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Lost in Translation: Russian Military Mocks Nonexistent Turkish Claims

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Lost in Translation: Russian Military Mocks Nonexistent Turkish Claims

Image: aa.com.tr

On February 14, the Ministry of Defense of Russia condemned supposed Turkish claims on Syrian military losses as a result of Turkish strikes in Syria’s Greater Idlib.

In an official statement, the Russian MoD said that Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense said that 62 Syrian service members were neutralized in Turkish strikes.

“[The Turkish] Statements about the shelling of Syrian government forces by units of the Turkish armed forces, and, especially, the death of Syrian troops as a result of them, are false,” the statement reads.

In fact, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense didn’t said that its strikes caused the alleged SAA losses. In the aforementioned, the ministry emphasized that “various sources in the Idlib region” were behind these claims.

Google translation: According to the latest information from various sources in the Idlib region; It has been learned that 63 regime elements have been neutralized.

Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense began releasing information on SAA losses in Greater Idlib earlier in February, following two attacks on Turkish troops in the region. The attacks, which were carried out by the Syrian military, killed 14 Turkish service members and injured dozens others.

The information shared by the Turkish defense ministry are often exaggerated or completely false. This explains why the Russian MoD released the statement on the matter. In own turn, the Russian media campaign in Syria also has own flaws that have been repeatedly surfaced since 2015. Most of these ‘flaws’ and ‘mistakes’, as the one on February 14, were a result of negligence or lack of attention to details by low and middle-level officials involved in the coverage of events in Syria. MORE HERE

Russian Military Campaign in Syria 2015-2018:

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Ottoman terrorists are cheaters and liars.


They always have and always will be :)


turkey djhihadist werstern country = lies and coward!!

cechas vodobenikov

duplicitous turks have learned well to lie from their NATO ally, USA


It is as essential for a politician to lie as it is to the pop stars to look good, some more some less depending on the situation. In a situation where 0.0001% of population has usurped 99% of available resources it is hard to maintain status-quo and keep the population at check as they want a bigger share of this 99% for just a basic life. The sociopaths that have usurped the resources have no intention of letting them go so what is a politician to do? In some societies this imbalance is much steeper (like in US) and it is getting harder and harder to maintain status-quo, in spite of having the fake free-media, fake democracy and plenty of external enemies whom they have been at war for decades/centuries, it is just not working any more. You can put any label on it, spin it any way, it still comes back to the same: population need more resources. And now we get to the reaction of the 0.0001%:agenda21, and this ultimately is the answer to all your questions “what is going on?”

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