" In Belarus-US Relations

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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that he would meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on February 7th.

“Most likely, on February 7 we will meet with President Putin. A moment of truth has come. We were the initiators of these relations, and we could be the ones to break them,” he told reporters.

Earlier, the Kremlin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov noted that contacts with Lukashenko were not planned in the near future, but the leaders of the two countries could quickly meet if it were needed.

The presidents of Russia and Belarus last met at the end of last year. Then Lukashenko said that “there were a couple of problems” that need to be resolved at the highest level. And it primarily relates to oil supplies. Minsk and Moscow cannot yet agree on prices for oil supplies to Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly stated the search for alternative sources. In particular, he said that Minsk could begin to receive American or Saudi oil through Poland via the Druzhba trunk pipeline.

At the same time, the Polish pipe operator PERN said that it was not technically possible to transport oil while maintaining supplies to its refineries.

Lukashenko’s announcement of a potential meeting came on the day after he met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who visited Minsk. This marked the first time in 25 years that a US Secretary of State has visited Belarus.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced that the period of “cold” in the relations between Belarus and the USA was over.

Lukashenko said he does not understand the concerns of the Russian Federation regarding the visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Minsk, because in the republic they rejoice when Russians and Americans “hug and kiss.”

“Russia has taken care of it. And what, have we done more with America than with Russia? You look: they try to kiss them passionately. It’s impossible, really. Are we worried? We rejoice for them when they hug and kiss. Here is the whole some scandal was raised: oh, the secretary of state arrived,” he said.

He emphasized the right of Belarus as a sovereign country to pursue an independent foreign policy, including building close relations with the United States. “Or did we harm Russia with this? No,” Lukashenko said.

The President noted that he would not call the Americans “great friends” of Belarus.

“But the period of this cold, when we looked at each other through some embrasure, a reinforced concrete thick wall, is over. And no one needs to moan, worry and sob,” Lukashenko said. He emphasized that Belarus is establishing relations with “the greatest empire – the leading country in the world.”

He also talked about close contacts with Pompeo when he was still the head of the CIA.

“If we declassify all the materials, the world will applaud us. Pompeo and I, when he was the director of the CIA, carried out serious operations here. They contacted us, gave us information. We detained people here at the border with nuclear materials. And we detained them without their help. And this was the number one issue for them,” Lukashenko said.

Regarding Russia, Lukashenko added that he would like “the most warm, kind and friendly relations with the fraternal people”, but Russia did not transfer Belarus to domestic Russian energy prices, although it allegedly promised to do so, when it bought Beltransgaz.


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Rhodium 10

Belarus wants the same advantages as if it were part of Russia…but at the same time dont allow Russian military bases and further support… thats to appear independent!… but in geopolitical strategy….yo can be White or Black..but not Grey!…




Davos….money laundry for the empire , and many many other things… . Switzerland is a part of empire .


He’s a Slavic Erdogan. Playing every side possible.

John Brown

He is another idiot like Viktor Yanukovych who thinks he can make nice with a satanic judeo parana puppet USSA.. They will kiil him ASAP and try to have another coup.

Probably better for Russia to raise oil prices and overthrow this idiot first in a manner like Equador etc. except it will save the people of Belarus. from a Ukraine / Syria scenario.

Peter Jennings

President Lukashenko is putting his trust in the wrong people. This will inevitably dawn on him. The US will entice him to station US weapons in his country. So close to Russia is bound to cause problems just as it would if Russian weapons were stationed in Canada or Mexico.

The people of Belarus will see that relying on a corrupt admin thousands of miles away isn’t going to solve problems on their doorstep. Problems that will be of US making and because of President Lukashenko not heeding the lessons learned from US involvement in the ME. They are friends now because the US isn’t barking orders. That will change and Belarus will be caught between a rock and a hard place, which is where most US alliances and promises lead.

Rafik Chauhan

lusenko will fall soon once US get inroad in Belarus.

Tommy Jensen

Lukashenko has been criticizing he cant see any difference between Russia Oligarchy and US Oligarchy, same shit, domination, sucking, usury loans, fights about leverage/influence controle.

As he write, the same groups of Oligarchy billionaires from each their camp Russia/US are kissing and hugging each other in “deals”.
So why should he not choose what is best for Belarus if there is no difference?


He should take a look at the rest of the Eastern Europe, better a US vassal than a Russia’s satelite

AM Hants

Playing off two sides. Wonder if Pompeo told him what price the US expects for the oil it has not got?


Every country is entitled to pursue their own interests, this is normal. It’s a bit different if you start playing hardball with both Russia and US. Good luck to him!


Lukashenko sounds like a real moron. Not much to say here.


Sensible fella.

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