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LNA Shoots Down Turkish Combat Drone Near Tripoli


LNA Shoots Down Turkish Combat Drone Near Tripoli

LNA SA-6 air defense system. Source: (@oded121351) on Twitter.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced on July 21 that its air-defense units had shot down a Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) near the country’s capital, Tripoli.

“A Turkish drone was shot down over the area of Ain Zara [south of Tripoli],” the LNA’s press center said in a short press release.

Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 UCAVs are known to be operating against LNA forces around Tripoli. However, the army has not presented any evidence confirming that any UCAV of that type was shot down.

LNA Shoots Down Turkish Combat Drone Near Tripoli

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Few hours before the LNA’s announcement, the Reuters news agency reported that eight LNA soldiers were killed near Tripoli’s city center in a Turkish UCAV airstrike.

The LNA resumed its advance towards Tripoli a day earlier and managed to capture the strategic Yarmouk camp from forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA). Army units are now less than 7km away from the capital’s southern districts.

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  • Ice Icegold

    Haftar you are a hero, keep up the good work! The history of Libya will write your name with golden letters.
    Throw out of your country those Turkish bastards and their friends , traitors of Libya.

    • Hisham Saber

      Well said.

      And Haiftar, make a deal with the Chinese, that if they rebuild the country, and enter partnership with Libya on the OBR initiative, China could have all the oil, the sought after light sweet crude, and clean, good quality natural gas it needs. Break off from the west, and align with China and Russia. Don’t trust the French.

      And a port near Tripoli, a massive one, would be great for a port of call for the ODR maritime routes, which would be headed to South/Latin America, western Africa etc.

      Libya, with a 6.5 million population, highly tribal, such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen etc., could easily surpass Qatar as the highest standard of living of a population, on the planet. Libya’s wealth, if fully realized, would make Libya a very sought after state in which to win over. The globe is multipolar, with the hegemony and belligerence of the U.S., and its allies, Israel and Britain, on one side, the you have the Chinese ‘ win-win ‘ system they are proposing to mankind. To make the world more just, to lift the southern hemisphere out of abject poverty.

      Countries around the world are carefully weighting their option. One or the other, because any nation that sides with the Chinese modal, and rejects the U.S./ Jewish model will suffer retribution from the empire. The ones that want to contain China and up hold the status quo, as it is working handsomely for them. They have swindled trillion and trillions from the world’s money, through their reoccurring market ‘ readjustment ‘ or ‘ correction ‘. These Jews have been nurturing this financial stranglehold on the global economy for the last 600 years. They are damned if they let China take it away from them.

      • Sencer

        LOL. You are giving anti-imperalist advices to Hafter , who lived 2 decades at Langley, Virginia near CIA headquarters and has US citizenship ?

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      You left no baking beans in shop again blowing hot air again

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    great job kill and blow up everything and anything torki

    • Sukhoi

      lol torki want to invade all of Cyprus, east Aegean Greek Islands + Northeastern Greece, Libya, and North Syria. they really think they r super stronk ottomans XD

      • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

        they are shit for brains lol

      • Mustafa Mehmet


        • Sukhoi

          ur right torki is dumber

    • Mustafa Mehmet


  • Sanli

    Can the Author tell us how much the Drone already damaged those “Hafter Forces” before they was even able to shoot it down? The only Source is a Press Release? Really?

  • Sukhoi

    Amazing work LNA! Hope they liberate Tripoli, expel the alqaeda linked turkish jihadists, and liberate every inch of their soil and end the slave trade there that Hillary and Obama started