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Lockheed Martin Wants To Sell F-22/F-35 Hybrid To US Air Force

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Lockheed Martin Wants To Sell F-22/F-35 Hybrid To US Air Force


On August 30th, Lockheed Martin pitched a new variant of the F-22 Raptor fighter jet, equipped with the F-35’s more modern mission avionics and some structural changes as reported by Defense One.

It reportedly is one of several options being offered to the US military and allies. Lockheed appears to be exploring how it might upgrade its fighter jets “to counter Russian and Chinese threats anticipated by military officials in the coming decade, according to people with direct knowledge of the plan.”

“You’re building a hybrid aircraft,” David Deptula, a retired Air Force lieutenant general who is now dean of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies was cited by Defense One. “It’s not an F-22. It’s not an F-35. It’s a combination thereof. That can be done much, much more rapidly than introducing a new design.”

The new F-22 is similar to the one Lockheed is offering to Japan would incorporate the F-35’s modern mission system and “other advancements in the stealth coatings and things of that nature,” according to an unnamed source, familiar with the proposal cited by Defense One.

“There’s a lot of potential in this idea,” Deptula said. “I’m not sugesting that we jump right into it and embrace it, but from the Japanese perspective when they are looking at and willing to invest in this kind of an alternative as opposed to trying to build an indigenous aircraft that’s not going to get close to what an F-22 can already deliver. It’s a smart move on their behalf.”

A Lockheed Martin spokeswoman refused to provide comment regarding the project.

According to Defense One, the proposal resembles the 1990s evolution of the F/A-18 Hornet into the Super Hornet. It was proposed as a low-risk project, however the F/A-18E/F turned out to require a redesign of almost every exterior part. It was troublesome, but ultimately successful.

Lockheed’s proposal comes as the Air Force is evaluating its force structure to meet the objectives, missions and threats set forth into the National Defense Strategy.

In July 2018, Defense One also reported that Boeing was pitching a new F-15 Eagle, using the game plan it applied during its Super Hornet offer. The F-15X is designed to carry more bombs and missiles and new electronics. Unlike the F-22 and F-35, it does not have a stealthy design, however electronic warfare and other equipment can reduce the risk of the jet being shot down.

As cited by Defense One, Deptula argues that buying upgraded F-22s allows the U.S. military to make a small step before buying a radically redesigned sixth-generation fighter jet with technologies that have not yet been proven. “If you take a look just the general areas of aerodynamics, propulsion, low observability, we have not gotten to the point where we can achieve any order of magnitude increases in any one of those areas beyond where we are [with the] F-22 outer moldline,” he said.

The Air Force has budgeted hundreds of millions of dollars to look at the technologies for its future combat aircraft.

On August 29th, the Project On Government Oversight (POGO) revealed an investigation that showed serious problems with the F-35, which is also developed by Lockheed Martin. According to the report 19 of the aircraft’s most serious deficiencies were downgraded without any plan to fix them. .” Instead of fixing the deficiencies, they will complete development work and fixes at a later point, with their “newly devised, amorphous “modernization” phase, free of the restrictions and accountability imposed by a budget and milestone baseline.”

Lockheed is also reportedly exploring other technologies such as directed energy and electronic attacks on the F-16, F-22 and F-35. Reportedly, structural changes to the F-35 are also being explored.

“If the US [military] wants to move to a next-generation, air dominance airplane there are lots of options,” the anonymous source familiar with the project said.

Lockheed is also pushing the military to buy more F-35s as a way “to make sure it has more stealth aircraft in the next decade.”

“If you have to fight one of these scenarios [described in the National Defense Strategy], it’s a high-risk situation that would result in a lot of attrition of those fourth-generation airplanes,” the source said. “It’s questionable whether the U.S. could carry out its objectives in those scenarios. I think the U.S. would prevail, but not without risk.”

A F-22/F-35 hybrid which could be procured quickly may be ideal, since the F-35 with all of its problems and delayed development will take years to be complete.

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>> Lockheed appears to be exploring how it might upgrade its fighter jets “to counter Russian and Chinese threats anticipated by military officials in the coming decade, according to people with direct knowledge of the plan.”<<

Translation: Lockheed appears to be exploring how it can fleece even more billions from the US DOD by dangling a new lemon in front of them now that the old one appears to be squeezed out soon.

Jens Holm

Something like that too. The airplanes has become very expensive and there is a risk companies goes down if they dont get orders or subvention.

Well its not a new thing USA as country invest in arms. Many of the pay back in export and licence production.

Empire's Frontiers

Once we merge the two concepts, we’re pretty sure it will fly.


…and the good news is, the price tag of 1 new plane would be a few percent cheaper than the price of the original two combined.

Jens Holm

Haha. If so, we will see. Prices too often are too low estimates.

We see a kind of the same for Russians having several good weapons for sale. But they hardly can afforet to buy them themselves and none outside can and will buy. Only their high tech missiles are sold.


and your 60 years old modern persian plane? what is this? joke of the century? :DDDD

Ivan Freely

Is LockMart admitting that the F-35 is a lemon? LOL

AM Hants

Still generations behind Russia and China. Now how much have they spent on the F35 and how many problems still need fixing? How many years did it take for the plane to reach active service? Then you have the problem with both the F22, plus, F35 and problems with oxygen supplies. So, how long will it take the shareholders/investors of Lockheed, to get the next plane into active service, plus, what will be the cost. Meanwhile Russia and China just happily keep moving on.

Russia Defence Budget $47 billion, leaving Nato obsolete.
US $717 billion, with not much that actually works. Still the shareholders, including Prime Minister May’s husband, remain happy.

Jens Holm

Russians hardly can effort to produce their new ones. So far they hardly have more then 6 well funtioning prototypes.

I cant see the Russians are in front with a whole generation. And if they only have 1, they probatly will loose.

Thats one of the Russians main problems. They are slow producers and the jets are not industrialised.

AM Hants

Believe what you want.

Russia Military Capability 2018: 4 Minutes of Fury – Russian Armed Forces – Вооруженные силы России… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sN4Q8z6I2o&t=155s

RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 2018 HD – российская авиация… RUSSIAN AIR FORCE 2018 HD – российская авиация


yes. 4 minutes and finished. :P

AM Hants

So love the Russian response.

Four Russian Warplanes Hit Nusra Front Positions in Syria’s Idlib Province – MoD… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201809051067767090-russian-warplanes-syria/


russian weapons without yankee chips are rotten tomatos :D


Still generations behind Russia and China.

:))))) you are the troll of this decade! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

chris chuba

Bashing the F35 is easy, and I’m reluctant to do it because I’m not an aeronautics engineer but isn’t the manufacturer basically now admitting that their original product was flawed?

Jens Holm

You should not make them worse, then they are even its bad. But they seemes very expensive with very few improvements to me. I am an amateur too.


What are they going to call this abomination? the F-25CF? Will it actually fly without killing it’s pilot..or will they delete the pilot altogether. Seems that will be the only way they can make this thing safe and still able to fly. Or not. It’s main purpose is to extract as much $$$ from taxes as possible. Look, it’s new and improved!

Peter Moy

A hybrid F-22/F-35? What a sick gazillion dollar joke! That’s as if you transplanted a pig heart and a monkey brain into a donkey. Don’t laugh. I’m sure there are lapdog NATO air forces that would be interested in this disastrous program.


This is why Nato is necessary. We force Nato to buy our junk. Russia with the economy of Italy, and one tenth of our military budget produced superior and vastly more affordable military aircraft and weapons. Little wonder why Turkey and India want Russian weapons. The Syrian Arab Army with Soviet era anti air missiles already shot down an Israeli piloted F-35, the so called most advanced aircraft produced by the US. Israel does not care because it gets them as a US taxpayer gift.

Jens Holm

Most of our very good F16s are old in their bodies, so we do have to replace them with something.

I have tried here at home, if we just should make new F16s. That would be cheeper and we would not need to educate for new jets.

And as extra we could add up with some drones and missiles of modern kind.

The politicians dont think so.


are you sitting in st. petersburg or in moscow?


Will it have 3 engines then?


it will mix all disadvantages of both projects, so it will be slow, unmaneuverable, unmantainable, and uncapable of flying in bad weather as F35 with tiny weapon bay and incompatible avionics and absolutely unprotected against enemy fire as F22.
And it will cost three time more then F22 and F35 combined.

Jens Holm

Luck Heads and no bathtub.


What will they call it? The Dodo-Turkey perhaps. There’ll be lots of meat, fat and gravy for everyone on the corruption train. No need to worry, the goyim will pay!


Loved the comments.

pffffffft ……….. kind of speechless here, other than to say are you kidding me!!! What a 100% real pile of dog dooo.


Anyone ever wondered who owns Lockheed Martin?

Banks, and private equity, which in turn is mostly owned by banks.

If you want to stop the mass murder of millions around the world, you have to stop the banks.
To stop the banks, you have to stop their ability to create currency. Short the US dollar, buy gold or silver. The world belongs to the people, not the money lenders. Do what Jesus did, drive the scum out, buy gold.

Jens Holm

And You do forget, that most banks are owned in shares and owned by stockholders.

We are not Muhammed Economics here.

You can buy a part of it as You wish:

Right now 1 cost 320 dollar and You can order it by Internet if You show, You can pay for it. The whole world can and does. So crap with You.



It will be better for US army to pay some money for upgrading f-18 superhornets instead of tinkering with F22 and F35.

It is obvious that f-18 40 years old design is better in every aspect then unusable f22 and f35 lemons.
Or there is second option there, politely ask Russia to sell US some Su35 fighters. Because Su35 are far superior to every NATO fighter, including F-18, not mentioning F35.
Third option is to stop warmongering and stop backing Israhell’s aggressions.
Probably third solution is the best solution.


I think, it would be much better for Lockheed Martin company to come with a new design, and send to trash its F-35.

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