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LPR: Building a Life with Our Own Hands

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An article from the Lugansk journalist about the situation in LPR

LPR: Building a Life with Our Own Hands

Despite the almost martial law of the Lugansk People’s Republic, despite constant combat readiness by defenders to repulse attacks from the Ukrainian neighbor, despite the incessant shelling of peaceful towns of Donbass by Ukrainian troops, the Republic develops and lives independently.

For a half year of existence, the state has undergone significant losses: destruction of infrastructure, economic and social blockade, loss of established trade ties, migration of the population. And all of this because of the “skilful” policy of Ukraine, which is ready to destroy Donbass, who has expressed a desire to have their own opinion and do not obey the lawlessness of the Kiev authorities.

It might be said the economic, social and political base has had to be restored from the ground up. Many experts in one field or another left their homes for fear of being persecuted because of their civic position or the possibility of being killed by Ukrainian shells. Those who stayed took on the responsibility to protect and care for a population of more than one million.

Thanks to constant support from friendly Russia, LPR is strengthening its position as an independent state. A healthy economic component makes it possible for the young republic to develop independently.

One of the most important tasks is to ensure the residents of Lugansk jobs and to re-launch industries that were stopped because of hostilities.

Some businesses have continued their work even in combat conditions and support the position of the selected political leaders. Thus, LLC “Lugansk Alcoholic Beverages Factory” “Luga-Nova ” has contributed more than 10 mln. UAH to the budget of the capital since resumption of work in January this year.

On September 1 the main currency of the Lugansk People’s Republic became the Russian ruble. From August 19, pensions in LPR were recalculated based on the Russian ruble. Earlier, pensions had already begun to be paid in rubles, but in conjunction with the Ukrainian hryvnia.

Liquidation of the Ukrainian banking system in LPR led to the creation of a new Republican Bank – the State Bank of LPR. During the five months of its operation the State Bank has doubled its number of working offices. Today, the State Bank has 110 offices in the territory of LPR. Of these, 38 departments in Lugansk and 72 in regions of the Republic. The bank serves about 900 thousand current accounts.

Careful attention is paid to social policies. In the Republic everything is done to ensure the comfort of residents, victims of the fighting.

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The “100 houses” project will provide for the repair of the most destroyed houses in Georgievka, Novosvitlivka, Chernukhin and Chryashevatoe, starting with the homes of the most vulnerable members of the population.

LPR’s Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services, Alexey Rusakov, said that as of September 7, more than 90% of the boilers are fully prepared for the launch and operation of the heating season.

Despite the failure of Ukraine to pay pensions and social benefits to residents of LPR, the government of LPR cares about its citizens. Monthly payments are paid by LPR.

More than 100 thousand residents of the Republic received almost 500 million rubles of pension payments for September. Students of educational institutions also have received funding. The budget of the Lugansk People’s Republic has facilities to pay scholarships to students.

More than 90 medical establishments have appeared in LPR after the reorganization. The hospital has a medical staff. Lugansk doctors who specialize in specific disciplines will go to the cities and areas for patients to receive on-site consultations and operations.

The Ministry of Health has identified a list of LPR social pharmacies in the cities and areas to improve the provision of drugs for socially disadvantaged groups.

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