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Lukashenko Orders Closing Belarus’ Borders

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Lukashenko Orders Closing Belarus' Borders

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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko instructed security officials to close the border.

“From today, not a single foot on the territory of Belarus from the adjacent side, whether from the south or the west, should not step,” the website of the leader of the country said.

Also at the meeting, the head of state instructed the security officials to strengthen work to protect the state border and prevent the facts of its violation.

Lithuania has recently announced an increase in the number of detained illegal migrants on the border with Belarus.

On July 2, the country’s authorities declared an emergency situation due to the influx of illegal migrants. According to the latest data, more than four thousand people have been detained at the border of the two countries since the beginning of the year.

In turn, Lukashenko stated that Belarus will no longer restrain illegal migrants to the EU countries – because of the Western sanctions, Minsk has “neither money nor strength for this.”

Meanwhile, the trial of two leading Belarusian opposition figures has begun behind closed doors at a court in Minsk.

Protest organizer Maria Kolesnikova was arrested last year after she tore up her passport to resist attempts by authorities to forcibly expel her to Ukraine.

She and opposition lawyer Maxim Znak have been charged with incitement to undermine national security.

If found guilty they could each face up to 12 years in prison.

Meanwhile, MSM is reporting that Belarus is allegedly building a “concentration camp” to fill with dissidents.

“Three layers of electrified fence. New security cameras. A military guard and a sign saying “Entry forbidden.” Windows with bars and reflective glass, on newly refurbished barrack buildings. All empty, bar the occasional security officer, deep in the forest of authoritarian Belarus,” CNN reported.

These are the indications, according to videos seen by CNN and witness statements, of a possible prison camp for political dissidents, recently constructed around an hour’s drive from the Belarusian capital Minsk, near the settlement of Novokolosovo. It sits on the site of a Soviet-era missile storage facility, which spans over 200 acres.

CNN has not been able to access the interior of the facility near Novokolosovo, and there are no signs the alleged camp has yet housed prisoners.

An unnamed western intelligence official told CNN the use of the facility as a prison camp was “possible,” although they did not have direct evidence to that effect. Locals in the town of Novokolosovo refer to the facility as “the camp.”

One unnamed resident was told to leave the area by military guards recently when he approached the site, said:

“My friend Sasha, a builder, told me they refurbished this place. There are three levels of barbed wire, and its electrified. I was picking mushrooms here when a military man came up to me and said that I can’t walk there.”

Two other witnesses also observed military patrols.

As such, these reports are based on unnamed accounts and a video.


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“CNN has not been able to access the interior of the facility near Novokolosovo”

Yet they found bin laden without a problem. Western MSM is a fkn joke, especially cnn & bbc garbage.

Americunt LOSERS

BBC is now officially a MI-6 disinformation and propaganda machine. Even the Britishcunts government openly admitted it that they use it to plant malicious stories against their enemies, especially Russia, China and Iran. The fake story about the so-called “tanker hijacking in the Persian Gulf” originated from the BBC and then as quickly disappeared. The dumb limey ar$eholes even had a palefagggot looking British sea captain as a “witness”. They are just liars.


There was a report in about 1984 that exposed the fact anyone looking to be employed by the BBC was vetted by the intelligence services Mi5 etc.

Jew media

That is true of all Bilderberg Jew MSM. Most work for western intelligence agencies and that is why we have so much disinformation and sheer mindless propaganda for the braindead. Why do you think these bastards want to shut down truly independent Russian, Iranian or Chinese media. The FBI seized the Press TV domain in total disregard to international law. UK, Australia, Canada and other Jew controlled colonies are trying to stifle any criticism of Zionist war crimes.


BBC was an asset 7 decades ago. See “Coup 53” movie about Iran coup, and if by then they were an asset, they probably by now share offices.


I know I’m late, but BBC was officially proven to falsify the Douma “chemical attack” in Syria.

World will be a better place without religion

Belarusian president soon will have the same fate as Romanian Ceausescu

And then you wake up in your five day old diapers and start running for the nearest shelter…

Americunt LOSERS

Highly unlikely.

Only if he has an Iliescu working for the CIA

David Herzog

You are right and ion , after the coup , had what he deserved . Traitors reamain untrastable also for their new owners and as soon as the traitor is no more useful they put it into the garbage .

Last edited 1 month ago by David Herzog

Not quite, this Iliescu was particularly useful, they kept him he was in power long after until 2004 and he was the one that got Romania in NATO like a useful peon,

all the Romanian idiots thought he was working for KGB which probably was, but when Pacepa fled to US he took all the double agents list with him to US and then is sensible that many of them became CIA assets


He is still safe only his image is trashed but doesn’t have any arrest, he probably has some dirty laundry on the whole affair making him untouchable.
His proteje is Geoana which is secretary at NATO do the math

Americunt LOSERS

Belarus should join a new USSR, I bet almost every ex-Soviet republic would like to part of a broader federation with mother Russia. Most of these are failed states that are Jews are ripping off and their people would love to have USSR 2:0. Belarus is Russia anyway, just like Ukraine.

Raptar Driver

How about a Russian confederation?
We don’t need the old Soviet Union back, it was a Godless state.


Lukashenko won’t allow it as he would be a complete nobody in the Russian Federation. And now he is a dictator of 10 Million people.


Well if CNN say so it must be true,right! LOL!!

Raptar Driver

Yes CNN is a good source?
They’re the ones who spread that gibberish about Concentration camps in Bosnia.
Same old playbook, retarded morons!
They should close the borders, long overdue, Those states are clearly hostile.

Last edited 1 month ago by Raptar Driver
L du Plessis

Ask CNN if the new “camp” looks like the US Guantanamo hell hole ??


the belarus issue will soon end up a failure for the west and a huge gamble for nothing on top of it


belarus should open up to friendly nations more than before and close up to the trouble makers like the west more than before


belarus should not have a desperate gamble of a future as ukraine got with the west

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
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