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London Wannabe Terrorist’s Death Wishlist: Meeting Allah Is Only Number 7th

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London Wannabe Terrorist's Death Wishlist: Meeting Allah Is Only Number 7th

Image by the Daily Record. Click to see full-size

On February 10th, a jury in the UK found 28-year-old Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, a former Uber driver, guilty of planning to carry out terrorist attacks on sites including Madame Tussauds and the Pride parade.

He denied the allegations.

He is currently a chicken shop worker, and back in July 2018 was cleared after he was accused of a sword attack on police officers outside Buckingham Palace while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

The court heard that he had intended to go to Windsor Castle in 2017 but a sat-nav error had sent him to the Windsor Castle pub instead.

In August 2017, Mohiussunnath Chowdhury drove to Buckingham Palace and, carrying a samurai-style sword, got out of his car and was involved in a struggle with police officers. They suffered minor injuries – before being able to restrain him.

There were two trials in relation to that incident. The first jury failed to reach a verdict, and the second jury acquitted him of preparing an act of terrorism at a retrial in December 2018.

At the time Chowdhury told jurors he only wanted to be killed by police and did not intend to harm anyone.

Prosecutor Duncan Atkinson QC told Woolwich Crown Court that after Chowdhury was cleared, he became driven by “dreams of martyrdom”.

He allegedly told undercover police officers of his plans, and said that “non-Muslims” were fair game. The police were posing as like-minded extremists for five months.

He prepared for his potential attacks by lifting weights, practising stabbing and rehearsing beheading techniques, as well as booking shooting range training and trying to acquire a real gun.

He was found guilty of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts, collecting information likely to be useful to someone preparing an act of terrorism, and disseminating terrorist publications.

The second charge he was found guilty of was related to a document titled “guidance for doing just terror operations” on his phone, which included instructions on how to kill people with knives.

He was quite prepared for his attack, he had collected knives, looked into firearms training and even made a list of what he was going to do when he got to Jannah [paradise, garden].

London Wannabe Terrorist's Death Wishlist: Meeting Allah Is Only Number 7th

His death wishlist, and what he would do in Jannah. Click to see full-size image

Meeting Allah actually came 7th on his list, as it can be seen below.

First was touring the Palace he would be given, presumable if he managed to carry out his attack and kill “infidels.”

Second on the unmarried chicken shop worker’s list was to meet and consummate his relationship with 72 wives.

London Wannabe Terrorist's Death Wishlist: Meeting Allah Is Only Number 7th

A drawing he shared on Instagram, titled “My wife”. Click to see full-size image

Then he would move on to decorate his main palace, meet all his family and friends, and others.

Then, would come to meet Allah, and 10th is the time to “choose quests to embark upon” and would download knowledge of weaponry and other illegible things.

Mohiussunnath – or Musa – Chowdhury was allegedly obsessive about quests in which he played the part of a heroic martyr doing God’s work on earth.

His lawyer attempted an interesting defense strategy, arguing that the university drop-out was a “pathetic little man” and an “attention-seeker” who “talks and talks, but doesn’t do”.

In constract, Commander Richard Smith, the head of the Met’s Counter Terror Command, said he paid tribute to the officers involved after a “challenging” investigation.

According to him, Chowdhury was an “exceptionally dangerous individual,” who was “committed to murdering as many people as he could.”

“I do believe if we hadn’t been investigating him and had not arrested him,” the Commander said, “he would have gone on to cause significant harm.”

Police even released a drawing of a planned terror attack.

London Wannabe Terrorist's Death Wishlist: Meeting Allah Is Only Number 7th

A drawing of the alleged planned terror attack, or one of several planned. Click to see full-size image

His sister, Sneha Chowdhury, 25, was convicted of one count of failing to disclose information about acts of terrorism, and cleared of another.


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Smith Ricky

It always starts with innocent animals being butchered.


Go woke, get stabbed.


Look at the drawings, the handwriting hahahahah what a fucking retard. Tons of such infantile savages in Idlib soon to be destroyed. :]


Belief, in imaginary friends (god) or stupid books (Marx, that Austrian dude), can do crazy things to people. Good things also, probably mostly, but crazy weird things too.


But Barba , I think of you as my imaginary friend, and here you are saying that its stupid :)

My balloon is burst and you are so so cruel. :)

good american

Haha, the picture of his future wife. I wonder how many chickens he choked while looking at burka sales catalogs.

Mike S

A sword, a bike? He better not show that around in SF.

Albert Pike

His kippa doesn’t fit…


It will when he gets smoked. :)


“Second on the unmarried chicken shop worker’s list was to meet and consummate his relationship with 72 wives.”

If proof of his insanity is needed , this is it.
One wife is bad enough but seventy two is suicidal :)

Harry Smith

Come on Florian. The jihadi-boy was unmarried. He simply doesn’t understand what he wants!

good american

In that case he’s lucky he never died.

Mike S

I met a taxi driver in Jakarta and was practicing my Bahasa with him, we talked about a variety of things, and when we got around to women he mentioned that he had 2 wives. Then he pointed at his stomach and shook his head in a “no” movement while saying something I couldn’t pick up the first time. He had a pretty big belly, so I asked if he was sad about being fat because he had married 2 women who both knew how to cook well, that was a definite “no.” What it turned out to be was that he had an ulcer.
LMFAO. x72? No think you.


Caused by the stress of two wives ,no doubt :)

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