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Locals Blocked US Convoy, Burned US Flag Near Syria’s Fares Kabir (Video)

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Locals Blocked US Convoy, Burned US Flag Near Syria's Fares Kabir (Video)

Pro-government locals blocked a US military convoy near the village of Fares Kabir in the Syrian province of al-Hasakah on June 22. Locals burned a US flag and forced the US convoy to retreat from the area.


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Blas de Lezo

Flag burning should be punishable by death. Trump 2020.


Well Trumplet also thinks it’s a great idea to not put money into basic civil services like healthcare and education and instead just give it all away to the banks, military and Israel. So he’s a retard as was already known since a long time ago, not that makes him any different to the rest of the US elite, they all do and think the same on those points.


In Seattle, yes you are right…but this is Syria, alien territory, so it is different here…you can shoot as a combatant, but not as a judge and executioner.

Ivan Freely

So no 1st then?


Within the US or by a US citizen!

100% agree!

its Treason!

As for corrupt officials making the USA look bad!
Kill them too!

Jens Holm

Haha. If that solve problems, we should send more flags to the little boys of Babylon.

John Wallace

Great music Jens. Pity can’t say the same about your comment.. Improvement is necessary. Massive improvement.

Jens Holm

I have no other comment.

John Wallace

Best comment you have ever made. Keep it up mate , the no comment is a winner every time.

Assad must stay

hahahahah this is a clear signal US, GET OUT NOW!


they are getting out! they want out!
But they want some oil too!
There is a new motto in the USA
Stay out of foreign wars BUT if u do go to war, MAKE SURE U TAKE ALL OF THE RESOURCES!

Every war game i play requires me to take resources!
The USA hasnt done much of that so far!

Lone Ranger

Oy oy…

Dick Von Dast'Ard

With U.S. extraterritorial jurisdiction throughout the world, that must be at least a 10 yr prison sentence within a CIA operated black site prison.


this is the only way you’ll get the US to leave. The civilians have to keep pushing back like this


but they do and use the oil to finance the sdf-kurds which group is also backed by the jews in palestine. it’s a losing proposition since the turks and syria and iran won’t tolerate an independent kurdish population and will make certain that they are mere tenants in the borderlands.


wonder how long it will be before the more than dumb morons in the white house get the message. probably not until they run out of money and that won’t happen till the world stops lending money to the country against 10 year bonds at 0.7% interest (to be compared with switzerland’s -0.45% and germany’s -0.42%)

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