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LPR Head Warns Active Military Operations Would Begin If Ukraine Doesn’t Stop Violating Ceasefire

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LPR Head Warns Active Military Operations Would Begin If Ukraine Doesn't Stop Violating Ceasefire

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On May 19th, the head of the Luhansk People’s Republic Leonid Pasenchik issued an emergency statement.

In the statement, Pasenchik urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to stop his troops from violating the ceasefire, otherwise the troops of the LPR would begin active operations against the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“As a result of the shelling carried out by the armed forces of Ukraine on May 16th, the Mikhaylovka-Kommunarskaya power transmission line was damaged, which fed infrastructure facilities critical to the LPR, a number of social facilities, as well as a residential sector. A day later, on May 17th, in spite of the security guarantees provided, Ukraine fired on the repair team twice, they were working to eliminate the consequences of the shelling, and the OSCE SMM patrol, which monitored the work. This shelling suspended any security guarantees.

Similar attacks on civilians of the LPR and civilian infrastructure by the Ukrainian military have recently become regular. This is a deliberate provocation and action with a clear goal – to destroy the critical infrastructure of our Republic that is necessary for the livelihoods of our population. And in this action Ukraine has already achieved certain results, causing serious interruptions in the electricity and water supply of Lugansk, which threaten us with a humanitarian catastrophe.

And this happens against the background when representatives of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group invariably declare their commitment to a comprehensive ceasefire.

In this regard, I want to appeal to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky with an urgent request to take measures to stop the unprovoked shelling of our territory, while providing appropriate security guarantees for repair work on critical civilian infrastructure. If such actions continue on the part of the EFU, you, Vladimir Alexandrovich, will leave us no choice but to take effective and decisive measures to move the line of contact from the specified power line. In a similar way, we will be forced to act while continuing shelling of civilians and other critical life-support facilities. For this purpose, I have already given relevant instructions on putting the units of the People’s Police on alert.

In order to avoid escalation of the conflict, I also want to appeal to the OSCE, the Russian Federation, Germany and France with a request to “help” Ukraine to take the necessary decisions to ensure a real cease-fire for the period until a full political settlement of the conflict.”

As such, it would appear that this escalation is taking place when information is being released showing that the United States is, essentially, pulling the strings on Ukraine, and former Vice President Joe Biden and Co. were pillaging the country.

A further escalation could be likely, potentially attempting to point towards the “real culprit” for Ukraine’s issues and the conflict in Eastern Ukraine: “Russian Aggression.”

It should be reminded that just days earlier the Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled civilians, injuring several children, both in the LPR and DPR.


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Jimmy Jim


Liberal guy

They r are already defeated and even their so called 4th reich is also formed still they will get defeat only as they hv already lost the global war

Zionism = EVIL

Ukraine is Russian land dating back to the advent of Orthodoxy-Kievan-Rus. It is time it is integrated with the motherland and the Jew cunts sent back to Jew York where they belong ripping off the dying rednecks.


Start the operation now and kill as many Neo-Nazi in that fucking Ukraine

Raptar Driver

This is what happens when you don’t complete the task at hand militarily speaking. So now Putin created a festering wound on the borders of Russia itself. Once an allied country and part of Russia now turned into a NATO forward base but they got Crimea right, was that enough?
How was this a victory for Russia when the Russians lost so much to this day?


The whole US funded Ukrainian-Maiden episode was a zero-sum US, Neo-Con driven, geo-strategic project to attempt to seize Crimea and deny Russia its Black Sea naval base. Why? Think about the full ramifications. If Russia did not control the upper Black Sea, then US naval vessels would have free range to Russia’s southern flank – and be in range to fire Tomahawk missiles into Urals – where the Russian nuclear arsenal is based. That would have theoretically allowed US the ability to militarily attack Russia in a first strike capacity without necessarily suffering the consequences of a Russian nuclear counter-response. Making MAD deterrence redundant. But the US Neo-Con gambit quickly failed. Putin and Russian command well understood the real game and stakes at play – and prioritized, and ensured, Crimea stayed exactly where it belongs, within the Russian Federation. See the bigger picture.

Raptar Driver

I fully understand the military importance of the Crimea Peninsula. What about the socioeconomic cultural impact of losing the rest of Ukraine?What about the military impact of having NATO troops and bases close to Russian heartland?

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis being ukropnazis…
Like Americants they only understand brute force, they havent evolved beyond that, unfortunately.

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