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LNA’s Commander-in-Chief Announces “Decisive Battle” To Capture Libya’s Tripoli

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LNA’s Commander-in-Chief Announces “Decisive Battle” To Capture Libya’s Tripoli

Screenshot from LNA leader Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s speech.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has launched a “decisive battle” to capture the country’s capital, Tripoli, Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Khalifa Hafta announced late on December 12.

“Thanks to our national army, we are recovering Libya from the clutches of terrorism and traitors … Today we announce a decisive battle and advance towards the heart of the capital, to break its chains and free its prisoners,” Haftar said in a televised speech to the Libyan people.

Tripoli’s city center and its outskirt is still under the control of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and its forces, which are being backed by Turkey and Qatar.

Last April, the LNA launched a large-scale military operation to reach the capital with support from the UAE and Egypt. Now, army troops are stationed only 5 km away from Tripoli’s southern districts.

LNA’s Commander-in-Chief Announces “Decisive Battle” To Capture Libya’s Tripoli

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

No major clashes or airstrikes were reported near Tripoli following Haftar’s announcement. However, a ground assault on the city is expected to begin at any given moment.

The timing of Haftar’s decisive decision suggest that it could be related to the recent growth of tensions in the eastern Mediterranean.

The internationally-recognized GNA signed an agreement with Turkey earlier this month. This agreement allows Turkey to continue its expansion in the region and its controversial drilling activities. This resulted in a negative response from Egypt and Greece.

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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Amphibious attack?


Barring an internal collapse of the various militia gangs, LNA offensive will battle improved, entrenched defense lines constructed during past months while LNA stalled and wasted time politicking – meantime Turkey has supplied forces to GNA – LNA failed to cut the MSr Misrata-Qasr Qarabouli-Tajoura-Ma’itiga route, the map correctly shows the forward defense line, the main defense line is based on the second ring road with multiple linked tunnels, container blocks, mines, fixed heavy wepons etc.. – will see how it goes, but LNA MUST cut the coastal routes both east and west, plus, obviously , neutralize Ma’itiga Airbase and Turkish HQ and yes a surprise amphibious lodgement would be a good idea, if unopposed, not sure LNA has that capability

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Hopefully Russian Airforce join and start flattening some GNA terrorists all over Libya, LNA would capture Tripoli in 24 hours lol

cechas vodobenikov

turkey is desperate; w/out the GNA they will be unable to steal Libyan gas/oil

Jens Holm

I wroe it again. It makes no sense Libyarmaining as one artificial cuntry. The oil should be shared in % of inhabitants from 3-5 regained countries/Emirates.

I have not studiet the map well, but as I remember it from several monts agao, there is no change apart from many lost lives as well as military equipment.

Those ressourcers should be used for anything else but military activity. At least Turks has some semi-Turks there.

People too often forget, that the different oil companies are main partners too. They have or had contracts with Gadaffy or/and Libya, so actually they also do fight loosing their bought and paid rights.

Some new players as drillers, producers makes no change for the Libyan people. New one has to be paid as well as being taxed too.

I have no good relations to the ususal dirtbags semiar to the LNA here. They all are same thing. No war no job and pension.

Iwas reading the Egyptian self announced Leader – somthing AS SISSY – and some of his great army whould go west. But wht didnt he protect the many Kopters working for Libya and Assads at all being passive in that.

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