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Local Ba’ath Party Official Assassinated In Syria’s Al-Quneitra

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Local Ba’ath Party Official Assassinated In Syria’s Al-Quneitra

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On March 26 morning, a local official in Syria’s ruling Ba’ath Party was assassinated in the southern governorate of al-Quneitra.

The official, Fouad Rizk al-Assad, was reportedly driving his car on the Jabah-Umm Batnah road when he was targeted with an improvised explosive device. Al-Assad was killed on the spot along with his son Ali. His brother Yunis, who was with him and his son at the time, was injured.

Al-Assad was the secretary of Ba’ath Party office in Umm Batnah, which is located on the separation line with Israel in the al-Golan Heights.

Local Ba’ath Party Official Assassinated In Syria’s Al-Quneitra

Fouad Rizk al-Assad

A few hours after the assassination of al-Assad, unidentified gunmen shot and killed a soldier of the Syrian Arab Army 90th Brigade near the town of Rwihinah. The town is also located along the separation line, south of Umm Batnah.

The perpetrators of both attacks are yet to be identified. Local radicals affiliated with ISIS or other terrorist groups may have been responsible. It is also possible that the Israeli intelligence was complicit in these attacks.

The situation in al-Quneitra is unstable. More and more attacks target government service members as well as civilians in the governorate, despite the large presence of Syrian security forces.


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Jens Holm

Thats 24/7 blooy red control. The maps and Assads are wrong. So many dont like each other there. I dont blame them.

All is about misunderstanding in Islam about honor and respect, which of copurse includes the relations to ´the the second class women and spendable children too.

Often its about being the loudest, the tallest or which has the biggest feet. So as long as people like him and semilar dont come here, I love it.

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