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Lukashenko Claims The Situation In Belarus Is Relatively Stable, Remembers About ‘Alliance’ With Russia

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Lukashenko Claims The Situation In Belarus Is Relatively Stable, Remembers About 'Alliance' With Russia

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On August 14th, at a meeting of the Security Council of Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko made a statement regarding the protests.

He accused Poland, Holland, Ukraine, and Open Russia of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Alexei Navalny, and the protests themselves were inspired from abroad.

Lukashenko, apparently, does not consider the situation in Minsk a catastrophe or excessively tense, but problematic, despite the obvious increase in the number of strikers over the past 3 days and the intensity of protests in Minsk on August 14th.

Furthermore, he put forward an astounding argument. The images of police beating on people who are lying down are obviously fake.

Because Belarusians are Slavs and Slavs do not beat those who are lying down.

No statements were made on the introduction of Martial Law. On the contrary, among the statements one can note the calls to calm down and not interfere with the security forces.

This is a very obvious attempt for Lukashenko to also start producing some counter-propaganda against the opposition propaganda campaign. Whether it will be successful, of course, remains in question. After all, the pressure that will be exerted on Lukashenko to organize new elections will only ramp up in the following days.

Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Maas has already stated that sanctions against Lukashenko and the leadership of Belarus are inevitable and will be introduced in the near future.

The sanctions, in addition to Lukashenko, will most likely affect members of his family, the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the KGB and internal troops, possibly the leadership of the Ministry of Defense, the head of the Central Election Commission, as well as some other ministers.

The head of the Central Electoral Commission of Belarus, Yermoshina, said that there would be no revision of the election results.

Separately, the 33 Russians detained in Belarus, accused of being part of the mythical Wagner PMC and conspyring against the Lukashenko government were released and returned to Russia. Authorities claim that the transfer of these persons was carried out in strict accordance with the norms of international law and national legislation of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, in close cooperation of the prosecution authorities of our countries. The competent authorities of the Russian Federation will continue to deal with the situation around these citizens. This move became the apparent confirmation of the open secret that the detention of the Russians (private military contractors that were heading to their destinations the Middle East and Africa through Belarus to serve as guards at local facilites) was just a political game by Lukashenko that has been making increasingly anti-Russian steps over the past years. Thus, he tried to gain the support of the pro-Western opposition and demonstrated that he was ‘defending’ Belarus from the Russian meddling into Belarusian ‘internal affairs’. Together with Lukashenko’s sabotage of the Union State agreement with Russia, this showcases the real position of the Belarusian leader.

In this light, it’s especially interesting to see how President Lukashenko accidentally remembered about Belarus’ alliance with Russia as his political power is slowly crumbling under the pressure of protests and the pressure of Euro-Atlantic structures. On August 15, Lukashenko announced plans to make a phone call to Russian President Vladimir Putin and claimed that the current ‘threat’ to Belarus is the threat to the entire Union State. Apparently, Mr. Lukashenko accidentally forgot how just a few days ago he was accusing Russia of trying to destabilize the situation in Belarus and standing against the political intergradation within the Union State deal.


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cechas vodobenikov

obviously more stable in belarus than plywood empire USA


More like chipwood that dried after the flood!

johnny rotten

Sanctions for sanctions it is better to return to the project of reunion with Russia, more security and protection for Belarus, it is useless to postpone the inevitable, when the economic crisis blows in western, Russia and Asia will be comfortable lands.


Agree! (Must be that you are right since that Jew “1 guest vote” is voting against your comment.) It will only take that Lukhashenko starts to realize that he is coming to the end of his “one man circus spectacle” and retreat from the scene, when his presidency expires… His game is almost over and new times for Euro-Asia are coming…


“..Must be that you are right since that Jew “1 guest vote” is voting against your comment..) Exactly!

One wonders why Jews hate Russia?


Good question ! Because despite all evil deeds they had from Jew oligarchs , New York Jews (stolen tens of billions during Yeltsin era ) revenge of communist Jews against Orthodox ethnic Russian peasants in USSR some back stabbings done by IsraHell in Syria etc.etc.. The Jews for some reason are still not widely hated in Russia and perhaps they should be…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They hate everyone who has 4 skins ffs.



putin is jew, medvedev is jew, lavrov is jew, all oligarchs aqre jews. what are you talking about????

AM Hants

Yet, dual citizenship is banned in the Kremlin. Russia comes first unlike Shadow Net Internet Intelligence Analysis reliant nations.


dual citizenship is banned in the Kremlin.

this is not true

AM Hants

Darling check out the new constitution that has just been approved.


russian jews has israeli-russian citizenship.

also deparidieu, seagal got russian citizenship.

AM Hants

Darling, does Seagull work from the Kremlin or Depardieu?


who talls about putins family? i wrote, in russia is allowed the double, triple citizenship.

AM Hants

My comment, which you believed was wrong stated dual citizenship is not allowed in the Kremlin. You do know the Kremlin is not the 11 time zone nation of Russia, don’t you?


kremlin is synonimum for russia.

AM Hants

Keep taking your meds.

Ralph London

Come on AM, you KNOW that won’t work.


BUT the belarus people do not want reunion. :P

how pity!

Jaffar al-Majmuni

He should mobilize his supporters like Erdogan did back in 2016.

Rhodium 10

Maduro also mobilize his supporters and pro USA oposition failed!..they( pro USA women) did the same like now in Belarus trying to bribe soldiers and policemen giving them flowers and hugs…

AM Hants

Believing they would never remember how events in Ukraine started, back in 2014.


Thank you Jew pig Soros and CIA for pushing Belarus even more towards Russia You always had talent to screw up your own plans, one must not only interfere with you while you are doing it !




That global and laughable fiasco makes Eurovassals,their failing and fragmented Eastern-European lackeys, uncle Sam AND Lukashenko the most amateurish ,shortsighted and simply dumbest geopolitical club of the emerging decade so far, the bar as been set massively high.

Victory is handed to Russia without Putin having to do anything but pick up the phone and ask the Belarussian leader how things are going with his new Western darlings and his grand plans for change and progress away from the Kremlin’s clutches. their common. Their overlapping incompetence ruined whatever shift they were after.

Their failure here in such extremely favorable conditions is simply beyond belief. All they had to do this time was to patiently wait for gradual departure of Lukashenko from traditionnal Russian sphere of post-Soviet influence,let the struggle unravel, pick up the pieces and rip both moral credit and benefits. Putin seemingly was unable to stop the momentum that built up in that regard over the past several year and Belarus slowly yet surely was making serious and consistent headways in never seen before areas further West.

But somehow,from the confines of their unmatched intellectual wisdom as some would say, this Atlantist conglomerate ludicrously believed they could in fact simply take the man down and opt for an outright Velvet Revolution puppet regime rather than to wait for his voluntary come to their welcoming arms, along with a 30-year IMF loan and application for NATO membership coming within the usual package.

In other terms,what failed so pathetically in Ukraine not 5 or 6 mere years ago didn’t make them flinch yet again in failing even more miserably in Belarus. Before the stakes even mature they had to enact artificial popular mouvement and soft coup principles.

Notwidstanding where one positions himself ideologically,these people simply do not DESERVE winning on the geopolitical grand game of the 21st century.

Their incredible stupidity makes them unworthy of such success.

Kissinger must be fuming and laughing at the same.time,Brezinsky must be rolling over in his tomb.

And I’m just fine with all this,as we certainly don’t need intelligent imperialists ruling the world of tomorrow anew à la Reagan & consorts.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The West can’t control its own divided peoples.

Ronnies Alzheimers prevented him from ever realising he was President though, lol.


but beeeeeeeeeeeeeery realtively :DDDD

the omon people give their nightstick to demonstrants:


tens of thousands of people demontsrates still in dozens of cities. lot of former soldiers burn their uniform as protest against people-beating Lukashenka.

so stable situation, that lukashenga beggs at Pootin for help. pootin can not do anything.

Cheryl Brandon


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