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Lukashenko Prepares For WW3. Russia Devastates Informational Warfare Infrastructure Of Ukraine (Video)

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Lukashenko Prepares For WW3. Russia Devastates Informational Warfare Infrastructure Of Ukraine (Video)

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As the international situation deteriorates, Belarus seems to be openly prepares for the possibility of the Third World War.

On March 1, President Aleksandr Lukashenko declared that his country has activated its air defense system to prevent ‘backstabs’ to Russian forces involved in the ‘special operation’ in Ukraine.

“Air defense systems have been put on alert in order to prevent Russian troops from being hit in the back.”

“The Minister of Defense reported to me about the readiness to cover the western border with five more battalions,” Lukashenko said.

“We cannot do otherwise. We are constantly waiting for provocations from Western partners. Either in politics, or in the economy, or in the military sphere,” he added.

Luakshenko noted that the Belarusian military does not take part in the operation in Ukraine.

“The Belarusian army did not take and does not take any part in the hostilities. We can prove this to anyone. Moreover, the Russian leadership has never raised this issue with us – about our participation in the armed conflict. We are not going to participate in this special operation in Ukraine. There is no such need,” Lukashenko said, quoted by the BelTA news agency.

Despite this, the President confirmed that forces and means of the Belarusian military are concentrated in the southern direction near the border with Ukraine.

“We cover the state border from Brest to Mazyr with our own forces to prevent the penetration of radicals and weapons into the country.”

The Belarusian President described reports about ‘thousands of casualties’ in Ukraine as fake and showed to the audience an map showing the general direction of the military developments. The map shows the territory of Ukraine separated to four independent sectors. Likely these sectors are meant to present four main areas of the operation: north, east, south and west.

Taking into accounts the actions of Kiev, it seems that its only chance to ‘integrate to Europe’ is to reduce the territory of the so-called ‘democratic Ukraine’ to the far western territories bordering with Poland and other neighboring countries of this kind. It is also interesting to note that the map depicts a possibility of the Russian landing operation in Odessa, which has not happened so far.

Russian military helicopters in action:

Meanwhile, the leadership of the Kiev government and media supporting it (both local and international) remain in the state of permanent hysteria.

On March 1, President Zelensky once again repeating mantras about the help of ‘international community’ and ‘powerful strikes to the enemy’ that his forces allegedly deliver. According to the most recent screaming session of Mr. President, the situation is the following:

  • The EU mist immediately accept Ukraine as a member state (Zelensky apparently does not know that the EU is not a military bloc)
  • Negotiations are possible only after the ‘full ceasefire’ (i.e. Kiev will continue sabotage negotiations with Russia as it was sabotaging the Minsk agreements for the previous years)
  • NATO must provide ‘security guarantees’ to Ukraine (or at least to what remain from it)
  • Biden said that the time for ‘no-fly zone over Ukraine’ has not come (i.e. nobody from NATO is really going to go to war with Russia on behalf of Kiev)

On top of this, Ukrainian media slowly started admitting major losses that key branches of Kiev forces have already suffered.

At the same time, Zelensky awarded 12 service members with the title of Hero of Ukraine. At least five of them get the award posthumously. Fighter pilot Colonel Oksanchenko appeared among these ‘dead heroes’ of Ukraine.

According to the available media reports, this pilot heroically launched air-to-ground missiles on building of the Lugansk Regional State Administration on June 2, 2014. At least 8 civilians were killed and multiple were wounded in the attack.

Also on March 1, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a warning about the start of strikes on informational and technological infrastructure of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

The Russian Defense Ministry said that with the start of the operation in Ukraine, the number of information attacks on Russia has increased.

“Calls are continuously being made to Russian citizens with threats of physical elimination, as well as about mining schools, kindergartens, railway stations, and other social infrastructure facilities,” the ministry said.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the attacks are carried out by the 72nd Main Center for Information and Psychological Operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with the SBU cyber operations units using hardware and software systems and communication facilities in Kyiv.

Therefore, the technological facilities of the SBU and the 72nd main PSO center in Kyiv will be hit with high-precision weapons.

“We call on Ukrainian citizens, involved [in this] by Ukrainian nationalists to carry out provocations against Russia, as well as residents of Kyiv living near relay hubs, to leave their homes,” the Defense Ministry said.

Examples of such strikes that followed the warning:

On top of this, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that Kiev forces are now cut off from the Azov Sea.

Since February 24 this year, the Russian military has destroyed 1,325 Ukrainian military facilities. As spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov said, 43 of the hit targets are command posts and communication centers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Kiev lost 395 tanks and other armored fighting vehicles, 59 multiple rocket launchers, 179 field artillery pieces and mortars, 286 special vehicles.

DPR forces are near Mariupol:

Lukashenko Prepares For WW3. Russia Devastates Informational Warfare Infrastructure Of Ukraine (Video)

Click to see the full-size image

Lukashenko Prepares For WW3. Russia Devastates Informational Warfare Infrastructure Of Ukraine (Video)

Click to see the full-size image

Lukashenko Prepares For WW3. Russia Devastates Informational Warfare Infrastructure Of Ukraine (Video)

Click to see the full-size image

Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic reached the border of Donetsk Region. At the same time, its units connected with units of the Russian army. The settlements of Novoborovoe, Barykino, Klimovka, Bulgakovka, Golubovka were taken under control. During the day, the troops advanced 19 kilometers.

As a result of these advances the city of Mariupol, which is the key stronghold of Kiev forces in Donetsk Region has been de-facto cut off from the rest of Kiev forces in this sector of the operation.


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Slava Russia!

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Slava Rossiya


Slava Rossiya!!!!!!1


“We cannot do otherwise. We are constantly waiting for provocations from Western partners. Either in politics, or in the economy, or in the military sphere,”

Do you still call your enemy “partner”?? Pls, stop!


This thing is called diplomatic language. I understand that the “western leaders” have us unaccustomed to it. After all they can only talk of ultimatums, killings, personal offense.


I can understand if this diplomatic language is used during a multilateral discussion of the general assembly at UN but It is a word not suitable to dialogue with those who have just closed the air spaces and withdrawn the Embassy staff


I think this was used in an ironic sense… Lukashenko doesn’t usually use such overly diplomatic language.

Red Admiral

Smart cop! Only that you mention it , I might have missed it. Lukashenko uses tongue let’s say in a more robust fashion.

Talk is Cheap

Their “partners” want to nuke them, yet Peskov “hopes” Russia can eat at the same table again. When will they learn… probably never.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Major ukrobot cities are basically encircled, majority of UAF is cut off in the east and surrounded. They will either surrender or face annihilation.


Exactly. The only thing Ukrops are winning is lying, bullshitting, propaganda and advertising. Otherwise Ukrops are wrecked.

-Ukrop air force: basically destroyed -Ukrop navy: basically destroyed -Ukrop Air defense: basically destroyed -Ukrop armour: almost destroyed -Ukrop military infrastructure: almost destroyed

Last week they were one of the largest armies in Europe. Today Ukrops are reduced to filthy rats hiding in their holes behind civilians. Same scum like dirty ISIS rats. Same filthy tactics, same filthy masters…

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Hear hear. Ads to that the U.S. and NATO trained and armed them for 8years pouring in $billions. U.S. and NATO needed 3weeks to take Baghdad and 2months to take Kabul. They are bashing Russia but fact is the U.S. couldn’t do it without levelling every city with carpet bombing. Even than they would need months. And Russia is just now sending in their higher tier units. Sofar only concsripts and cold war era gear went in.


they should have hired the Taliban hahaha….NATO suckers


Taliban need attack to Israel


Basically? There is no air force anymore. Where are all the almighty Bayraktar? All in the mud. Rest in pieces!

Porc halal

Btw, I havent heard anything from the islamic zoofile lately … I meant erdogy dog …

Last edited 10 months ago by Porc halal
Cyric Vigilius

Have you ever seen in your life such propaganda in western media? Russia has had some problems for sure and now have made some adjustments but the MSM repeats the wild claims by Ukraine of destroying thousands of tanks, solders etc. It is just pure fantasy.

Cyric Vigilius

Yet Zelensky still has a lot of time on his hands to make media appearances. I thought he was supposed to be leading his country in defense of the invasion. He was just on CNN.


He’s an actor, he knows how to manipulate media & public.


The role of his career, in CIA production.

Porc halal

He’s just a puppet … a pathetic jewish puppet in the hands of he’s jewish masters … a simple front man …

Last edited 10 months ago by Porc halal
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

A no fly zone would be equal to the start of WWIII. Is D.C., Langley London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin ready to be hit with thermonuclear weapons? Even if that wasn’t the case the S-400s alone could take out anything before it crosses the border. Add to that hundreds of Russian jets coming in after that. Japanese kamikaze had better chances towards the end of the war than NATO jets would.

Last edited 10 months ago by Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

RuAF should destroy all bridges over Dnieper, separate East and West Ukraine. Let them swim. No need for Russians to go cross the river (except where they already did in the far north&south).


According to NATO own doctrine bridges are legitimate target… but then for NATO everything is legitimate when they do it.


I think , Democratic republic of Ukraine will be much smaller. no access to Mare nigrum for example.

Porc halal

That would be awesome!


Of course, Odessa belongs to East “Ukraine”/Malorussia. West “Ukraine” should be renamed Galicia/Ruthenia. “Ukraine” never existed and should not exists at all.


QUIZ. Who is using Zelensky and his Azov nazi military units to create a nuclear confrontation between USA and Russia in order to govern the planet?

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Nuland cookies?


little hats?

Bigg Chungus

The Shoes, of course!

Hungary Guy


Porc halal

Not very dificult to understand though … hints … https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse4.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3Fid%3DOIP.NV-dnklKIHoon4TPQhylKwHaDt%26pid%3DApi&f=1

… front man … galactic empire of evil …

Last edited 10 months ago by Porc halal

Hint: Power X has constructed an incredible number of nuclear shelters capable of accommodating 80% of its population. Its population is regularly trained to reach shelters at a minimum time (7-8 minutes on average). Offering the best nuclear protection worldwide to its people it can materialize high risk scenarios.

Klaus "Anal" Swab



Why make it a quiz? Just say “I hate jooz because it’s an easier target.” and be done with it.


Urgent message: stay tuned the answer in 3 hours!


If the Russian are smart they won’t spare any of those Nazi bastards. Can’t see the point of treating animals well. Taking prisoners and sending them off to their homes back won’t do any good for Russian and the civilisation as a whole. Will they change their believes? It’s an unlikely outcome.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Only the UAF are getting a chance to surrender. Azov and Co doesn’t have such luxury.


I don’t think there is another way of understanding “denazification” than “phisical denazification”

the end

There is a way, forced labour in Norilsk mining complex. Working and sleeping below, receiving food equivalent to coal sent up.

James Brown

UAF are blowing own bridges, handing out rifles to gangs in street and SBU are releasing criminals from jails into cities. Does this sound like country that is winning anything? Does this sound like a political leadership with a coherent strategic plan to stave off an obvious impending defeat?

Zelensky has retreated to a bunker in Llov.

Last edited 10 months ago by James Brown
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Zellerboy let out massmurdering psychopaths. In the past 72hours 250 civs were killed by them, all “friendly fire”. Armed criminals are going door to door in high rise apartments, robbing, raping, killing people. Police is overhelmed, they cant respond to every call.


Just like NYC, Chicago, LA….


Similar to the last days of Nazi Germany. “The cries of a drowning man,” but even a cornered animal is still dangerous.

the end

Unofficial source claims that Zelensky is not in Ukraine any more. More info following…

The media in the west is a lie

Well that explains why I see no scratch marks or anything that president looks very clean from a combat zone.


Berakthrough at the Kherson-Front. Seems the front collapse there. The Russian Army bypassing Mykolaiev heading to Wosnessensk.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🥇


EU are setting up an EU Army and there are conditions that allow an eu army to occupy its member states to protect borders if ukraine joins the EU it gives the green light for eu member states to bring military into ukraine without the need for nato involvement

Last edited 10 months ago by RedPilledThoughtCrimes
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Wont happen.

Cyric Vigilius

Indeed this would be a direct challenge to NATO.

the end

Not in current reality, go eat some haggis while we are at it…

Cyric Vigilius

I doubt that the Americans would ever allow that. An EU army would be a direct challenge to NATO.

Brother Ma

the US already bitched about it a year or two ago: when Uk, germany and France pretended they would do it by moving a few tanks around and hiding them for a few days.


This situation is crazy. So much going on.

jos Boersema

Everyone should prepare for World War 3. There are a lot of reasons why the global Oligarchy wants to torch humanity and reign over the survivors as gods forever. Stock up on food, water filtration, camping gear and basic farming equipment, as well as perhaps a good stock of fuel for heat such as wood or coal. Basic tools are probably going to be useful, such as axes, saws, repair equipment, nails, roofing, basic building supplies such as beams, planks. Think of how people survived in the year 1900, or 1800, 1700, 1500, 1300, 800. The further back you can manage it, the higher your survival chances may be. Investing in good character and moral behavior can also save your life, as you try to save the lives of others. “Don’t worry about your own skin, worry about your [moral] honor.” (Credo of Ghost Brigade, if I recall). Don’t worry about your own life, this reduces the panic level greatly. Worry about someone else their life, this creates unity. Unity is strength, regardless of the task at hand, be it sowing or repairing socks, or combat. Unity is everything, solidarity is everything. Priveteering, scamming and crime equals death, sooner or later. Don’t think like American propaganda, which is attempting to make people scared and only be on the run. The basic attitude is: assault forward, against the enemy. Tactical retreat, okay, but only to turn around. Everything is always forward. This is even what the US army teaches. Forget about this “bugging out” nonsense, this is American propaganda to weaken people. Are you a bug ? No, no I’m not a bug, thank you. Unbelievable this American preparedness propaganda, and how people eat it up. They are teaching you to be an alone, disconnected coward, sitting on their resources, waiting to be mopped up and killed by the tyrants. Unite, assault forward if need be. If your house survives, this is probably the best base of operations you have (depending). 100 people start hunting you for your resources ? Choose 10 of good character, pay them if you have so much and together you lay down peace in the street by force, bingo. It helps to invest in physical fitness. Since we may face combat, it is probably wise to invest in weapons and learning or at least studying war tactics. Young (and therefore dumb) people should listen to older people. Combat and war are mostly irrevalant issues. The main thing is creativity, productivity, and trade, as well as reliable law and a court system which works. Everything depends on being civilized. Rudeness equals collapse. Force is relatively weak, friendliness is strength, because unity is strength and drawing in advice from many people equals better solutions, and this is depending on a friendly well behaved attitude. Time seems to be running out. How long we still have until the nukes: who knows, I don’t know. I wish all this war would stop, because I want to race bikes. There may still be enough time to be well supplied, since most people do not live in reality, they are probably not preparing, which is sad and should be changed asap. If everyone was very well prepared, this increases your own security greatly.

Bigg Chungus

This is very high quality, sir. If you don’t mind I am going to repost this elsewhere on the Internet.

jos Boersema

Thank you for your kind words. Please spread this if you like, thank you !!


You cannot really prepare for WW3. People in 1700, 1200, 800 had clean water. In case of total nuclear war there will be no clean water on Earth. Not even on Antarctica.


Its not hard to buy or make water filters ;-)

Brother Ma

it is when it is radioactive.

jos Boersema

I’m sorry but you can prepare for World War 3. Trying to survive, doesn’t mean you will, but you can try to do the best you can. If you get a nuke on your head, no amount of preparation will save you, but not everyone will get a nuke on their heads. You could be the one for whom the bombing is so far away, you only hear it, or only your windows break. I didn’t write that if we tried to copy everything they did in the year 800 we would survive, but it is a way to help think about what can work. I even mentioned water filtration in the beginning. Another way to think is: can you be a good vacation camper, with tents, hammocks. Can you be a “bush craft” kind of person, can you build a shelter with an ax. Can you make a new ax handle, can you improvise. If you cannot practice, can you at least read about it, to boost your confidence.

Attitude is apparently key, you can read that everywhere. The will to survive. This also turns around: if you have the will to survive, you are already preparing. If you don’t want to survive, you’ll think things like “it’s no use anyway, the water is bad, nothing will work”, and you will talk yourself into an early grave that way. LIVE man, LIVE. Fight ! Nukes will poison the water ? Then this means you will have water stored for until the nuclear poisons have dissipated, because you want to survive. Maybe you can be the last one who dies of cancer, then go for that. Living is extending your day of death by just another day. Take it and make the most of it.


Thanks for the individualistic “walking dead” guide but during and after WW3 we will need solidarity like never before. We need to be trusting and helpful to others. We’re infinitely stronger together. In the face of total destruction even some nazis can stop their parasitism and become useful.

But above all, WW3 won’t happen with nuclear weapons, the bourgeois need their privileges. If they can’t enjoy them in a world where people don’t care about even gold any more, there’s no point for them to have amassed all this money. The minute chaos is everywhere, we can just take what’s theirs and there won’t be their police dogs to stop us. Lastly, if they kill most people, who will do all the work? Them? Fuck no. They don’t even know how to.

After the plague that killed so many workers in Europe, the working class enjoyed so much benefits as their work was very much needed and they gained substantial rights they never had before. Parasites can’t live without their host, they can’t kill us. nuclear WW3 won’t happen.

jos Boersema

Wishful thinking, and you thought wrong that this is an “individualistic walking dead” guide, when it is quite the opposite. You read what you thought you where reading. It is interesting how you then also do the same with the ruling class: you think they won’t torch the world, because they need slaves. Look around, there isn’t a shortage of workers, there is an extreme surplus like never happened on Earth before. You are looking at a sort of middle management level, and you think those people are the bosses, but they aren’t. Some people just want to be rich, they are fine with how things are. You think those people will win out, and in a sense you are right, but only until the moment they will no longer win, because they have all together ruined the Empire and its economy by their looting.

Others have worse plans, for how to turn their destruction of the currency into some sort of new opportunity for a tyranny. For some people the prospect of an outraged citizenry who wants to tear them apart on sight because they ruined the economy, could be enough to prefer to ride out a nuclear war in deep bunkers for a fresh start. The ruling class has always been killing their serfs, they have always waged wars which didn’t make much of any real sense, and sometimes it was just to get rid of too much labor. Plato already wrote about it, it is that old. Some old Oligarch wanted to thin the herd. It’s nothing new.

They can kill most of us, and still be left over with an amount of worker serfs which is still far too much. How many worker serfs would you ever want ? 100 million ? This is already an almost unmanageable Empire. It’s more about population pressure on the Earth, and the idea they want to hunt swine in the forest rather than see more social housing estates for what to them is excess population. Once they have had their Great (nuclear) Reset, the serfs are dying and might accept tyranny in exchange for a bowl of rice and a chip in their head. Case closed, humanity is subjugated forever, and they will reign as gods eternal, to go into the cosmos as a conquering plague, a disease. This is probably their plan.

jos Boersema

While it is true that more competition makes labor cheap, the increase in wages and rights by labor after the Black Death was fought for tooth and nail against the ruling gangsters. It also had to do with the Iconoclasm, which was a large scale armed rebellion against the Catholic system. The Netherlands (my country) had to fight 80 years (12 years was a peace treaty) against Spain, which was the major Empire at first. While the Black Death and worsening harvests during the middle ages 1000-1500 (say) provided potentially the shocks to the system and nobility (who often apparently fled to the hills to avoid the Black Death), it seems to me a bit too simple (without further arguments) to say that a reduction in total labor class size due to the Black Death, resulted in increased rights for “labor”. I don’t think labor even existed back then in this way. There where mainly peasants, and a smaller amount of artisans organized in guilds. When farming mechanized landless farm labor was excess, and they began to go to the new factories in cities. A key factor in low wages by the population, is being landless. The industrialization which is still ongoing, is continually making hand labor obsolete, and this is still going on today with the new electronic production methods (computer guided machines, robots, etc). It is really too simple to my taste, to say that the ruling class will let 7 billion people live on Earth, and growing, during conditions of a potentially sharp decrease in the need for hand labor, just because they like the price competition between the laborers. Notice that a large sea of labor is a force, it is an Army, a huge army. If this enormous army becomes restless and focused, nothing can stop them. No bunker will be deep enough.


Finally, the Russian Military is here. They ain’t even shown half the brutality these guys are known for. What is interesting is how effective they are, example in Syria and now here.


es posible que al final de esta operación especial que Ucrania se divida en 2 sectores oriental y occidental donde la zona occidental quede fuera de Kiev, Kiev como zona especial . Pues el ganador puede exigir lo que quiera NO el perdedor.

Porc halal

Hombre, Europa no es Sudamérica…


Pero si puede exigir lo que quiere, se supone que Rusia derrocó a los nazis. Si los derrocó, para qué partir a Ucrania? Puede quedar toda bajo control ucraniano, pero sin nazis y sin armas de la OTAN


Chwała Rosji! Niech żyje Wolna Rosja! Wolna Ukraina! i Wolna Polska! Pomóżcie Polsce bracia Słowianie!


Serbia is with Russia! To victory!

Last edited 10 months ago by SashaTheMan
George Hartwell

Thank you South Front for the only actual outline of the military operation that I can find. I will try to support you.


Lukaszenko this man is so crazyy he is even worst than Putin


Visit savethemales.ca and read of zelensky 1.2 billion and his florida mansion.

Timmy Temperance

A picture of Lukashenko pointing to his country on a map as your profile picture, priceless.


Good to see Lukashenko is not cowering. Nice to have a proper ally.

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