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LNA Says Its Forces Are Advancing On All Fronts Towards Tripoli (Video, Map)


The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced on May 25 that its units are advancing on “all axis” towards the country’s capital, Tripoli, which is held by forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA).

According to an official statement released by the LNA’s media office, the army imposed control of several positions on the highway between Tripoli’s International Airport and the city’s center, after forcing pro-GNA forces to withdraw from the region.

“Your armed forces infected heavy losses on the enemy’s troops, forcing them to flee and leave their positions … Advance is still ongoing,” the statement reads.

LNA Says Its Forces Are Advancing On All Fronts Towards Tripoli (Video, Map)

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This new advance came after a series of airstrikes that targeted the GNA’s forces, positions and vehicles in Tripoli and in several towns, south of it.

The LNA will likely make new gains in the upcoming few hours. However, GNA forces could launch a limited counter-attack and restore its positions on the airport’s highway, as we saw before.

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  • meridius

    There is a difference between ” infected” and “inflicted”. Just saying.

  • Riyad Enakoua

    during the last 24 it lost
    more than 74 infantry , 3 MRAP was cpatured from Tripoli (volcano of
    anger ) forces , more than 8 heavy artillery machines were destroyed ,
    in fact yesterday was one of the worst days for what so called “LNA” …