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Lukashenko Claims He Recovered From COVID-19 And Was Intentionally Infected

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Lukashenko Claims He Recovered From COVID-19 And Was Intentionally Infected

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On August 6th, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko continued his attempts to get more public approval and sympathy by claiming that he had been intentionally infected with COVID-19.

Earlier, on July 28th, he told military officials that he had contracted and recovered from COVID-19 and he was asymptomatic.

“Today you are meeting a man who managed to survive the coronavirus on his feet. Doctors came to such a conclusion yesterday. Asymptomatic,” Lukashenko said.

“As I have said, 97 per cent of our population is carrying this infection asymptomatically. Thank God that I have managed to get into this cohort of the asymptomatic,” he said.

Then, in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon he claimed that he had been intentionally infected.

“We’re leaning towards [the version] that someone planted the coronavirus on me. I’m now looking into when it might’ve happened.”

He said he wouldn’t name his suggestions public yet.

To attempt and prove how determined he is to do the best job he can in leading his people, Lukashenko revealed that he ignored doctors’ pleas to submit to treatment when signs of the coronavirus were discovered on his scans, and instead pressed on with his schedule.

Lukashenko claimed that doctors had him fully back on his feet in just “four days.”

In the same interview with Gordon he said that “they may shoot me dead, but I will never run [from Belarus].”

It is unclear who “they” are, probably the “evil Russians.”

Lukashenko has been president of Belarus, a former Soviet republic that remains a close ally of Russia, for a quarter of a century and is now seeking a sixth consecutive term in upcoming elections on August 9th.

Belarus’ previous presidential elections have been widely criticized as not being free or fair. During his tenure, dissent and independent media have been suppressed, while prominent political opponents have been frequently jailed and sometimes held for years.

Two of his strongest challengers in this election have been jailed and prevented from registering their candidacies. Lukashenko is now expected to come out victorious in the vote next week.

Furthermore, he has very evidently orchestrated more than one controversial situation to show that Moscow is somehow against him being re-elected in an attempt to make himself look in danger and gain compassion and lead people to the conclusion that if “the Russians” want him gone, then he must be doing something right.

Belarus has been rocked by protests in recent weeks, as demonstrators have rallied have rallied behind Svetlana Tikhanouskaya, the wife of one of the jailed candidates, who is campaigning in her husband’s place.


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Lone Ranger

By the SBU/CIA maybe. They tried to poision Castro 350 times…

AM Hants

Especially with over 15 bio-weapon labs, with full US Diplomatic Immunity, that have been set up in Ukraine. Haven’t the Government/tax payer funded, regime change NGOs, Open Society Foundation and NED, set up base in Belarus?

Which reminds me, one of the Board of Directors of the NED and US Ambassador to Venezuela, has now moved to Iran. I wonder why?

Zionism = EVIL

To be honest, Belarus should never have allowed to fall into this pathetic state. Belarus is a corrupt shithole like Ukraine and the Jew cunts and CIA have literally planted a virus up this moron’s dumbarse. Belarus barely has 9 million and no real economy without Russia, almost all Russian population and should never have left mother Russia. It is really time to end these shitholes and create a viable extended and inclusive Russian Federation and confederation with neighboring mini-states that can not handle themselves anyway and are open to Jew infestation and NATO cunts. I bet my life that if there is an independent poll in Belarus, Ukraine,Armenia, Georgia and even the Muslim stans, the majority would opt to rejoin Russia. These little failed statelet shitholes are corrupt Jew and Americunt are desperately trying to poison them and turn then into vassals and then use them to destabilize Russia. Yugoslavia’s destruction was the template and it needs to Остановить сейчас


“Остановить сейчас”?!?? I was convinced that you are Shia agent…what is this Russian and in Cyrillic all about? You don’t know how to use Google translate or…

Zionism = EVIL

IDIOT moron, what is a Shia agent? ROFLMAO. It is sect of Islam and there are 700 million plus in over 100 countries at least. How old are you silly dumbass? I knew from get go that you are an ignorant uneducated dumb cunt just trying to get attention. Stupid moron did not even know about Drudge :)


You call many people “ignorant, uneducated, dumb” and endless list of other insults. Judging by the level of primitive and vulgar behavior that you show from time to time I sincerely doubt that you can have higher education yourself or can be perceived as such by others.

You leave impression of impulsive arrogant person with some perfidy and viscous character and very big mouth. I can not possibly be insulted by people I despise and you are definitely on that list. “Shia” agent means that you are opening your big mouth full of insults and self indulgence only in the sectarian interests of Shia Muslim world. Above all Iran. If you are Iranian paid bot or something similar or anything related to Shia world I don’t care to specify …That’s why I call you “Shia agent”. I just to put you in the corner where you belong. You still didn’t answer what is Russian written in Cyrillic doing in your comment

AM Hants

Belarus have dealt with their independence a lot better than Ukraine, since 1991.

Lone Ranger

If I was Putin I would hit those bio-weapon labs with thermobaric warheads.

AM Hants

Do you ever check out Stalker Zone? I have just mentioned 3 articles of interest, over on the site. However, it is full of interesting Russia/Ukraine articles. Is it Ollie Richardson, who used to work on the Fort Russ site? Both him and Oleg Tsarov, are over on stalkerzone.org.

The reason I asked, is owing to an article on the 33 Wagner Mercenaries. Looked like they were enticed by Ukraine SBU and an advert for mercenaries in the ME. Sadly, if true, they fell for it. Hope others are more cautious with regards who they end up contracted to.

Lone Ranger

Not yet, will check it out thanks. Yes, the SBU tards and their CIA handlers are getting more desperate by the day.

Raptar Driver

If you were Putin you would love Jews.

Fleecing Rabbi

American friends infected him, like the whole city of Wuhan first.


No one infected this moron. This scum is lying through his teeth.

Zionism = EVIL

Loonieshenko is telling porkies like the other Jew cunts in Ukraine and the fake Georgian tie eating Shashkaveli clown who also lives in the Ukrainian shithole, don’t forget Porky telling porkies too.


Since dictator Lukashenko has always derided COVID symptoms calling them equal to simple cold that needs only some vodka to get rid of, why all that fuss?!?

His true problem is that opposition resistance supported by the West is growing in strength and he just recently did everything to antagonize Putin and Russia. So he has no support from Russia any more and he doesn’t deserve one.

AM Hants

When are the elections?


Soon…. but since I really don’t care about Lukhashenko I never bothered to discover exact date. I have impression that this time without Russia covering his back and economy doesn’t going so well (without usual Russian subsidies) And on top West starting again to raise virulent opposition… Our beloved dictator is starting to get worried… Janukovich 2.0? But where would he run? To China? He just recently have publicly accused Russia of staging coup, only because 32 Russian mercenary were transiting to their African destination for work.

AM Hants

Talking of Belarus, has anybody seen the article on Stalkerzone, with regards who set up the Russian Mercenaries?

“The Arrest of 33 Russians in Minsk, Turned Out To Be A Provocation Of The Ukrainian Security Services”.

Plus, two other good articles, if anybody checks out Stalkerzone:

“Who Is Curating The ‘Pigeon Maidan’ In Khabarousk’.

‘How Khodorkovsky’s Dossier Centre Works’.

The 3 articles in a very random way, do tie in.


If Russia loses its strategic relationship with Belarus; that’s the last jigsaw piece to surround Russia (along its Western border) with less than cordial neighbours and cuts Russia off from Kaliningrad. Surely, Russia isn’t going to let this slide?!


It is not the”last” since Ukraine is not part of the NATO and it will never become part of NATO unless US really wants WWIII.

So lower up your volume on artificially created drama because we are still far from Belarus Maidan and Lukhashenko is not exactly wimp like Yanukovich was for sure. And if the West has prepared something like that for Belarus, it is far from probable that their plans will go so smoothly, the way they did in Ukraine. If you think that Lukhashenko is naive or stupid or that Russia will permit another Maidan without appropriate reaction than you are naive.


This naive commentator is neither creating any artificial drama nor assuming Russia will just sit back if anything actually does happen to Belarus. He is wondering though, how this drama will end?! Unless of course, you already have a pretty good idea being the script writer?! Please enlighten this naive person..


Well in that case I suggest you reading your own comment again than come back to me and try again to ask me adequate question. Since you are accusing me of not understanding English (content of your first comment) how can we communicate than if I don’t understand?


OK then. Let’s play it your way seeing (I’m assuming) you know better about European geopolitical affairs.

What I read about the whole Western European (Nato) vs Russia drama is all from media sources (entirely online and from both sides, whether it’s the UK’s Daily Telegraph or Russia Today.)

From my conclusion, its a given EU /Nato are attempting to surround Russia (Baltic States, Ukraine, etc) with Belarus being probably the next state to be taken over.’ This is the reason for my first comment. It’s far from a highly dramatic written script of Hollywood proportions. If you think it is, that’s your point of view.

And no, my second comment wasn’t accusing you of not knowing English BUT to explain how naive you think I am (assuming you know better.)

But again, I am curious as to how this latest drama in Belarus will unfold in the end!? Do tell me what you think


I took you for the provocateur since there are plenty of them here, so lets say : my bad.

And how should I know the answer when it depends on so many things? At least I have enough knowledge about the situation not to jump on conclusion and declare West winner even before anything has started yet. I have just tried to be, balanced, objective. And presenting situation problematic for Russia already is way to exaggerated. Do you get my point? All in all situation is definitely not so optimistic for the West, as they would probably love to present it. It is more about their wet drams and the list of the desires than real prospects. Specially now when they are in hurry because of their economic situation while projection for future of Russia doesn’t look bad at all. I don’t say they can’t create problems, I just don’t see the Maidan 2.0 and West as winners.


I see. Appreciate your explanation and thanks for clarifying.

Lone Ranger

Thats like retarded 8years olds with waterpistols surrounding a tank.


This world has gone in full we are part of the good saving world from evil, We should be part of the ruling elites mode. Pathetic.

Raptar Driver

He sounds like an insane person. Just like anybody would seem when they go against The wave.


Since the ‘virus’ has not been discovered, that is purified / isolated and no one appears in a hurry to do so then the ‘virus’ does not exist. The PCR test is totally unreliable so who knows what he had.



Антон С

Lukashenko is not a sock puppet to manipulate. He want to rule Belorussia like a feudal lord. But he can’t govern well without subsidies from the rest Russia (i.e. Moscow). For 11 year period (2005-2015) he got 106 billion dollars in different ways, or 9,6 bln annually in average. But Moscow want closer integrations (as it was promised) to continue these subsidies. Integration means the end of feudal fragmentation. No single feudal would love it. That’s why Lukashenko throws tantrums now. It’s his way of behavior – to shout loud for pressing on counterparts. He does it at least 10 years. There is a short old video of Medvedev (ex-president), he says that Lukashenko was very rude even then. In 2018 subsidies goes down and Lukashenko became insane. In the end of last year he said many russophobe things like mad nazis from Kiev did before, the same style. We all russians (Kiev, Minsk and Moscow), but some traitors wish to create new identity to become new feudal lords on russian lands. THIS is the main reason. But of course the Washington regime could act here.May be they are found Lukashenko family’s money in UAE, frozen it and now are trying to cake control over Lukashenko and Belorussia. Kiev regime special services (or as western propaganda loves to say “secret police”) is not independent force, but CIA’s branch.

Medvedev’s speech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKdswWwQ2g0

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