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LNA Shoots Down Large Drone Armed With Mortar Shells Near Tripoli (Photos)


The Libyan National Army (LNA) shot down on January 12 a large quadcopter drone armed with mortar shells near the country’s capital, Tripoli.

In a press release, the army’s 128th Infantry Battalion said that the drone was shot down south of Tripoli by the Martyr Abdullah al-Atiri Company.

The drone, which appeared to be built from commercially-available components, was armed with at least two 120 mm mortar shells.

The LNA claimed that the armed drone was being operated by Turkish forces. However, these accusations are yet to be confirmed, as nothing on the drone can be linked to the Turkish military.

Recently, Turkey stepped up its military support for the Government of National Accord (GNA) that is facing a large-scale attack by the LNA. Despite the ever increasing support by Ankara, Libyan government forces are still struggling around Tripoli.

A ceasefire was announced in Libya a day earlier. However, both sides are reporting violations, which indicate that the situation could escalate again soon.

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