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Local Resistance Carried Out Attack On Alleged Meeting Between US-led Coalition And Commanders Of Its Proxies (Video)

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A local resistance group, known as the Popular Resistance of Raqqa (PRR), has carried out an attack on an alleged meeting between representatives of the US-led coalition and commanders of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the PRR claimed in a statement.

According to the existing info, the attack allegedly took place in the Crown International hotel in the city of Raqqah, which is controlled by the SDF.

There are no reports on casualties in the attack. Nor the US-led coalition nor the SDF has commented on the PRR’s claims.

First reports about anti-coalition armed groups operation in northern and eastern Syria started appearing in April 2018. Since then, these groups have carried out a few attacks targeting separate SDF members.

Anti-coalition sources have also claimed that at least two convoys of the US-led coalition and its proxies have been targeted by IEDs. However, no confirmation of these claims have appeared.

The recent attack in the city of Raqqa confirms that these groups continue operating in the SDF-held area despite efforts by the US-led coalition.

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bravo PPR!!! kill,m ypg pkk and americans!!


as sweet as it can be……….bravo……bigger next time please


Soon these Resistance Groups will be called Terrorists by USrael & NATO…. Keep Attacking these Foreign Invaders… their Soldiers are Traitors working for the Elite…Tag’m & Bag’m…the more Coffins arrive back home the sooner they’ll leave….European Politicians in Big Trouble…NATO too… Your Enemy is Weak!!!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Inshallah !!

Brother Ma

You mean like it called the kurds till it needed them and they became pals? Haha?


The PRR is trying to lobby support from the locals by looking like the big and bad, but is doubtful that they even have a significant amout of weapons.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have much support there already ,US and local SDF(ISIS) have done squat but murder and detain locals illegally, been a problem for years really. Just don’t be surprised this is like it has been predicted to turn into another Vietnam. There are a lot of Weapon caches in the region all US/NATO weapons besides this is only one of several groups.


There will be more of this once the border clearing operations in Daraa and Idlib are complete.

Brother Ma

So we are sure they are pro -assad ? I wouldn’t want another group stealing Syrian land even if they are killing kurds,yanks and headchoppers of various nations.

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