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LNA Spokesperson Says Attack On Sirte Incoming, Despite No Apparent Movements From Turkey


LNA Spokesperson Says Attack On Sirte Incoming, Despite No Apparent Movements From Turkey

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On July 14th, the spokesperson of the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces, Mohammed Gununu said “it’s time we have crushed the malicious hands toying with Libyan oil resources”.

Speaking to media, Gununu said that oil must start pumping as usual once again and the presence of pro-Haftar mercenaries must be eliminated, saying Haftar had allowed the mercenaries to control Libyan soil and skies.

Gununu said the Turkish-backed GNA forces will liberate the “kidnapped cities” to allow the displaced people to return to their homes so that the GNA can control the entire country: “sea, land and skies”.

“We are going to defend ourselves all the time and attack all the threat hubs wherever they are.” Gununu indicated, saying they are committed to eliminating the outlaw armed groups across Libya.

“We promise Libyans that the crimes of Haftar’s militias, including mass graves, and planting mines, won’t go unpunished.” He remarked.

Still, however, there are no hostilities on the ground.

The spokesperson of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s forces, Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari said that a big battle for Sirte was nearing on the evening of July 14th, but nothing of the sort took place.

He also said that there were major movements of the GNA and Turkey, but his claims are the only reports on the matter.

A video was published online of a purported Libyan National Army (LNA) convoy moving towards Sirte in preparation of a potential attack by the GNA.

There was also intense aircraft activity by the LNA above Jufra and Sirte. An attack was expected to take place, but it seems that Turkey and the GNA are still priming themselves for an offensive.

The official invitation for a military intervention by Egypt in the scenario that Turkey and the GNA attack Sirte may have complicated the incoming offensive on the cities. It is unlikely that it has been entirely deterred.

The GNA’s Volcano of Rage operation room also released photographs purportedly showing military supplies from Egypt in the city of Tobruk where the House of Representatives is based.

An IL-76 with an unknown cargo was also seen arriving at Al-Khadim Air base, near Benghazi.




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