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LNA Says It Shot Down 13 Drones Near Tarhunah In Last Few Days

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LNA Says It Shot Down 13 Drones Near Tarhunah In Last Few Days

Mirage F1 of the LAF, source: afrigatenews.net

On May 24, a spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA) claimed that 13 Turkish combat drones were shot down near the town of Tarhunah in the last few days.

Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Mesmari denied recent reports claiming that army units are withdrawing from the outskirt of the capital, Tripoli. The spokesman said army is “relocating its troops.”

“The Libyan Armed Forces have made major changes in the past 72 hours,” the spokesman said.

According to Maj. Gen. al-Mesmari, the Libyan Air Force (LAF) is now, once again, restoring sovereignty over large parts of the country.

In the last two days, two of the drones the LNA claimed to shot down turned out to be Chinese-made Wing Loong IIs, a type that’s known to be operated by the UAE, the main backer of the LNA. Some of the other drones were Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2.

Recent reports claimed that the LAF received several Mig-29s fighter jets. On the other side, Turkey reportedly deployed more air-defense systems to support the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The LNA and GNA forces are bracing for a large battle in western Libya, likely around Tarhunah. Both sides don’t appear to be interested in a political settlement right now.


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S Melanson

I posted this elsewhere but is worth repeating as a heads up on a good article:

Oilprice.com has a good article by its editorial staff with some intelligent analysis on the developments in Libya. The article title is “Turkey Headed For An Unexpected Victory Libya’s Oil War“ May 24, 2020. I recommend reading this article and comment on what you think. Cheers.

Lazy Gamer

Are pantsirs only dependent on radar or does it also collect and identify signals and waves?

King Cliff

I’m surprised egypt is not carrying large air assaults on the Turkish back government since they have an issue with the muslim brotherhood and Turkey

Kim Jong-un

war is money .they don’t have money

cechas vodobenikov

Egypt has domestic problems, including w ISIS/muslim brotherhood in the sinai


The missing variable in the equation is surface to surface and air to surface missiles in the hands of the LNA that renders the GNA drone bases vulnerable to stand off missile strikes. Assuming that the GNA drones are flying out of Libyan bases and not from Turkish locations outside of Libya. Where he rest of NATO is in this conflict isn’t being widely publicised. Though it’s reasonable to assume that the Turks are fronting for a NATO operation satcom integration. Trying to accomplish what NATO so far has failed to do. Which is a successful regime change operation. They took down the previous government, but so far have been unable to stand up a replacement.

cechas vodobenikov

apparently turkeys fly poorly and r easily shot down


If one believes all fake news from LNA, yes, you could come to this conclusion.

Tudor Miron

Do you prefer believing in GNA fake news?


Isnt it peculiare how the Truds suddenly have a lot of room to manuver, while few backs the Libyan LNA, right, the attacks on the Turds have been silent, erDOGan got what He wanted, and ZATO is backing Him all the way, the reason for that is to not again show their ugly faces regarding Libya when we all know the war was done for the bankers and France (B. Levy and N. Zackofshit) in the lead, again, they are silent, but is giving the Turds their Ok (yeah fighting ISIS, right, and now LNA/Libyans, huh) and then we have the others, like Egypt, with an Sisy at the helm whom father was an Shin Beit opreative aka Jewish, and we know that erDOGan have traded with the ISISraelis with Oil etc to weapons, witch comes from another Jewish control entety like Bulgaria and Ukraina.

Then we have the Russians, yeah, a large part of the fake Jews are Russians, incl in the IDF, (its the estern europeans whom is the most racistic f….. of them all, incl Russian expats) etc, and that Russia by it self thru the Doma is more or less ISISraeli bitches, and to think Putin is somehow an saviour is by now out of the equation, he is just doing what He can to prolong the war against Syrians, since Syria isnt controlled thru an BISs central banking, the sole reason for destroying Libya, because of Gaddafys dreams and attempts to create an African Gold backed Dinar, the same reason for the coup in Mali, an nation wom have wast Gold reservs., again by the French and ZATO forces incl Norwegians.

Sometimes I wounder how bloody stupid are people this days, huh, Russia threw Syria under the buss, period, and I dont trust them at all regarding Iran, and just take an look at Yemen and Palestina, not an single pip, its an ear shatering silence, and while the kabuki theater of threatening of ww3 is pimped by all parts I dont belive it for an second, just because Russia is not what you think they are, I am not that surpriced anymore, they have them selfs confirmed what I initialy had problems with beliving, and the last year have confirmed my suspicion about Putins long term goals, and that is not to help Syria, but to let Truds get their will, because that coreponds with Eretzh ISISrael.
The NWO capital is Jerusalem, and Putin is just an bitch.

I read so much bullshit this days about whys and why nots that I am baffled by that because non of the drivel is manifested in real actions, the scums of this earth have everything they need, and the war zones, like Yemen (again, fighting uh…. al-cieda), Libya and Syria is smoke screens, they all are on it, this wars could be solved years ago, but nothing is done, they all wants this wars to continue, because it generates cash and destorys this nations ability to greate their own Gov and control over their own resources, and why isnt Golan done something with, again, just look at whom owns the Genie Oil company, and you know why, its not rocket science and Russia makes shure Syria and Lebanon dont move an finger in that direction, and Lebanon is squiced hard this days from every direction incl by the Russians, witch i dont trust at all this days.
Pity, when LNA could have solved and saved Libya, but cant, because of betrayals.
All this is why the Libyans cant have their nation back, and despite the few settbacks in the fog of war, I stil think LNA will make it, because they have the Libyan people behind them, not this scums in Tripoli witch is backed by the west and backing the Turds.


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