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Lukashenko Claims “Large Batch” Of Russian Weapons Coming Minsk’s Way

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Lukashenko Claims "Large Batch" Of Russian Weapons Coming Minsk's Way

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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that he expected a “large batch of Russian weapons”, including dozens of combat jets, helicopters and top-of-the-line air defense missile systems.

Lukashenko announced the expected acquisition as Russia and Belarus prepare to conduct joint war games starting next week that are set to involve about 200,000 troops.

The announcement emphasizes Moscow’s allegedly growing support for Lukashenko, whose election to a sixth term in August 2020 triggered months of protests and allegations of a rigged vote from the Belarusian opposition and the West.

Russia still supported Belarus, despite questionable policy from Lukashenko, especially when Minsk was hit with sanctions from both the US and EU.

Seeking to secure Moscow’s support, Lukashenko has cast the sanctions as part of an alleged plot by the West to oust him and undermine Russia. He has described this month’s upcoming military exercises as part of joint efforts to counter Western pressure.

“We effectively have a single army, with the Belarusian military forming its backbone in the western direction,” Lukashenko said. “If, God forbid, a war starts, the Belarusian army will be the first to engage in the fight, and the western group of Russia’s armed forces will join quickly after to form a joint defense.”

Moscow has granted Belarus a new $1.5 billion loan and criticized Western restrictions. Lukashenko said that Russia also will shortly provide Belarus with dozens of warplanes and helicopters and air defense weapons, possibly including the state-of-the-art S-400 missile system.

“We even could get the S-400s. We badly need them,” he said.

On September 1st, Lukashenko said that he would discuss a package of agreements intended to bolster Russia-Belarus integration during a visit to Russia, but he emphasized that it would not erode Belarus’ independence.

“There is no talk about the loss of sovereignty,” he said.

To stoke fears, the opposition and namely its leader school teacher-turned-presidential candidate Svetlana Tsikanovskaya are saying that Lukashenko is just talking as a diversion, and will surely surrender independence for support. According to her, the planned maneuvers and Lukashenko’s efforts to forge closer ties with Russia have fueled concerns of the Belarusian opposition that the president might sacrifice the country’s independence in exchange for Moscow’s support.

“Lukashenko is getting drawn into a military confrontation with the West and is trading in sovereignty, but his legitimacy is dubious and we won’t recognize any documents or treaties that would give up or limit Belarus’ sovereignty,” Svetlana Tsikanovskaya said. “Any agreements with Russia that would deprive us of an independent future will be reviewed.”


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Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

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This is getting costly…


Weapons instead of necessary reforms?


Agreed. Hang the Jews and their compradors, then get new gear.


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Deng Xiaoping

‘We’? So who are you?

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J Ramirez

You should ask it ” who are Jew” ;}


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Would you recommend this policy you espoused to Palestine???


Necessary according to whom? International law or ‘rules based international shakedo …er …. order

Alexandre Moumbaris

I am perplexed with the words “sanctions as part of an “alleged” plot by the West. Whose side are you on Southfront. You doubt that there was a deliberate attempt by the West ?!!


To the whorish Belarusian school teacher prostrating herself for the zio West leaders… how come when the zio terrorist US gay troops have joint exercises with russia’s surrounding nations, they are not surrendering their independence, etc????

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