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Lukashenko Calls For Further Integration With Russia, After Sabotaging It For Years

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Lukashenko Calls For Further Integration With Russia, After Sabotaging It For Years

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On February 11th, in a stark change in course and policy, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko began making grand claims in regard to further integration with Russia.

“The last large-scale sociological study: we asked people how they feel about integration with Russia, the European Union. I am afraid to be mistaken by half a percent percent 71.5% spoke primarily in favor of integration with Russia, about 30% of 100% – with the EU. We will publish these very interesting data, you will look at them,” Lukashenko said.

Lukashenko also said the following in regard to relations with Russia, war and peace:

“Only by rallying we will preserve the stability of our countries. Whether there will be peace or war here depends on the link Belarus-Russia or Russia-Belarus. Everything will depend on our unity with Russia.”

“You have not a closed, but an open fracture there!” Alexander Lukashenko said at the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly that there was an attempt at rebellion in Belarus, not a “color revolution”.

“The color revolution in Belarus was impossible. Therefore, relying on certain internal forces, an attempt was made not to a color revolution, but to rebel according to the principle of a blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg failed. We held our country. Until.”

Still, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that with the further integration of Minsk and Moscow, the countries should fully maintain their sovereignty, new supranational bodies in the Union are not needed.

“Today we openly declare our readiness for further substantive work to improve inter-sectoral cooperation within the framework of the Union State, observing mutual interests and on the basis of equality of the two members of the Union. I would like to emphasize that this process presupposes the full preservation of the sovereignty of both countries, without the formation of any new supranational bodies. “, said Lukashenko, speaking in Minsk at the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly.

He stressed that “the entire system of organs of the Union State has been created, and it has not yet worked its way, it is still viable.” “It cannot be thrown into a landfill. This is a parliamentary assembly, a council of ministers, and finally, the supreme state council of the Union State,” Lukashenka continued.

He urged Belarusian MPs “to go this way.” “And let’s see what the peoples will say,” the Belarusian leader said.

Lukashenko said that the Russian loans allocated to the republic are not charity: Minsk paid about a billion dollars a year to use them.

“And loans from Russia are far from charity. Do you know how much we pay Russia a year for the credit resources we receive? A billion dollars. At least a year ago it was like this,” Lukashenko said on Thursday in Minsk speaking at the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly.

He drew attention to the fact that “Russia keeps its, shall we say, money in other countries, including the United States, but it receives from what it lends to the United States in this way, an order of magnitude less in terms of percentage of this money that it stores there.”

“Therefore, yes, Russia helps us. Many thanks to Russia, as it helps us like no one else. But this is not charity. Often the interest on them Is higher than worldwide, and we return these loans on time, no one writes off them to us “, stressed Lukashenko.

Upcoming is a meeting between Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the agenda of the meeting, is being formed and that it is too early to talk about any topics.

On February 10th, Peskov announced preparations for a meeting between the leaders of Russia and Belarus, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko.

“On the topics that will be on the agenda of the upcoming visit to Russia of President of Belarus Lukashenko, well, it is too early to speak. The visit continues to be prepared. The agenda is being formulated. Again, I will not go into any details yet. We consider it premature,” he said.

Lukashenko in the beginning of 2020 spent his time blaming Russia for high gas prices, then moved on to finding Russian agents looking to destabilize the country.

Then, after the attempt at a coup against him, and it is still on-going, his stance changed to wishing further integration with Moscow.

Belarus has, for a while, been part of a United State with Russia, but the Lukashenko government has spent many years sabotaging any integration.

His claims are grand, but it is yet to be seen if they will just be left on paper, or any concrete steps will be undertaken to represent the “people’s will” as the alleged survey showed.


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Looks like he knows only Putin can protect him from CIA-created phony revolutions. Can’t stage a coup in Minsk if the real capital is in Moscow.


Commonwealth of independant nations,bring it on!


Finally, the time has come for the, up until now a free, people’s and just socialist country, to sell its soul, its culture, economy, ideology, the working class and its future to the “Russian” oligarchs and the oligarchy and their king Putin the 1st. It is exactly what the protector and the king of oligarchs wanted all along. Is it not a little too high a price to pay just for the old man to still, at lest for a while, stay in power. It may be, in his own opinion, for an obvious reason: for the last 30 years every Russia-friendly leader and every Russia- friendly country (Ukraine, Serbia, Cuba, Libya, Armenia…etc.) had been stabbed in the back and betrayed to the “partners” by the king and his two predecessors. Since, for the oligarchy, the time for reckoning has come this is not very opportune time for the Belorussian people to join it and then inevitably take part in paying the bill for something that they didn’t do. Belarus may still regret that the “attempt at rebellion” has been suppressed. Besides, the oligarchy now has some new “friends” and Belarus may not be a perfect fit any more.


comment image Thats what happens when you put in pro cia/usa gorbachev/imf parasitical gobvernance,
you don’t fool higher intellects (period) Ob viously you have an inferior complex disorder seens the more stronger mentally toughened leaders of the Combined independanyt states have proven to be over degenerate millenial kweer worshipping fads,simply writing dogsht!


Seems the lessons of Armenia/Ukraine is being learned. Lukashenko is also learning that he is not able to play the West against Russia as Tito did during the cold war. He is lucky he hasn’t been Yanokovyched already and Belarus Ukrained.


Very fortunate indeed,sooner or later he must come to senses with heritage not ideology!

Kenny Jones ™

Armenia will be alright, they had a blow but in time there will be new elections where pro-Russian power will be restored
But there seems little hope for corrupt Ukraine


Tito was British agent sitting in Western lap, pretending to be a communist.
He loved to live in luxury.


There is no such scum today in the world that is comparable to the Russian oligarchy and its political leaders.
And many more….

Harry Smith

Hope you mentioned Putin’s palace! ROFL!

Tommy Jensen

Most of them are from the 1990’es and we know what happened there. All the rats came out from their holes.

Tommy Jensen

But Yugoslavia wasnt the worst country yes? Until Freemason broke it.
They had some style


I think I know what you mean. In her own way end in her own right Yugoslavia did have certain success…Being bankrolled by the west helped lot “socialist” project to keep the appearance of the success.
But deep from within Yugoslavia was kind of stillborn on life support from the start.
Betrayed by her own creators.

These words explain everything.
“It is much easier to die for ones ideals, than to live for them”
F. Dostoevsky


Correct, Tito in Jugoslavia was deliberately set-up by Churchill as a buffer state, ultimately controlled through loans/debt. He had the advantage of freedom of action also from the nationalities POV as Croatia was ruled by Ustasha Fascists…thus he could act against Germans without anti-Hrvatska reprisals by Germans, while Serbs suffered big reprisals at the 1:100 ratio from Germans which limited their action (in fact, Hollywood also promoted the anti-Serb view, even though they suffered the most from Germans and allies). Most Brit intel was pro-Toto with the exception of T-R (who has an Orthodox wife, Tamara, the former Hermitage curator, so she was Russian too).

An interesting side–note, future PM Harold Macmillan was also involved in deporting old Russian officers protected by Serbs to Soviet Union..it was fitting then that is government fell because of the activities of a Soviet Officer Yevgeny Ivanov in 1960s.


I would like to see him get Novichoked and have this whole farce known as Belarus end finally. Russia needs to consolidate their position in Eastern Europe.


Lukashenko has always been self-serving. I’m sure if he’s bribed enough he’ll be loyal to Russia.

Kenny Jones ™

Idiot, but hopefully Putin won’t sink to his level and accept annexation


Russia wanted “Euro-Asian Union” integration long time ago (even title of the article mentions that)
Lukashenko does that now because Putin has ordered him to do that ( in exchange for Russian support to Lukashenko during Belarus protests ).

Steve Standley

This shows me something good about Lukashenko. He loves his country enough to let it integrate with a country that he knows will take care of it.


The loss of even part of Belarus to the west would be a major blow for Russia in strategic therms, it is their land bridge to the Kaliningrad region. Putin will be able to prevent a Maidan scenario in Minsk? We’ll see in the coming months


Kaliningrad and Belarus do not share a border.


Yes, but it would widen by several km the so called ‘Suwalki gap’ (currently 104 km) considered a critical point by NATO members


Short strip of land separates them (which facilitates the task to Russia to brake any attempt of the Western blockade on Kaliningrad )

Tommy Jensen

I dont follow any of you. I see Lukashenko as a wise President trying to maintain and manoeuvre his country as independent between the Oligarchs of both West and Russia, doing the best for his country and people.

Lukashenko has rightfully blamed the Russian Oligarchs for having the same manners as West trying to squeeze as much out of Belarus as possible. If there wasnt any difference he could as well use Europe’s Oligarchs when they offered more competitive solutions.

But time came to shift position as Russia and China are the future and much more attractive today as partners than West and than just a few years ago.
A wise President Lukashenko make the right choice in the right moment.

Harry Smith

Belorussia has huge oil products exports. Quite irrational for a country without oil. Lukashenko made billions by buying Russian oil without export fee, refining it and selling petrol and other oil products to EU. Same thing is with natural gas. Lukashenko is a thief.


Yes, the ‘Oil Export fees’ were introduced by President Putin on about 2002, if I am correct, and it was to prevent the Western oil companies along with Russian Khazar oligarchs de-facto stealing Russian oil for about $10 or 20per barrel. A classic example being the US rape of Iraqi oil today and the attempt to force President Assad to accept a similar deal about 3 years ago, when a fleet of US SUV’s flew into Damascus for a meeting with President Assad. The US offered peace in Syria IF Russia, Iran and Hezbollah were told to leave Syria. President Assad, on behalf of his loyal citizens, told the US to politely Fuck Off :)

Prior to that the US had imposed the trade deal that all their ‘client’ states were forced to accept. ALL the revenue was routed to the US and only the scraps returned to client states, with US/UK oil company’s ‘expense’s’ gobbling up the rest.

Harry Smith

Hi Florian.
As I promised.
Here is the web page you can send an e-mail for Sokolov:
Will write first word from the field and what you have to write
Выберите регион: Санкт-Петербург и ЛО
Выберите учреждение: СИЗО-1 Кресты
Фамилия получателя: Соколов
Имя получателя: Олег
Отчество получателя: Валерьевич
Год рождения получателя: 1956

Then you have to fill the info about you
ФИО отправителя: your name and surname
Телефон: your phone number
Контактный e-mail: your e-mail
Подтвердите e-mail: your e-mail once again

Don’t check any checkboxes
In the field Текст письма you can write your message. After you complete your message push the button Отправить письмо.
At the moment it is the most sure way to send him a letter because he has to be transferred to the prison soon.

If you want to send a regular mail here is the address:
196650, Russian Federation, Leningrad region, Kolpino, Kolpinskaya str. 9, FKU SIZO-1, Sokolov Oleg Valeryevich.


Hi Harry,

Thank you for the information. I will write to him this weekend.


Thanks again. I wrote to him today. It takes about 3 days for the censor’s to process, I think.

Harry Smith

I suppose you wrote it in English so they need some extra time to translate it for censor. Even if censor speaks some English.


I wrote my message in easy to read English.
Oleg speaks good English.
I did consider Google translate, but its easier to write words that the censor may misunderstand, I think.

If I don’t get a reply in about 4 weeks , I will send an Airmail a letter to him.

Harry Smith

There was an option to pay 50 roubles to get the response by e-mail. But it works only with Russian mobile telephone numbers, I think. If you didn’t wrote your return address for airmail, it’s better to write the one right now. He will be in Kresty only until the appellation. After that he will be sent to a prison. Give me a couple of days and I will try to ask my friends from penitentiary system how to write letters to SIZO in the right way.


Thank you.

In the telephone number box there is a choice of all countries flags. I recieved 4 different confirmation emails and I paid by Visa for a reply with my sending fee, a return email. It all added up to about 2 UK pounds.

A friend of mine was in prison for 5.5 years whan he got parole and there is a similar ’email a prisoner’ service here that costs about half the price.

In the UK a prisoner can get parole after 50% of the sentence has elapsed, if the prisoner has a ‘good behaviour’ record. Is the Russian system the same?

Harry Smith

Good. But 50 roubles are kinda less than 1 UK pound. Different prices for foreigners. LOL. I am totally not surprised.
And yes. In Russia you can get parole after half of sentence term in case of ‘good behavior’. Also, 1 day in SIZO (remand prison) is calculated as 2 days in jail. So if he is sentenced for 12 yeas and spent in SIZO 2 it will make like 4 years already elapsed. 2 years more and he can ask for parole.


That’s interesting, thank you.
The Russian prison conditions will be better than the US.

Tommy Jensen

Im looking at how Belarus is under Lukashenko.
People are satisfied, its a calm and peaceful country without the filth and dirt as prostitutes, illegal drug and weapon industry, gangster networks as known in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and other E-Europe.
Lukashenko kicked IMF and WHO out on various occasions.
All right you are looking at his business like the people who look at Putin’s castle.
But it depends on how you treat your wealth yes? If you use it for the benefit of your own people then in my opinion we have a competent man here.


Spot on…as long as thief in charge shares some of his wealth with his own nation and secures everybody decent living he is OK.

Harry Smith

This competent man didn’t figured out how to keep Belorussian economy healthy without Russian row resources. And even when he was almost screwed this summer he didn’t realized he is running an edge of a blade. Sooner or later Lukashenko will fall. He can’t keep the balance forever.

Trap Is Not Gay

In the USA they’ve published literal African porn from Africa (African x African porn movies from Africa), ex: Congo, Nigeria, etc porn.

That’s the USA future…

It’s either going negr0es/Jewish/USA, or going Russia-China.

Pretty simple.

Tommy Jensen

any link to big tits?

Fog of War

This is more hot air. Why not just hold a national referendum to see if the people want to join with Russia ? This half assed waffling is just theater .

Raptar Driver

Uniting with Russia will protect them against the west but who will protect them against Russia? And yes, I know they are Russians but they have a independent system right now. Russia is fully linked to the world system.
You are damned if you do you’re damned if you don’t.


10 million people to stay independent in this world?:!?
r’ you out of your effing mind!!?
What is so good to become another Ukraine?!
Ukraine was the most developed industrialized part of the SSSR and now they are failed state thanks to your US !!
their prosperity was built on Russian prosperity.
they are Russians you dork, nothing wrong with getting closer to Russia!

Raptar Driver

Learn how to read English or stop posting comments.


commenting after 9 days?!

I have suggestion for you too…eat sh*t or eat sh*t

Raptar Driver

Yes I have a job loser. Don’t have time to check my emails everyday like you.
Perhaps I should send you some cabbage soup?


better stick with your cooking cabbage soup job…your comments are crap anyways

Raptar Driver

Keep your disinformation to yourself you filthy Asian Bulgar.
You’re no better than a Turk.

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