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Local Elections In Moldova: People Against Colonial Policy

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Tough second round of local elections took place in Moldova on Sunday, 28. It was all about confrontation between Pro-European Union politicians baked by oligarchs and parties adhering to the country’s sovereignty, independence and protection of national interests.

In Moldova, the poorest country in Europe, elites are corrupted and supported by the EuropeanLocal Elections In Moldova: People Against Colonial Policy Union. But their greed goes far from only European money (by the way, money from the European taxpayers), they kill and rob their own people, Moldovans. At the end of last year, just before parliamentary elections, when Pro-European Union politicians needed money, they robbed three Moldovan banks from where $1 billion suddenly disappeared. Money is still gone and seems to be not found at all.

Parties in Moldova, such as “Our Party” and Party of Socialists of Moldova struggle against elites, oligarchs and criminals who control the state as they consider it is their colony or colony of their hosts – European elites. Parties who fight against colonists see their aim in protecting the interests of Moldovan people, improving their standard of living and keeping their country away from Romania, which directly declares the plan to annex Moldova.

Common way to win elections in Moldova is to buy votes or threaten people who work as civil servants. Pro-European Union elites also love election fraud, threats to observers and making impossible promises. That is how actually they managed to win mayor of the capital of Moldova elections on Sunday. Eyewitnesses reported violations of the election, ballot box stuffing and falsification of the number of signatures. So, pro-European Union mayor of Kishinev (capital of Moldova) Dorin Chirtoaca won again, supported by both Romanian and the EU money.

The good news is people from different areas of Moldova expressed their opposition to larcenous authorities. Renato Usaty, the leader of “Our Party”, stated the elections were won in 11 cities and 30 villages. He marked “Our Party” will easily form a majority in the city councils where elections were won. They also plan to cooperate with Party of Socialists of Moldova in forming the majority in the city councils where the results of elections are not 100% win.

Generally, these elections sent message to people that they have some hope in the fight against bribable pro-European Union politicians. At SouthFront we support views of people who struggle for their national interests and freedom. So, we believe it can be a good first step for Moldovans who want to plan their own future without thieves, crooks and liars in authorities.

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