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Local Authorities In Manbij Are Looking To Reconcile With Damascus Government – Report

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Local Authorities In Manbij Are Looking To Reconcile With Damascus Government – Report

US forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbij

On July 21, a source in the Manbij Millitary Council (MMC) told the Russian RT TV that the council and the Democratic Civil Administration in the city want to reconcile with the Damascus government.

According to the source, both the MMC and the local administration reject the Turkish-U.S. roadmap, which was agreed upon on May 25. As a part of the roadmap, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) was forced out of Manbij and a new Turkish-backed local committee will rule the city within the upcoming six months.

The source added that the majority of locals in Manbij “consider Turkey a state of occupation that wants to displace the Syrian Kurds from their land as it did in Afrin. Therefore, they want the Syrian authorities to return to it in order to governor it and to protect all of its ethnicities.”

Furthermore, the source expected that Russia will soon negotiate with Turkey in order to restore the role of the Damascus government in Manbij. The sources added that the fall of Afrin city was a lesson to Syrian Kurds.

“They learned a great lesson in Afrin when they did not hand it over to the Syrian state and chose to resist the Turkish occupiers,” RT quoted the source as saying.

Recently, several delegations of the US-led coalition visited Manbij and promised the MMC and the local administration there the coalition will continue to support and protect them. However, it may appear that these authorities don’t trust the U.S. anymore.

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Good. Never trust US backstabbers and keep away Turkistanis.

John Whitehot

“They learned a great lesson in Afrin when they did not hand it over to the Syrian state and chose to resist the Turkish occupiers”

The greatest lesson should be not to ally with, or rely on, the US and Israel as the only things coming from such associations will be destruction, death and defeat.

Promitheas Apollonious

did they now? because last i check are still the lap dogs of all you mention, doing their dirty work like good whores, they are.

John Whitehot

i said “should”.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes I noticed it, my comment was based on what is happening in real life.


There are fool people that they are not able to learn any lesson at all.

Gregory Casey

Oh …….. reality dawns on perfidious Kurds!! These are people who were quite happy to betray their Country, Syria and to throw in their lot with Terrorists / Israel / Saudis / US-led Coalition in craven hope and expectation that Turkey, United States, France, Saudis would happily allow them to found, construct and build an independent Kurdish States across the borders of Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. Now that they have been stabbed in the back by their masters, they come crawling back to Syria ……. do they expect their Syrian neighbours, whether Arab or otherwise EVER to trust them again?


Relace the word “reconcile” with “ally.” Given the emphasis on Turkey, Manbij wants to secure their southern flank and give Erdogan another reason not to continue his intrigues in that area.


Never ever trust America
they are the scum and the big problem in the world
Time make everything, history has a bad habit to repeat itself.
There was a war in America in past ,will happen again even if they will do try to avoid,
And this time if will ever happen in America Will be beyond unimaginable
Already American people hate the actual government
It is not need help from external players to start a war In America,it will just happen


Not way, Kurds must be ruled under Syria law and get rid of all USA weapons, that is the way kurds could become Syria people. Of course, kurds will have representative people inside Syria government. But first is first…… Otherwise, kurds (USA-puppets) will face war, death and destruction because non partition of Syria is allowed.

Jens Holm

Very strange anonyme source. A very maipulative article.


The real lesson for all, do not trust Turks or the US, neither Iran or Russia, but some are worse then others therefor this sequence. Play all of them and only think you.

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