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LPR Interior Minister: 2016 “Coup Attempt” In Republic Was Fabcricated


LPR Interior Minister: 2016 "Coup Attempt" In Republic Was Fabcricated

Igor Kornet

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Luhansk People’s Republic Igor Kornet said that the 2016 attempted Luhansk coup was fabricated, and shed the light on the current situation in the Republic.

The Minister commented on the situation in the Republic, by saying that the arrests of more than 50 people, including the Prosecutor General of LPR Vitaly Podobry, LPR’s military prosecutor Sergey Rakhno and their attendants on suspicion of collaborating with Ukraine, went “very well”. He said that the active phase of the operation was preceded by nearly year long counterterror operation dedicated to rooting out the Ukranian spy network in the republic. The operation led to “successful, bloodless” arrests, with the arrested testifying. Kornet promised to report on the results of the work in the following months.

Regarding the collaboration with Donetsk forces during the active phase of the operation, the minister said that the collaboration had started since the assassination of Oleg Anaschenko, Head of LPR People’s militia in February of 2017. After confirming that Donetsk military personnel and vehicles were helping with the operation, Kornet also revealed further plan to collaborate with Donetsk People’s Republic.

Kornet called the 2016 attempted Luhansk coup “completely fabricated,” with the necessary criminal charges launched. He stressed that the “officials are as culpable as anyone,” with the law making no discrimination for social station. He assured that the criminal proceedings won’t turn into a “witch hunt,” with charges brought up only based on available evidence.



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