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Lukashenko Claims Germany ‘Falsified’ Reports That Navalny Was Poisoned, Allegedly Has Evidence

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Lukashenko Claims Germany 'Falsified' Reports That Navalny Was Poisoned, Allegedly Has Evidence

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On September 3rd, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko told Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin that Germany “falsified” its statement that Russian figure Alexei Navalny was poisoned.

The Russian Prime Minister was on an official visit to Belarus.

“We intercepted a conversation between Warsaw and Berlin before Merkel’s statement… which clearly states that this is a falsification,” Lukashenko told Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“Navalny was never poisoned,” Lukashenko said in a televised meeting shared by a Telegram channel.

According to Lukashenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the public accusation against Russia and that Navalny was poisoned with Novichok “to discourage [Russian President Vladimir] Putin from sticking his nose in Belarusian affairs.”

Lukashenko said he’ll forward the purported intercepted call between Germany and Poland to Russia’s FSB security service.

During the entire time Mishustin look at the Belarusian president with a stone face, not saying anything, and also not reacting.

The Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that Russia was not yet in possession of the materials that led Lukashenko to conclude that Germany falsified the Navalny poisoning claims.

Sergei Naryshkin, who heads Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence service, told the state-run RIA Novosti news agency it was “possible” that Navalny’s poisoning was a “provocation” by Western intelligence agencies.

“If the president of Belarus said it, then he had a reason,” Naryshkin was quoted as saying.

Separately, on September 3rd, Russia’s Investigative Committee has asked one of its regional branches in Siberia to probe the possibility that someone tried to murder Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

This followed a claim that Navalny was poisoned with a Soviet-style Novichok nerve agent and has called for the perpetrators to be held to account.

Russia denied the accusations, saying that there was no actual evidence, and none has actually been presented. It also makes little sense that Russian medics couldn’t detect the poison that their own country allegedly produced and then would simply turn Navalny over to Germany so that the West finds out he was allegedly poisoned under orders by the Kremlin.

Regardless, Lukashenko’s claims are also quite dubious. They are the result of years of anti-Russian policy, in which he attempts to antagonize Moscow, and then asks for a handout in the form a discount on natural gas, or some other product.

At the same time, in the time of the current crisis it appears that the West also don’t view him as an ally, and would rather have him organize new “fair elections” so that somebody from the opposition could be chosen.

And now, as a result, it’s time for Lukashenko to attempt and stir some controversy, show his loyalty to Moscow in order to get some concessions or any form of support from Russia.


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Lone Ranger

Germans often do that. Reichstag fire… Operation Gleiwitz…


Said the communist jew.

Lone Ranger

Your Mom?

Lone Ranger

Historical facts…

Lone Ranger

The people who left Ukraine and Russia during commie times were mostly jews. So you are probably one too only in denial… Nothing is more funny than a drug addict neonazi Jew working for Soros and CIA…


So you are not in denial anymire that your grandparents left USSR for Hungary, nice to learn.

Lone Ranger

I was talking about you trollstoy…:)

Vox Populi

Labeling people does not show a capacity to respond in any intellectual form.


He and me knows eachother for long time.


Glewitz…See TIK’s Channel for this…and E. front.

Vox Populi

So far there is no tangible proof of any poisoning of Mr. Navalny and this dubious claim would fall under the usual ambit of Anglo-American propaganda.



Jens Holm

Next time some die, we shall send the coffin to Your doorstep and make You eat some parts.


United Russia and the Russian Government is the best club of millionaries of the world. If you find a Putin’s minister that is not immensely rich and owning luxury homes in Nato countries, let me know.

Putin’s Russia is a massive operation of robbery. All is allowed because it is a lawless country.

Platoshkin under home arrest, Navalny poisoned. If you question corruption and policies your are dead.

You have statements like this that denies all evidence and logic.

Russia needs a second revolution and drastic measures against Government members, including the confiscation of their assets at home and in nice Nato countries like England or France.

Vox Populi

The oligarchs are corrupt, but there is no tangible evidence of Mr. Putin being involved in massive corruption. Russia has always suffered from corruption dating back to the Czarist era and subsequent Bolshevik revolution, which itself turned corrupt and lethargic contributing to the end of USSR experiment. The only way to get rid of entrenched corruption in Russia would be complete housecleaning by a purely nationalistic government that checks the Jewish influence.

Fog of War

” Russia has always suffered from corruption dating back to the Czarist era and subsequent Bolshevik revolution, which itself turned corrupt and lethargic contributing to the end of USSR experiment. ”

It seems the Khazars taught the Russians well.

Harry Smith

Please stop this BS. Every big enough country faces the corruption. Look at USA and the corruption of it’s establishment. UK is corrupted too. Spain, France, Italy etc. I don’t even mention Arabian monarchies where corruption is law. But such joke countries like Denmark or Sweden has low level of corruption because their authorities decides nothing. Nobody will bribe you if you have no power to solve problems. I don’t say corruption is good, but I would believe in accusations of corruption of Russian establishment only when such beacons of freedom like USA or UK will demonstrate 0 tolerance for corruption in their elites. Like when Biden will be executed together with Hillary.

Fog of War

Of course every nation has corruption and its a matter of degrees. However, in former soviet block countries the people laways had an adversarial relationship with the government as the only way to really get ahead was to scam the Communist system. The people had no moral problem with this as most hated the Communists. Unfortunately, alot of that mentally still remians in those countries, hence, high levels of corruption.

You’d be suprised how much business gets done by bringing a gift of some sort to the local bureaucrats. Sometimes its the only way to speed a permit or to make a ticket ” go away”.

Harry Smith

Of course it’s about “gifts”. IE in the USA lobbyists are very legal. But you have really wrong point of view about communists in USSR. Trust me I were born and grown in USSR. Don’t know why, but many westerners imagine USSR as statewide Gulag or like Orwell’s 1984. But in the reality it was completely different. All I can suggest you to watch some old Soviet movies, made in times of Khrushchev and later. Because Khrushchev proclaimed socialistic realism in Soviet culture and in Soviet movies the life of Soviet people was shown very close to the reality. Like this one for example: https://youtu.be/qRFDr4-fcDY

Fog of War

Are you telling me all the Soviet people loved the Communists ? I doubt it.

You are , however, right about the first decades of Communism, mainly the 50s – 60s, as they were prosperous for the people. But, by the mid 70’s the various Communist countries started decaying and corruption was a big part of this. I have no love or hate for Communism, or any other political system, but low level corruption and theft became very prevelent at the ending days of the Eastern Block. I know, because like, you I’ve had first hand experience.

Jens Holm

Maybee You should see different estimates for it, before harcellerate like that. Here is a random one. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e98617f8f91514f2175691f7952da3260d8572e7cc3131f853b6b426b199609f.png

I am so tired of people just putting rndom assumption around as self organized facts …

Jens Holm

Most Russians actually are mixted in Mongols. Belarus says “white” which says “clean”. It what the only place Mongols didnt do genetics:)

Fog of War

” Most Russians actually are mixted in Mongols. ”

You’re not very bright are you ?

Jens Holm

I just try to indicate how and why we today see a Russia, an Ukraine and a Belarus.

Here I see EXPANSION culture and steppe tradtions relating like this and its WARLORDS. Warlords are not producers but expect anyone else should feed them.


I see the same for Turks in Turkey. They have kept, what they could use and mainy the laungage and tribenames. For them its language and some culture – But here the DNA actually says they 80% are indoeuropeans and europeans.

Its about how countries and regions are made. Kurds as well as Swiss has defended their own culturre against people from the outside. Even today with good connections to the rest of the. they try to remain neutral.

So thats what bright is. Russia is not some God made Tarzan climbing down from a tree in Moscow, Kiev or Kazan taking out his ribs shouting – AND HERE IS MY WIFE and we shall make 144 million children.

Not even Stalin AND Hitler can kill us all :)

Jens Holm

Your Jew psycoses is made by Yourself for the Tzars as well the Bolsjevics.

The mainproblem is You not even today has educated a strong middle class. Almost only Jews were educated and by that productive. We see it well about Russians comment about USA. The 160 milliion middleclasser at them dont exist for You. USA are the stoney rich and the the poor, whcih should be given noney for doing nothing(thats Venezueal socialisme).

But if You had a middleclass wiht a high income, You also would tax them and their produtive companies. We have that(Denmark). Its follow the money so the many of us not eve being Jews are taxed hard and Our compaies and stockholders as well.

By that we have no “Jew problem”. The probpem is Yours, which is very visible at GSP as well as You dont get in enough money to the state for a lot of Your services such as schools, educations, health, hospitals and a big one named pension.

And even You alnost only has an upper and a downer class, You cant even tax the rich one and let them keep the honest money they aslo do. And You even rely in, that corruption well supported by those dirty money wil make the state grow well.

Nationalisme is pest and cholera. You see it about going back in time in religion in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and even Poland. Those old artificial contrasts are diffing trenches at the sekular part too.

So You should go for equal sekular rights for all. This is not about nationalisme. Its about national and internationalproductions united with others at the home and worldmarket.

You also have a big problem ablut who decides what and when. The problem is there, because You have none and should not have both.

You can create a much stronger center but by modern methods and in harmony with the asked needs.

The other way makes a lot of sense too. Russia is very big, so You could give big regions a lot of local influence and the center would only be the many kinds of infrastructure by better logistics.

I see Putin want to control everything but cant – its too big. So its about You divode the real power to many more. It doesnt matetr if they almost all are in te Duma and around it or in local Parlaments for Regions.

The game is the same. A state is about trust and enough very polite and sometimes not polite control. It not a lot of stupid control, where people are like the first many days of operation Barbarossa and Russia lost millions of soldiers and civilians for nothing.

If Jews really has al that power You say, You are nothing an derserve nothing better.

So make a middleclass and let them be the center by incomes and voting. Those are the normal ones or should be.

Those are the ones making the big GDPs living standards adn make most of us live much longer even with a good pension.

Lone Ranger

You spelled the U.S. govt and the U.S. wrong tho…

Jens Holm

To me this is a fast media and not some limited school english. The important stuff is what pwople like You and I read and write.

You seldom do any factachecking apart from hands below Your bed blanket.

Lone Ranger

Projecting much Jens…? Take another shot of LSD and go back to your local jihadi strip club…

Jens Holm

I agree. My best computer cleaning program wont do it.


That’s totally beside the point, although it is interesting that you had to go back almost 90 years in history. Chancellor M. simply does the bidding of powers greater than her. Nothing to do with “Germans”.

Jens Holm

Russia has the biggest dwarfs and world record in free Parkingspaces in Sibiria.

Lone Ranger

And you consume most the LSD in the EU…

Jens Holm

´Put nice paper around any kind of dirt, and You eat it. Ypu even expect others should be like You.

Lone Ranger

That was a great description of yourself Jens. Couldnt have said it better myself…


LMAO :-))

Two thumbs up.


He plays the humble jester role, like a dog humping Putin’s feet.

Vox Populi

Tovarish Lukashenko is not anyone’s dog, he has proven tough and resilient bulldog and has already weathered the CIA color coded attempt to oust him.


Which color was it?

Tommy Jensen

Green as a French frog called BHL.

Tommy Jensen

We have also evidence. The 5 eyes intercepted a telephone call between Lukashenko and Putin, where Putin says he did it to send a signal to Merkel to not interfere in Donbass anymore. To stay away! This is documented by high level Western Intelligence who wish to remain anonymous because of KBG’s usual polonium retaliation.

Zionism = EVIL

Well the more pertinent question to ask is why are the racist Americunt arseholes killing the Blacks and Hispanics even in the loser US military as even Trumps calls them.

White Nationalism Is a Greater National Security Threat Than North Korea, Say US Troops

A poll conducted in late July and early August said that active-duty members of the U.S. military believe white nationalism presents a greater threat than North Korea to the country. The poll also indicates the demoralization in the ranks, where 97% of soldiers from minority backgrounds indicated that they had faced systematic racism and discrimination.

Erik Ziel

Much respect to presidents like Alexander Lukashenko and John Magufulit from Tanzania. Times are changing.

johnny rotten

In a political world made up largely of fags, Lukashenko is one of the few left with virility, a lonely man among a thousand transgender, he should be honored at least for this and for not having bowed to 90° to the big pharma and associated cartels.


Lukas trying to be useful to his current boss. Should have considered the people as boss. Too late now

Harry Smith

Lukas – that was funny! ROFL! But it’s not “s” but “sh” in his second name. BTW, his second name can be interpreted as word with “onion” (in Russian it sounds like “look”) in the root. So many people call him Chipollino. But in Russian segment of Internet he mostly called as “daddy” but with Belorussian pronunciation. And it’s a very long story to explain why he is called like this. :)


Or east eurpoean name Lukaš where the last letter is indeed pronounced as [sh], since it is with an apostrphe or whatever this š sign is. But if it is from the word onion, then he should change it to something related to potato instead. Potatenko for example. I guess we can even make his name a subject of geopolitical arguement, of whether Belarus belongs to west or east:))))))) That would be hilarious tho.

chris chuba

Russia better keep their nose out of NATO’s business of expanding or ELSE ! ! !


Or ELSE???


Pretty sure Chris is being sarcastic.


Lukas released the transcript. Seems like Mike and Nick are working for him, all they do is praise him and say how strong he his, how loyal the officials are to him. Come on Lukas, you gotta be smart with these kind of things, even if fake, make it believable.

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