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LNA Shots Down Turkish UCAV And Imposes No-Fly Zone Over Tripoli (Photos)


The Libyan National Army (LNA) imposed a “no-fly zone” over an airport near the capital, Tripoli, a few hours after shooting down a Turkish armed drone in the same region.

The unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV), a Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2, was shot down on January 22 afternoon by LNA units, right after it took off from the Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli’s eastern suburbs. The army claimed that the drone was on its way to attack its troops near the capital.

Earlier, at least six rockets landed in the Mitiga International Airport, forcing the authorities to halt all operations in the facility.

Maj. Gen. Ahmed Al-Mismari, a spokesman for the LNA, held a press conference after the two incidents announcing that the army had imposed a no-fly zone on the Mitiga International Airport.

“We announce the activation of a no-fly zone over entire Tripoli, especially over Mitiga airport, any military or civilian aircraft that take off or land at the airport, will be subjected to a response,” the spokesman said.

The Libyan commander noted that the no-fly zone will cover the area from the town of Garyan, south of Tripoli, to the town of Tarhunah ending on the capital’s shores.

Maj. Gen. Al-Mismari went on to accuse Turkey of violating the ceasefire by deploying Syrian mercenaries, operating armed drones and installing air-defense systems to support the Government of National Accord (GNA).

These recent developments suggest that Libya may soon witness a new escalation. International efforts appear to be failing to push both sides towards a political agreement.

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  • Ronald

    Well done, it is about time.

    • Ronald

      Interesting that the US has ‘demanded’ the immediate resumption of oil exports.
      How are they now going to pay their jihadists.

    • You can call me Al

      You cou you please tell me what a UCAV is as opposed to a UAV ?

      • Ronald

        CUAV ,…counter unmanned aerial vehicle..


        • You can call me Al

          Yep, got it, cheers. Some scary stuff coming into our cities and on the battlefield.

      • PZIVJ

        Some UAV’s are recon only, so no Combat. :)

        • You can call me Al


  • Xoli Xoli

    Very good Russia and Turkey ceasefire are always bias.It is always rearm and suprise attack tactic.While terrorists and Syrian are killing each other.Putin enjoy juice with Erdogan and drink Vodka with Satanyahu.Never ever criticise USA Trump for killing Soleimani but advise cornered Asad to invite Trump. Warning instead Iran not quite NPT.Iran doesnt have nuclear weapons and can quite that devils agreement. Israel is not a NPT member but keep on accusing countries who doesn’t have nuclear weapons of non compliance. Putin never tell Satanyahu to de-escalate.

    • Z.P.

      Eat lot of shit.
      You effing terrorist.

      • Xoli Xoli

        Jump back in your mothers another hall back Zionist dog.Know that you have failed to operate as CIA and M16 paid agent.You want to tell us more about Russia and pretending being a best Russian supporter.Russian Putiin settle Turkey and USA in Syria.Syrian forces are dying because of Putin approve ceasefires.Putin approved ceasefire allowed Erdogan to transfer terrorists to Libya. Putin fake Friendship Satanyahu cause daily incursion and raids by Satanyahu in Syria.Shut up you rapefugee ISIS child who fall out while your mama is running away from Israel bullets.

        • Z.P.

          filthy terrorist pig!

          • Xoli Xoli

            You are Russian traitor who are eagerly looking for good books with Russia. Even 8f Russia does something wrong.Illegaly born terrorists child who fall out during escape from terrorists mom exhaust.

  • Z.P.

    Since when flying kebab is used as “drone”?
    Good job LNA !!!

    • Debunking Arrogance

      You do not understand the Khalifa Haftar is a US stooge do you?
      Turkey and the US are having a conflict of interest in Libya just like in Syria now. Russia made a mistake it will soon regret supporting Haftar. the Kremlin was offered a great oil deal by a US puppet. Do you think they will ever get it?

      The Turkish intervention is a much needed one at this moment. It will really escalate the conflict to Haftar’s disdain.

      • Z.P.

        I am not much interested in Libya but I have few information’s..
        Actually it is not secret that Haftar is US stooge.. But as long as something is happening against Turk interests I am 100% for it.
        So no other reason for my reaction. I just don’t like Erdogan and Turks.
        Apparently that is the Russian “side” also…
        So what I “do not understand” is how can it be that US and Russia are on the same side?
        It would be nice to hear if you can explain.
        “Do you think they will ever get it?”
        No definitely not..
        Are you pro Turkey by any chance…in that case we will probably not agree on anything.
        I do not understand Russian position in Libya ..

  • Peter Jennings

    There is only one political agreement the LNA will take serious, the GNA out and the LNA in.

    Now that Turkish drones can no longer fly above Tripoli, how will they round up their terrorists implants who are ditching their gear and escaping to europe? So much for Turkish citizenship.