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LPR Interior Minister: 2016 “Coup Attempt” In Republic Was Fabcricated

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LPR Interior Minister: 2016 "Coup Attempt" In Republic Was Fabcricated

Igor Kornet

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Luhansk People’s Republic Igor Kornet said that the 2016 attempted Luhansk coup was fabricated, and shed the light on the current situation in the Republic.

The Minister commented on the situation in the Republic, by saying that the arrests of more than 50 people, including the Prosecutor General of LPR Vitaly Podobry, LPR’s military prosecutor Sergey Rakhno and their attendants on suspicion of collaborating with Ukraine, went “very well”. He said that the active phase of the operation was preceded by nearly year long counterterror operation dedicated to rooting out the Ukranian spy network in the republic. The operation led to “successful, bloodless” arrests, with the arrested testifying. Kornet promised to report on the results of the work in the following months.

Regarding the collaboration with Donetsk forces during the active phase of the operation, the minister said that the collaboration had started since the assassination of Oleg Anaschenko, Head of LPR People’s militia in February of 2017. After confirming that Donetsk military personnel and vehicles were helping with the operation, Kornet also revealed further plan to collaborate with Donetsk People’s Republic.

Kornet called the 2016 attempted Luhansk coup “completely fabricated,” with the necessary criminal charges launched. He stressed that the “officials are as culpable as anyone,” with the law making no discrimination for social station. He assured that the criminal proceedings won’t turn into a “witch hunt,” with charges brought up only based on available evidence.

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Well thats sorted. I wonder how much in Swiss bank accounts the USA just threw away? A nice clean out. Well done, Sir.


Good work indeed that display the advantages of patience and giving the US stooges enough rope to hang themselves with :)


Way to go. Spin the web and catch the flies all wearing the stars and stripes. No wonder the Donbass is not just surviving – but thriving. You really have to hand it to them. I wish we in the west had leaders like those intead of globalist puppets and Soros funding. My globalist and treasonous PM, Sharia May, is an embarrasment and security risk to Britain. Why she is still in Downing Street defies rational thinking.


Sadly she is my PM as well. Britain has become shambolic. Perhaps thats the intention.

The problem is that there is no likely alternative to the political prostitutes we have suffered for decades now.

Tudor Miron

There’s is an alternative for you personally. What I mean is that your personal level of understanding world events and connecting the dots allows to see entire picture and to not fall for fake promises and propaganda. So it’s a question of how many people are aware – than there will be alternative for all. Any political power is still dependent of people it is ruling and that why global predictor always make sure that there are “right” people in the media. They simply do their best to keep masses ignorant and uneducated because that is the only way that they can keep succeeding https://youtu.be/5bWq-KyZ8uA


My optimism for the downfall of the Khazar monsters is partly based of their greed fuelled loss of reality that has seen the demise of all previous cults.


Your linked video makes perfect sense. Before the internet enabled dialogue with people from all parts of the globe , being an ‘unbeliever’ of the system we are all forced to live under was a lonely place.

Today an ever increasing army of ‘unbelievers’ is gathering , as we witness the hysterical disbelief of the venal and demonic scum that currently rape ,loot and enslave the world.


That, or…….., the internet allows people with an already skewed sense of reality to reach out to another and reinforce their delusions in ways that wouldn’t happen in the past. When the only news that you get comes from like minded people in an internet bubble a dangerous echo chamber gets created. In a way this is what happens with all those ISIS sympathizers who go on their lone wolf attacks.

I seriously worry about myself sometimes that I don’t get enough news from different sources, that I may live in an echo chamber of like minded people who reinforce my views, instead of challenge them. I want to be open minded, not closed minded. Above all, I don’t want to be ‘that guy’, who whenever there is a political discussion, starts to get up on his soap box and make speeches. I don’t want to even start to consider that I might become like one of those ISIS nutters, willing to kill. Even if it is for a different cause.

I reckon that as long as I still worry about that I might still be safe. Sane people worry that they might be crazy. Crazy people have no such worries at all.


I also look at the MSM etc and then logic kicks in, after that the paucity of any reality or honest reporting is quickly exposed. The MSM is the greatest echo chamber in the world. The ‘weekly’ narrative spouted by all of the US vassal leaders is testament to targeted propaganda from one source.


I see much nonsense being spouted in the MSM as well, but that does not mean the various alternative media have it right by default. Everyone is pursuing their own bias. Southfront is clearly pursuing its Russian bias, and I’m fine with that, as I get a different take on things, and at least lots of information I’m not getting at all from my own media. But it is still biased. I just hope that I still can discern fact from bias. And that because SF speaks to my own POV on many things I do not lose my objectivity.


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Gary Sellars

Excellent news. IMHO any LPR/DPR official that conspires with the Ukropi orc enemy deserves to be strung up by his genitals and beaten by the relatives of those whom have been harmed by their treachery. I could more descriptive but its possible that minors could be reading this article….

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